8 Types Of Choker To Wear The Top Jewelry For Summer 2021

This summer, not only lip glosses but also a beautiful pair of earrings, for example, should “settle” in every woman’s handbag. They will become that very lifesaver in the moments when you unexpectedly drive from the office to a party. We figure out what decorations will become indispensable if your summer plans include dancing, dating, and endless meetings with girlfriends on the verandas.

The fashion for the choker, precisely as a decoration, was introduced to Alexandra by the Princess of Wales in the late 1800s. The thing is that the monarch had a scar on her neck, which she passionately wanted to hide from prying eyes. A trip to India and the local women lavishly adorned themselves with jewellery inspired the princess. She began to wear velvet ribbons around her neck, decorated with pearls and precious stones.

Today, the choker is worn by everyone from schoolgirls to celebrities and, mind you; now this is an adornment not only of women’s wardrobe. Chokers are made of various materials: metal, plastic, rhinestones, leather, velvet, satin, and lace. It is the last three that are especially popular when making an accessory.


The abundance of stones and glitter

01 Abundance of stones and glitter

02 Abundance of stones and glitter

Chokers are short necklaces that go around the neck beautifully. They can be made of leather, beads, wire and even precious stones. The latter is becoming the main trend of the summer. Sparkling, shimmering in the sun, they perfectly complement the elegant look. Choose from subtle jewellery that can only be seen in bright light or wide accessories that are perfectly visible around the neck.

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01 Leather

02 Leather

If earlier leather chokers were chosen mainly by informal, now the opposite is true. They can be combined with blouses, dresses, tops. Such jewellery looks great in any style. They can be supplemented with various decorative inserts or pendants.

Laconic chain

01 Laconic chain

02 Laconic chain

Minimalism is in vogue, so you can opt for laconic and subtle chains. Interspersed with small gemstones look especially attractive and create a special effect. These chokers are perfect even for a business style.

Beaded jewellery

01 Beaded jewelry

They go well with beachwear, fishnet dresses, T-shirts, tops or florals. Thanks to their beauty and special weaving, the products will help you create a bright and summer style. Models with various pendants and accessories are in fashion.


01 Necklaces

02 Necklaces

Chokers with pearls are a tribute to the classics. They will be the perfect option for an evening dress for a fashionable reception or date. And you can also choose them for a business style. Please note that such models can be thin or consist of several layers.


01 Chains

02 Chains

In 2021, voluminous chains became fashionable. You can choose the same chokers for a bold urban look. But if you like conciseness, it is better to choose more gentle and minimalistic options.


01 Wire

This is the easiest and most interesting option that many girls love. These chokers can be used in bold street style, as well as to create accents in an evening look. You can also pair them with elegant, fitted dresses, trendy summer and light designs. They look great in any style.

From fabric

01 From fabric

02 From fabric

02 From fabric

Openwork, satin, knitted – choose a variety of chokers, focusing on your style. They can be complemented with a variety of decorations. Also, jewellery is suitable for both a bright and bold image and a business, sophisticated style.

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Lace chokers

Today it is hard to imagine a real fashionista without this fashionable accessory. Still, the choker appeared a long time ago, and it did not always play the role of stylish jewelry.
There is no clear data on the exact place and date of the appearance of the first choker, but archaeological finds of some of the oldest neck jewelry date back to the 2nd century BC.

The Indians wore chokers made of bone, wood, shells, like amulets from evil spirits and a symbol of great power. A little later, chokers became an integral part of warriors’ uniforms, as they perfectly protected the neck during tribal battles.

Looks with chokers

The specific answer to the question “What to wear a choker with?” does not exist because this neck accessory is universal. Chokers perfectly complement business, casual, sporty, and evening looks with a dress.

How do you feel about the widespread fashion for chokers? Do you regularly replenish your collection by buying the latest novelties, do it yourself, or do not understand what the salt is?

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