5 Best Things to Look for When Buying Sunglasses

So you’re thinking about buying new sunglasses and not sure what to look for. Well, today we’ll cover in my five best tips and what to look for when you’re buying new shades. When you’re buying sunglasses there’s a lot of great benefits to sunglasses. Not only do they make things more comfortable when you’re heading outside in the bright light. But they actually protect the eyes from the Sun, the wind, the dust.

And they make you look cool while wearing them. So when you’re looking out there your next pair of frames I want you to be confident. And what it is you want to be looking for. So let’s go over my five tips.

100% UV Protection


So tip number one would have to be UV light protection. You need to get that 100% UV light protection. And you can see on some frames on the tag that you get on the side. It may not say 100%. UV really needs something around 400 nanometers of light or less. You really need that full protection otherwise all you’re going to do is you’re going to allow that pupil of yours to dilate and get much larger.

Letting more sunlight into the eye which will actually advance your development of both cataracts as well as other potentially retinal diseases. There are even times where if you’ve ever gone to the pool or if you’ve gone to the lake. And you’re getting a lot of sunlight exposure. That sunlight can actually cause sunburn on your eye and we call that photokeratitis. So if you have another GP pair of sunglasses that don’t have a hundred percent. You’re not sure if they’re 100 percent you might as well toss them, throw them in the garbage. It’s not worth it stop wearing them.

Lens Tint or Color


Tip number two is going to be what the tint or the color is of your sunglasses. Now the tint can actually affect what you see, how you see it and of course how you look. So I want to just break down the advantages and disadvantages of those different tints or colors.



The first one we want to cover ours is grey lenses. Now what I’m wearing these are aviator ray-bans but they are a gray lens. And the grey lens is great because it does bring down that you know the brightness level quite a bit. Without really affecting my color vision.

So while I’m driving on the road I can easily see green, red lights, yellow lights don’t affect really how I’m seeing the trees. The tree line or any of the other colors on the road. So that’s a great advantage but otherwise, they’re pretty much the basic neutral color.



So the next one I wanted to cover was the brown or amber tinted lenses these are very Bradley aviators. And this type of lens actually does fantastic at increasing your contrast sensitivity and so it actually improves your depth perception. It helps you a lot especially if you’re driving or if you’re doing boating or any real outdoor activity. So I really do prefer these ones.

The downside is compared to the gray lenses is that it can play a little bit with your color perception. So if you’re a color deficient. If you don’t see reds and greens as well wearing a brown or an Amber lens. Especially if they’re on the darker end of the spectrum may play around with your color vision so be careful about that one.



Now, these pink lenses I’m wearing for Maui Jim are not just awesome for reducing glare. And reducing all of that kind of how bright things are. But they’re great indoors with fluorescent lighting and a lot of sports enthusiasts like cycles, racers. People who are doing a lot of high-altitude sports. Pink lenses are fantastic for improving again not just your contrast.



Now green lenses are fantastic for a lot of different outdoor and sporting activities, It’s particularly golf because it actually helps you read the fine contours in the green. And on the fairways just a little bit better and that does that again with contrast, sensitivity and a little bit of play on the color. So that’s another advantage and something else you can consider no those are just some of the different tints that are available out there.



Tip number three is going to be polarization. Polarization is a special type of filter that’s built into your glasses. That helps reduce the amount of glare coming off of water-ice. Any flat surface making that polarized lenses ideal for anybody who’s into sports, who someone who drives a lot. Particularly anybody who’s on water. If they’re boating, if you’re fishermen anything like that. I think that polarization polarized lenses are I must have known. If you’re not sure if one frame is got a polarized lens in it or not you can always ask somebody at the optical.

Of course, if they know if they’re polarized sometimes it’ll say that they’re polarized. But one of the other things you can do is that you can actually hold up one frame that you think may be polarized. And compare it to other frames on the board know. If it’s if they’re oriented 90 degrees from each other.

Then, believe it or not, you’ll actually be able to see that the frames are completely black. You’re not going to be able to see through them so not only that but then you can do the same thing to computer screens. Because your digital devices have polarized filters already built into them. So the same thing you hold it in front of a computer screen turn it 90 degrees if you can still see the computer screen then the lenses are not polarized.

Style or Design


Tip number four is actually going to be styled. Now this one’s a little bit more kind of person for you and of course, you can try all the different styles. That is out there on the board. Now with different styles, this wants to kind of comment on the historical ones. The ones that people think about when they’re buying sunglasses in certain and others. Just small little nuances that maybe your eye doctor or an eye care professional. I will kind of know more about so the first style here is.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers


Now ray-ban Wayfarers are kind of the more the classic sunglasses that I think that most. People think about you know that is temple design and the classic frame kind of gives this more retro look. And feel but a great attitude in style.

Ray-Ban Aviators


Other frames kind of like these ray band aviators now they’re a little bit different. They give you a different feel don’t have to be in the airforce or in the military to waiter everything. I think they just make you look really awesome.

Maui Jims


Now compare the other two frames that we just mentioned to these more sporty frames by Maui jims. That’s that wrap that goes around my face. It actually gives me a little bit extra protection here from the sides. That way not only does sunlight not pass through from the side but also wind and dust don’t get in from the side.



Tip number five is actually going to be quality. Now quality can mean a lot of different things to different people. But in general our world here you know the phrase you get what you pay for is very true. With just about everything but particularly with eye care now with sunglasses, of course, you can go to the store and buy a $5 cheaper pair. We’ve shown the frames and the plastic are made very flimsy that the actual hinges are about to break off.

The lenses themselves even though they are a hundred percent UV light protection. And so a higher quality more expensive pair will actually be a lot more pleasing in terms of the image quality that you get with less distortion.