7 Cool Tech Gadgets Under $60 to Buy Right Now

Today we will be discussing some Cool Tech gadgets which are useful for your daily needs. Check out: 7 Cool Tech Gadgets Under $60 to Buy Right Now.

IClever Power Bank


We have an Iclever portable samsara power bank. I think we’ve all had to deal with a dead car battery once before. But this new product from I clever hopes to make it as convenient as possible with its trunk 1300 ampere peak current. This portable jump starter can start the most 12-volt vehicle’s engine. It is a high-capacity power bank with 18,000 mh4 capacity. There are two USB ports with one quick touch 3.0 for fast charging on Android devices and another smart ID port for iPhones and iPad tablets and there’s also DC output port. This power bank can be used as an output with the use of a car adapter that comes with a power bank recharging. This power bank is done through the quick charge 2.0 port so the power bank also charges pretty quickly.

It also comes with multiple protection functions the smart jump cables, with a 3 pin detector needles. Can conduct detection on circuit connection and car battery voltage before raconteur livery and if anything wrong happens it will display a flashing light in beep. And the whole thing comes in this handy package where you can neatly store the power bank and the accessories that come with it. All in all the build quality of this power bank is very good and also considering so many features this power bank has. His is the product you will want to keep in your car.

Lofree Vintage Speaker


Next up we have the lofree vintage Bluetooth speaker. Lofree retro Bluetooth speaker combines vintage aesthetics with modern digital audio technology. This Wireless retro speaker uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology which ensures for instant pairing and maintains a strong connection with a built-in 2000 mAh battery. The lofree vintage portable speaker can play up to six hours of music wirelessly. Now talking about the sound the speaker produces great mids and highs which sound lush and clear. And the bass is also very thumpy with were powering the meds. It can also go to the FM mode and browse through your favorite channels with this knob. All in all the design sound and quality of this speaker makes this an amazing product.

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Abovetek Laptop Stand


Next up we have the above tech laptop stand. This is indeed a practical stand up a table as it is a multipurpose laptop stand. You can use it as a breakfast tray or a reading rack on bed and sofa, a standing desk or a book or tablet stand for home and office, a TV tray for snacking or even a working dis in a car and much more. It enables healthy posture at home and office by raising your laptop for eye-level viewing or stand to work. You can improve your posture and effectively tackle health concerns from sitting long hours in the workplace. Plus the clever folding makes the leg stay flat to easily carry it around. All in all, it’s a premium height adjustable sit and stands desk made of a high-quality wood surface.

PlancxSolar Charger


Next up we have planks, now this is the smallest solar charger in the current market generating a thousand milliamps of power just like a wall charger. This solar charger comes in three sizes a small foldable, large foldable and a large flat one. All of these have its own uses but what all of these three have in common is the portability as it is very lightweight. The charger instantly charges your phone when you point it to sunlight and charges your phone smoothly with all of the charger giving five volts of output. The charges are also dust and water-resistant and are very rugged and lightweight too so this will become a great camping and traveling partner for you.

ESC Keyboard Stand


Next up we have the ESC computer keyboard stand with this you can adjust your keyboard angle for optimal comfort reducing wrist strain and repetitive strain injury. You just simply set it and forget it’s even there it will minimize muscle strain improve typing accuracy
and comfort. This simple design gives your keyboard rock-solid stable support at any angle you choose. Additionally, the stand attaches with the micro-suction grip pad technology allowing it to be cleanly removed and repositioned as desired. Plus the non-slip rubber foot grips into any desk surface whether you have a wood laminate or glass desk. All in all, it’s super portable lightweight and compact, plus with its two-in-one design with the included protective travel tube for storage or travels it’s the perfect product.

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QCY Bluetooth Earphones


Next up we have QCY Bluetooth earphones. The QCY is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure a stable connection. We take both earpieces out of the charging box and they first connect to each other than instantly to your smartphone. And putting them back in the charging box turn them off again it works like a charm. The air phones also have physical buttons on the earpieces which worked better than slow touch-sensitive buttons in many alternatives.

You can tap one time to pause the music tap twice for skipping a song and hold the button for a second to connect your phone’s voice assistant. The batteries about standard for this price they last about three to four hours on a single charge. And you can do about three full charges from the box, the sound quality is nothing short of sweet. The QCY delivers a clear and detailed sound, the bass has a nice punch without overpowering anything and there’s a fine amount of clarity in the sound.

Novoo Compact Powerbank


Next up we have the novel power bank, this is an ultra-mini and likely handy power bank with 10,000 milliamp hours. And it’s super easy to carry. It provides you with a fast-charging speed to all your smart devices like the latest Apple and Android devices up to 18 watts of output. It can even rapid charge your phones to the USB. See it features a powerful 21700 battery which brings along 40% more power capacity than conventional 18 650 batteries. It also supports devices and appliances with power direct port including all the latest phones. All in all, this is the perfect compact power bank that will be your ultimate travel companion.

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Besdio Baby Night Light


Next up we have the besdio baby nightlight. This is made from toy grade materials which are 100% safe for your baby to play with and there are many modes in this thing in the weak light mode. The battery lasts up to a hundred hours with a single charge plus the one-hour timer on the bottom helps you save energy. It also has very smooth touch controls additionally the warm light is dimmable with a long touch. A DoubleTap activates or deactivates the standby and gently illuminates late-night feedings. Plus a non-slip base for every surface and super compact dimensions makes the light an ideal companion for your baby.

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