7 Mediterranean Towns That Will Make You Want to Leave It All

Today we are going to showcase the best Mediterranean towns that will make you want to leave it all. Come let’s check out and get inspired.

La Herradura (Granada, Andalusia)


On one side, the sea, and not just any: one whose environment is protected by the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Marine Natural Park, with its colorful and infinite flora and fauna. On the other, the mountain, a privileged natural landscape with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean. Dolphins and mountain goats; Beach bars and postcard beaches. All of this awaits you if you decide to leave everything behind and move to La Herradura, where you will also enjoy the cobbled streets of its small historic center, a picture of whitewashed houses covered in flowers.

Cape Palos (Cartagena, Murcia)


Cabo de Palos is not just a geographical accident; It is also a manual coastal town where boats color the landscape to the sound of the waves. Even the water does its part with its tropical temperature and its transparent color. In fact, it is one of the diving meccas in the entire peninsula, as it is the place that hides the most sunken historical wrecks in the Mediterranean. The place is framed in the Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas and Peña del Águila park, a beautiful ecological reserve.

Xàbia (Alicante, Valencian Community)


The cove of Portitxol –or Barraca– is in Jávea, although it looks Greek. During the summer, its fishermen’s houses with white facades and blue-painted doors become one of the most Instagrammed places in the Mediterranean. Of course, beyond the high season, you will be able to enjoy in solitude the many prodigious corners of Jávea, of which a young arrival from Madrid told us: “I have gotten used to this peace and I have realized that we do not need more. We are privileged to be able to live here. Borja (his partner) always remembers a phrase that a client told us some time ago: You have retired with 30 years in Jávea. Borja replied that we had simply dared to do what many people dream of ”

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Begur (Girona, Catalonia)


Between cliffs, olive trees, and pines the small fishing village of Begur stretches. Its coastal charm can be enjoyed both on its charming beaches and in its old town, an authentic historical gem that hides delicious gastronomic secrets. Of course, it is in their houses at the foot of the sea, from whose terraces you can savor the saltpeter, where we imagine staying to live forever.

Calella de Palafrugell (Girona, Catalonia)


That bohemian air that the Costa Brava had before the arrival of mass tourism is preserved in Calella, a small town full of wild coves that have managed to stand up to urban speculation. Its low houses, its delicious cuisine, and its precious semi-circular profile make it the key destination for happiness seekers, those who know that the secret of everything lies in the small pleasures of life.

Las Negras (Almería, Andalusia)


The white cubes of adobe and lime are silhouetted against the sky. We are in Las Negras, an idyllic fishing village reminiscent of hippies in which only 350 souls live, located in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar. With its tongues of volcanic land plunging into the sea, with its dramatic roads curving into the cliffs, the setting is a jewel of scenery that is hard to resist. Don’t miss the magical sunset from its terraces, which can be enjoyed even more with a Larios 12 gin and tonic in hand.

Maro (Malaga, Andalusia)


Behind Nerja, quiet and secret rises the white village of Maro, which contrasts with the green of the avocado jungles, the paths of fig trees, and custard apples. The temperature, as it is guessed by its fruits, is practically tropical, which favors that the ladies continue to take out the chairs to the cool every summer. The traditional atmosphere and Hawaiian beaches in one place: Maro is a unique and magnetic conjunction of concepts, a corner of those that are no longer in the Mediterranean.

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