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40 Latest Hairstyles For Black Men

Getting the best black men’s haircuts can be tricky. With so many great hairstyles for black men to choose from, with great haircuts for short, medium, and long hair, choosing just one cut and style at the barbershop can be difficult. However, the best hairstyles for black men seem to incorporate a low, medium, or high fade haircut with some relaxed style on top.

From short cuts and waves to box and Afro fades to curls and twists, black men’s haircut styles have never been so fresh and modern. Blacks can even create unique cuts and styles by combining a design and tapered fade on the sides, a shape at the hairline, and a textured top.

It’s easy to say that black hairstyles are always different from most people. They follow haircuts in a completely different way. Therefore, there are so many new haircut types. There aren’t many variations, but it’s still worth mentioning. It certainly helps you choose one for yourself and makes sure you choose the right one too. All of these look great regardless.

Fade haircuts feature a chic finish that gradually reduces the length of the hair. It’s a clever and painstaking task, but the results are awe-inspiring. Other haircuts can’t give you the great fresh and clean feel of a fade. What’s more, such black men’s haircuts offer different lengths for top hair. That’s why new fades can look different and creative. The gallery below confirms that with a vivid example. Take a moment to check everything.

Gradually smooth reduction of hair length in fades Can be combined with haircut temples for men, patterned sides, or edgy contours of molded tops. As you can see, fades are equally great for boys, young men, and older men. In all settings that require concise hair, fades look better than simple close cuts or complete baldness. One of the benefits of having afro-textured hair is that you have tons of hairstyles for black men to choose from. The wide variety ranges from short, sleek haircuts to long hairstyles with dreadlocks, braids, and more. You can find some of our favorite staff picks below, so check it out and see which one goes with your personality.

Here Are Some Hairstyles to Look Classy:

Geometric cut for men

Cuts with geometric shapes and precise lines bring real art to life with excellent results. This cut never deviates from style due to the freedom of expression of urban pulse and straight or curly thick hair.

Smooth and wavy fade

It is a diagonal fade that follows the line of the forehead hairline. It’s also updated with the 360 ​​Wave, which is very popular in the classic 360 forms, but now we’re adding new spins to blend with the fades.

Low fade haircut with shaved sides

It is an example of a fade that gives the observer an illusion. It fades invisibly towards the ear line. It’s a perfect look for men who love the convenience and style of fades but want something else.

Clean cut low fade

For black-haired men, lowering the fade is a great option. The natural hair will be flattened when trimmed, and the sides will clean. A low fade means that it starts to taper somewhere near the eyebrows, not above the head. The carved lines give something special without riding on top.

Long Top, Short Sides

The burst fade mohawk has been trending strongly. This sweet trend of short sides and long hair on top allows men to choose between the different types of fades (high, low, medium, bold) and determine if they want their mohawk to be comprehensive, thin, short, medium.

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Box fade

If you are looking for a black boy haircut, this is it. This is a classic haircut consisting of a rectangular top and a short-length taper. The haircut structure depends on the style, but keeping the sides small and the top compact is advisable. This is also great for black men’s haircuts.

Short part with fades

This is either the most perfect black boy hairstyle or the most perfect black man hairstyle. The idea is that the hair is separated by a parts line that acts as a fashion sense, along with the shaved sides. This can be a standard haircut if it’s not a party line, and it’s a whole new level.

Fake hawk and side fade

Ask for a Mohawk fade reflected by your facial hairstyle for more than ordinary men’s fades. The nape-cut design is also unique because it is usually on the side.

Short high fade

A high fade is one of the best haircuts for black men. This cut requires very little daily maintenance, but you need to go to the barber twice a month to keep the barber clean.

Cool temple fade

Haircuts for black men today are not dull. This clean look is the perfect combination of retro and modern. In this style, do not put a back cut on the skin. Instead, leave it at a medium length for a hawk effect. Afro Fade is a style that always creates creativity.

Wavy high fade

If you’re looking for a haircut that makes people think you’re a pop star, make sure you have the perfect wave on the top and shave the hair on the back and sides. It is the added engraving line that makes this hair design successful.

Cool black curly fade

Fade is reliable when looking for a fresh haircut. This cool and clean style is very sharp. In addition, it can be easily removed. Some men look best with high fades, while others prefer to keep their fades low from the head. This high to medium fade is classic. When paired with a beard, you are golden.

Cut side parts

Black men’s haircuts are synonymous with shaved designs and shaved parts. The texture of black hair is suitable for creative designs, concise. The most common are different lines. Side parts are always a wearable option, although some designed styles can be wild and crazy.

