5 Stylish Dress Brands That You Need To Know About

Stylish Dress Brands That You Need To Know About

I’m going to go through those five hot brands that you really do need to know about. Especially if you love fashion if you love contemporary fashion and you want to look modern and fashion-forward. These are five lines that I would highly recommend. It’s kind of just keeping on your radar checking them every once in a while to see what they’ve come up with. There are five of my absolute favorites it’s a real mix of high and low. And so I think there’s a little something for everyone but as always if something’s in a higher price point I will put an option below for less let’s get started, shall we?

#1 Astr The Label

Aster The Label

The first sign that I want to talk about is one called Astr the label. If you’re a regular Nordstrom’s shopper you may have noticed this line before it’s an STR all caps the label. And it’s definitely a go-to for me specifically for dresses so one of the all-time best-selling blogger dresses is by aster the label. It’s this one that is a lace cutout midi dress with this spaghetti strap top. And it’s really pretty it’s a really feminine dress and it comes in a zillion colors. And the price is unbeatable it’s a great price, so if you need to standout dress that is interesting modern fresh mini–length. You could always wear a shrug or a jacket over it or a moto jacket over it. This dress is really beautiful so after the label that’s one of their most popular or best-selling dresses.

And then a new one that I recently featured on the blog is a little bit more conservative and I just love how beautiful the dress is. But then also it does cover your arms, it does have that MIDI length which is nice and conservative. So if you’re looking for a dress this summer that you know will cover a bit more that will still keep you cool. And still, be pretty and still have that idea of the little white dress but gives you more coverage. This dress that I featured recently is one of their newer pieces. This brand is LA-based and they really do try to create pieces that are feminine. But with a bit of an edge so there’s always that contemporary modern twist on their pieces and I really enjoy that about the brand.

#2 Alexis


The second line I want to talk about is higher online and it is very pricey. But I do think that when you have something really special going on. This is a brand you should check even if it’s just for inspiration. So I check Alexis that’s me with a brand probably every couple weeks. I love to see what they come up with their pieces are gorgeous, their standouts, they’re stunning, their statement-making, their really special pieces. And so again the price point super high but maybe you see something and then you can get it for Less eBay. Or maybe you see something and you wait till it goes on sale.

Like there are always ways that you can try to budget for that special piece. And so one of their dresses that I wore last year it’s a white dress, I think they really do have some of the prettiest white dresses out there. So I wore this dress last year I took pictures at the Grand Canyon when my family went. Unfortunately, the dress sold out and that’s what happens a lot with their pieces they sell out and then they don’t seem to restock them. They’re always coming up with new things but you can still find a lot of available beautiful white Alexis dresses.

#3 For Love And Lemons

For Love And Lemons

The third line I wanted to share with you guys that I really think you should know about is called for love and lemons. I recently featured two of their white dresses that are total knockout dresses. The first one is much shorter and pushing it a bit more. It is definitely something that you would wear for date night or you would wear for a special occasion like a pool party. And the event that’s not a wedding because it’s white. But this dress also does come in black so if you did want to wear it to a wedding you could wear it in the black. But it has this really cool strap across the back that’s very sexy.

And this huge deep open back and then it does have sleeves which I love. But the skirt is quite short so it’s just like just enough skin to really be incredibly sexy. But the lace and the color super feminine and make it feels just a little more sophisticated and elevate it. So I love this dress so much and then the second one I wanted to show you is something that’s much more conservative. It’s a MIDI length lace dress very fitted comes with a nude cami slip that you can wear underneath it.

But just gorgeous like I could see this for christenings for bridal showers, for rehearsal dinners, for parties events dinner. You know whatever you would want to wear it for. But if you’re you know in the over-40 bracket I feel like this is a wonderful option. Because it does have that extra length and then it also does have sleeves which is great. The brand for love and lemons was founded by best friends and I thought that it was really sweet that they created that line together.

#4 Bardot


The next brand I wanted to mention is Bardot and if you’re a regular watcher you probably have heard me mention this line before. But if I’m looking for a standout dress that’s fashion-forward that’s feminine and also affordable Bardot is the go-to that’s like. That’s my first stop the dresses are all beautiful and they’re always in an attainable price range. I highly recommend checking the Bardot dresses and especially for white dresses. Again they really do create beautiful stunning fashion-forward contemporary but also very feminine and beautiful dresses.

Bardot is an Australian line and their specialty really is these fashion-forward affordable pieces. I’ve shown you guys on the blog one is a lavender dress that also comes in a bunch of colors. That is a halter neckline really beautiful with lots of cutout detailing almost like crochet-like lace. Like I also have the same dress in a dark blue more of a royal blue. And I love both colors so you couldn’t go wrong with either one. Either the bright blue or the lavender and they also make some beautiful white dresses.

#5 9Seed

9Seed 1

As I mentioned the next line I wanted to share with you guys is a line called nine seed. And this is designed by a woman who just says she’s always up for an adventure and passport ready. And really into being eco-friendly and so her line is very environmentally friendly. The pieces are easy-breezy they feel like you could take them anywhere. You could wear them anywhere but really I see her pieces as being terrific for the beach vacation. You know for the lake house they’re just really breezy, gauzy, breathable, lightweight, beautiful dresses.

This white halter neck maxi and they make a lot of these beautiful white like gauzy breezy flowy lovely white dresses. And so you should just check it out 9seed. This brand is really fresh and I think you guys are gonna love it. Now if you are a plus-size woman and you’re like where do I find white dresses. Because a lot of these lines don’t make plus sizes.

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