Curly top skin fade

This high-top fade looks even more fabulous with twisted hair and side-by-side fades that hang down toward the nape of the neck. The straight line at the top distinguishes between curly and shaved areas and emphasizes their contrast. These elements help add your spin to the basic mohawk fade.

Natural fake hawk with a lineup

The beard blends seamlessly into the haircut, making it ideal for fading haircut styles. By fading the hair in the temple and letting it flow from the sideburns to the beard, you can get a facial hairstyle that reflects the haircut coolly. A lineup is essential to maintain sharpness.

Back-in style high top

Hairstyles from the ’80s and ’90s aren’t ready to use, which is a great repeat. This high top is even more complemented with a smooth reduction in length and short shaving lines.

Short, smooth waves

Black haircuts can be terse, but they are simple and not boring. This 360 wave of short hair is even easier to achieve. The sides and lineup of pie bread have become a staple of modern African-American hairstyles.

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Curly fade and lineup

If the lineup is included, longer metamorphic curls will look neat to African-American men. Let’s make a nice frame while incorporating the texture of curly hair. Parts that are not connected to facial hairstyles are an additional feature that adds to the cool look and allows you to take your hairstyle to a whole new level instantly.

Wavy low fade

It is one of the best photos with a quick fade and a perfect lineup. It shows exactly what all of this haircut is. Sharp and clean lines with only a few fades to keep things exciting Haircuts that require regular maintenance (and haircuts that believe in seeing hairdressers often) always look great. Produces a very masculine style that enhances self-confidence.

High and tight fade

This Afro Fade is a great option that is simple and attractive. High and tight hairlines with fades, perfectly aligned hairlines, and thin beards that help strengthen the structure of men’s bones. Black boys and men can confidently and aggressively rock this haircut.

Fauxhawk with tapered fades

Need a style that suits pop stars? This fresh cut takes a typical fade to another level with a natural twist that adds a party to the rigor of an elegant lineup. To style, use a moisturizing or textured cream designed to twist your hair each time the blacks wash it.

Black skin fades high on top.

With a few inches of natural hair on top, less skin fading, and a short hairstyle, this high top is the perfect mix of retro and modern. The shape of the original haircut remains the same, but the hair is naturally crimped (rather than cut flat), so the style fits better into today’s reality.

Short black mohawk

How can I get more creative with Templefade? Stretch your long hair to the nape of your neck to make a great mohawk. It is an excellent style and is surprisingly easy to take off when your hair is short to medium.

High top mohawk fade

This unique cut combines several styles, such as high fade, tapered mohawk, and lineup. If you want to try this, the easiest way to request a hairdresser is to bring a photo. If you like your hair disappearing in the middle of the sides and back and you don’t want it to look like a mohawk, ask for a quick fade or a low-top fade.


You don’t have to look anymore if you’re planning a black hairstyle. This pompadour rocks your world. Great for people with straight hair, but great for hair with tight curls. This is very smooth and stunning.

Afro Fade

It is one of the most fun hairstyles for black hair to grow. The haircut here is similar to a tapered box fade, but the top grows fine.


This is one of the unique black haircuts. Instead of the normal hairline, this allows you to go to some nice sharp-edged straight hairline. This haircut looks special but should be maintained frequently. 

Two Braids and Knotted Hairstyles

You can wear man buns in many different ways. For a different approach, consider a sharp undercut and braiding the edges of the top. This way, you will have a crown effect to add to your fabulous look. Otherwise, the overall look will be wasted. This haircut will make your eyes and eyebrows look more.


This is undoubtedly one of the nice-looking black men’s haircuts. If you have thick hair, this is for you. Various products and brushes are required to continue the wave process. Talking to a barber will give you tips and tricks on managing your waves. It’s cool.

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Fade curl

This is your best option if you’re thinking of black men’s haircuts. This haircut looks fantastic, with undercuts and fades, as some people have loose curls. It’s a good idea to grow your curls yourself and create your own unique look identity.

Retro high top taper fade

For a gentle style, ask the hairdresser to smooth the overall shape of the haircut and create a low fade only on the back skin. The design of the mock side parts adds a fantastic element to the hairstyle and gives it a finish.

Bright two-tone mohawk

Black men’s hairstyles often do not use hair dyes. But why? Warm colors like orange, red, and gold look great on dark skin. Of course, you can’t just combine wild hair color and haircut, but Mohawk Fade is undoubtedly a safe option.

Long Top Perfect Fade

Many of today’s black men’s haircut styles are kept very short. But if you like your hair’s natural texture and don’t mind spending a little time on hair care and styling, you can try this style. Choose an unengraved natural look to keep it modern.

Creative black hair using parts

A fade that has many effects. The top has a naturally curly texture, burst fades, shaved areas, and excellent shaving details throughout the nape. The back design (not just the sides) is becoming more popular.

Man buns and beards

If you prefer long hair and facial hair, you can mix the two amazingly. This handsome hairstyle combines long curls wrapped in a man bun with a heavy beard to match. Consider adding an undercut to shape the look.

Kinky top taper fade

This cute hairstyle may encourage you to grow your natural hair. If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what else will happen. All these curls work to achieve the height, volume, and texture you dream of. All you have to do is moisturize and twist your hair regularly.

Curly cut with a unique design

Black men’s haircuts often incorporate unusual artistic elements. There is no end to what a barber can do with hair design, but these designs are often created by cutting short hair. This example stands out because all the other hair has been cut to create a raised slash.

Reddish-brown curl

This gorgeous African red color is unpretentious and looks significant to men. Warm tones blend well with dark skin. Try only the tip of the hair of the male version of the dip die.


A buzz cut is one of the most famous black men’s hairstyles. In this way, you don’t have to deal with your hair. It is a kind of low-maintenance, high-performance haircut. This basic haircut attracts more attention to the face and eyes.

Buzzcut with a beard.

This is a type of hairstyle for different black men. Here the same buzz haircut is performed, but the beard is fully retained, giving it a beautiful and masculine look. The beard is in line with the hair, so you need to keep both.

After looking at this extensive list of different haircuts, it is easy to conclude that all secrets with good hairstyles depend on the haircut’s person. Therefore, all these different haircuts make them all look different in their way.


What Is The Advantage Of A Head Spa: If You’re A First-time Visitor

What is the advantage of a head spa You need to know about head spas if you're a first-time visitor.

“Head Spa” is rumored to be good for hair. Maybe some people find it challenging to get their hands on it because they don’t understand the content and effects. It’s a highly recommended menu for those who have problems with their scalp or hair or have recently been tired and want to relax!

I Hear It’s Good for Your Hair, What Is a Head Spa in the First Place?

Head spa that you can see on salon homepages and magazines. I heard vaguely that it’s good for hair, but do you know what kind of menu it is in the first place?

There are two types of head spas!

Head spas can be broadly divided into dry head spas that you receive at a relaxation salon and head spas at a beauty salon to wet your hair.

  • The former is often done at head spa specialty stores and specializes in relaxing effects.
  • The latter can have a relaxing effect and a beauty effect on the scalp and hair.

What is the effect of a head spa at a beauty salon?

First, I will explain the effects of a head spa that you can receive at a beauty salon from hair care and relaxation! 

Hair care / scalp care effect

  • The best effect of a head spa in a beauty salon is to keep the scalp environment clean by cleaning the pores.
  • In the first place, ahead spa that wets hair and shampoos cannot be done without a nationally qualified cosmetologist license.
  • By doing a head spa with a special cleansing agent by the hands of a professional beautician, you can thoroughly remove dirt even to the pores!
  • If you can remove the dirt firmly, there are many more benefits.
  • For example, removing dirt from pores improves the scalp environment and makes it easier to improve scalp problems such as stickiness and odor.
  • At the head spa, the scalp is thoroughly loosened, which improves blood circulation and may positively affect the hair that is about to grow.
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Relaxing effect

  • You can massage your head while shampooing to stimulate acupoints and muscles at the head spa.
  • As a result, it reduces eye strain that tends to occur when you overlook your smartphone or PC.
  • In addition, it often massages the neck and shoulders together with the scalp so that you will feel refreshed after the operation!
  • Also, depending on the type of head spa, you may use some items with relaxation effects such as aroma. You can relax physically and mentally, and many users fall asleep during the procedure. The head spa in a beauty salon incorporates both hair care and relaxation effects.

Types of head spas by care agent

  • Head spas available at beauty salons can be further divided into four types depending on the care agent.
  • The compatibility differs depending on the purpose and worries, so it is best to order the care method you want.

Here, we will explain the characteristics of each!

Carbonated head spa

  • A carbonated head spa that removes dirt with hot water or foam containing high-concentration carbonic acid.
  • By permeating the scalp with carbonic acid, blood circulation is promoted, and the scalp environment is adjusted.
  • There are relatively many salons that handle it, and the treatment time is short, so it is especially recommended for beginners!
  • It is also ideal for those who have a stiff scalp.

Oil head spa

  • An oil head spa that lifts dirt with a massage using special oil.
  • In some cases, you can choose the aroma oil with your favorite scent and expect a relaxing effect.
  • In addition, the oil’s nutrients reach the pores so that you can grow moisturized and healthy hair.
  • Especially recommended for those who are suffering from dry scalp and hair!
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Cream head spa

  • A cream head spa where you can use a special cream to loosen the scalp and care for your hair.
  • It is characterized by using cream to treat hair thoroughly.
  • Many creams have a pleasant scent and are a popular menu for women.
  • Especially recommended for those who want to keep their scalp and hair moisturized!

Cleansing head spa

  • A cleansing head spa that focuses on improving pore-clogging using cleansing agents.
  • You can improve the health of your hair by removing dirt from the pores that cannot be removed with shampoo alone while rubbing the scalp.
  • Ideal for those who want to refresh themselves and those who are concerned about the smell of the scalp!

Three things you should know before you receive it

As you learn about the effects and types, you will feel more “want to receive.” So, finally, I will explain three points you should know before actually receiving a head spa!

How often should I receive it?

Ideally, you should receive a head spa once a month. Since the skin renewal cycle, including the scalp, is about 28 days, you can maintain a healthy scalp at a head spa once a month! However, the appropriate frequency depends on the scalp problem and the type of head spa.

Head spa for a new habit of caring for yourself

Now that I often study and work online at my computer, many people are tired. Also, each person has problems with their hair and scalp. If you prepare your hair and scalp while healing your tiredness at the head spa, you will surely be able to do your best from the next day! When receiving a head spa, it is recommended that you decide on a treatment that suits you with a beautician while receiving thorough counseling at the salon. Make head spa a new habit, take care of yourself from your hair and scalp, and lead a lively life.

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30 Most Fashionable Quiff Fade Hairstyles For Men

30 Most Fashionable Quiff Fade Hairstyles For Men

Few men’s hairstyles have endured like Quiff. Turning through history books, we find that our love for voluminous hair is not new. The style of Pompadour, inspired by Quiff, is named after Louis XV’s mistress Jean Antoinette Poisson, known as Madame de Pompadour, who lived in the 18th century.

Modern Quiff owes its presence to better versions of pomade and post-war icons such as Elvis Presley and James Dean. Both are sports versions of the style that quickly became a symbol of rock and roll and were adopted by Teddy. Boys and teenage culture from the 1950s to the 1960s. It then reappeared in the 1980s with revenge on pop stars and celebrities. This connection between music and pop culture is still strong today but has since been adopted by all styles of tribes.

What are these men’s fade hairstyles? Given the recent popularity and demand, men with faded haircuts are the most accepted and in need. There are several options, so you can tackle and accomplish quite a few types and ways. They are stylish and trendy. Here are some of the best fade hairstyles for men that everyone should know before styling for themselves. Choose and choose the ones you like best and style them!

The Modern Quiff

The modern quiff is today’s answer for a classic, clean hairstyle with a little personality. A sharper fade on the sides and back will give you a quick, modern look, while a less pronounced fade will have a more relaxed feel.

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The Short Quiff

The short quiff is like the modern quiff, but it offers a younger, more casual feel. The top is cut much faster at about 2-4 inches and typically is accompanied by a sharp fade or undercut on the sides.

The Curly Quiff

The curly quiff is the long quiff for guys with curly hair. The effect is less sleek and polished but more artistic and relaxed.

The Classic Quiff

This long and lush classic quiff is the perfect style for guys looking to make a statement. No, that statement isn’t just “look at me!”

The Messy Quiff

It is the perfect mesh of classy and casual. The same principles for any quiff still apply, but instead of primping, the aim is to get your hair roughly into shape without caring to make sure everything is sleek. The effect is a devil’s care attitude while still looking well together.

The Side Quiff

The side quiff hairstyle is essentially a modern quiff with a pronounced part. You can part your hair, or, for more definition, your barber can cut a hard part into your hair.

The Undercut Quiff

The undercut quiff is another hybrid quiff hairstyle. It looks like a modern quiff on top, but the sides are completely shaved down, giving it an alternative edge. Perfect for the contemporary hipster.

The Rockabilly Quiff

It is the father of all men’s quiff hairstyles. Think of Elvis or John Travolta in Grease. The longer top is combed and styled up out of the face with height.

Longer Quiff

Here’s another great quiff that’s versatile and comfortable. Medium in length, this quiff relies both on volume and texture, resulting in an even look.

Neat Quiff

A neat quiff is a perfect option for when you need something a little more restrained. It’s still incredibly stylish, but it’s now something you could wear to the wedding.

Textured Quiff

This look is for you if you have thick hair and are after maximum texture. The quiff is extremely textured, featuring a matte finish that unifies the style.

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Side Swept Quiff

Now that is what we call a dense top with long strands. This look is due to the puffed top, which is the courtesy of pompadour. Plus, the medium-sized top strands are straight textured, with sides being finely taper fade.

Tousled Quiff

Introducing one of the coolest casual styles with a mix of side sweep and quiffed top. Moreover, do you notice that slight widow’s peak? Looks cool. The sides are tapered, with the top being dry waxed to make this one pop out even further.

High Volume Quiff

Long face structure often goes will longer strand, but this is whole another level, the top has medium length strands with sides being tapered with an undercut.

Skin Fade Quiff

If “I know I look cool” had a face, this would be it. The top is casual and retro, with longer strands and sides being undercut taper faded. The subtle side sweep makes it all fun and jazz.

Brushed Up Quiff

Not just another day with this, not just another hairstyle. The subtle undercut with sides tapered with a blended beard makes this stand out. Next up, the top is side swept with that thick volume with shiny dye, making it pop.

Modern Tousled Quiff

It isn’t your typical quiff––instead, it’s an extremely stylish take on the original cut. The top is tousled for a wavy appearance.

Long Blowdried Quiff

The long quiff is more dramatic for a contemporary, well-groomed man. Like the previous styles, the sides are kept short, but the hair on the top is retained longer.

Winged Wavy Quiff

For a one-of-a-kind look, try out this winged quiff style! The hair in the back is shaped upward into two wings, framing the quiff in the middle.

Loose Stranded Quiff

Ever wondered what do a pompadour and quiff look like together? Well, this is it. The long thin strands also give a brush-up tinge but don’t forget the classics, tapered sides balance that looks with longer temples to ace that retro feel.

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Taper Fade

Try out this haircut if you’re a fan of that finger-combed look. The quiff is finger brushed to create distinct pillars that angle upward.

Simple Tapered Sides

Thin hair is often underrated but wait until you rock this hairstyle. The top is light, and the hair is quite dense. The sides are finely tapered with a hint of fades but nothing obvious. Plus, the slicked-back texture makes all of it so good and gives it that dapper style look.

Taper Fade with Hand Brush Up

This quiff may be small, but it’s packed full of style. The hair is brushed back with the fingers instead of a comb to achieve this look, providing a more relaxed swoop.

Broken Quiff with Layers

Layering any hairstyle can be a lot of work, but this painstakingly architectured quiff shows you just how worth it that can be.

Simple Quiff with Beard

This easy quiff is taking things “back to basic.” A basic quiff is still a good quiff — especially when paired with cool sunglasses and new facial hair.

Messy Blow Out

If you’ve got thick, coarse hair, then this quiff is for you. The quiff itself is blown out in multiple directions, creating lots of motion.

Elegant Quiff Hairstyle

This suave, gentlemanly quiff adds a touch of class and refinement, elevating this trendy hairstyle from casual to formal.

Brushed Quiff Blonde

Not all quiffs have to be neat. This messy, side-brushed quiff proves that you can still sport a quiff and rock the “just rolled out of bed” look.

Brushed Back with High Volume

Here’s a neat, even look that’s fashionable and timeless. A taper keeps the sides organized and draws attention to the high-volume quiff.

The Breezy Quiff with Side Part

The clever proportioning of quiff volume to side volume accentuate this unique haircut’s already handsome face shape.

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20 Stunning Holiday Hairstyles For Short Hair

20 Stunning Holiday Hairstyles For Short Hair

On weekends, girls or women have more time for themselves, including transformation. Nothing lifts your spirits like a new haircut or manicure. Find a reason and create a trendy weekend hairstyle to your taste.

Many people think it can only do those beautiful evening hairstyles with chic short curls, but this is not the case because evening hairstyles for short hair are no worse than long ones. Moreover, such styling has its advantages, because in this case, it will take less time and money to create it, and you can easily do such an evening hairstyle at home.

There are no difficulties, and the options for evening styling for short hair are not much less than for long curls. Today we’ll talk about what original images you can show off this year: each of the ideas can be brought to life without resorting to the help of a stylist!

It is much easier with short hair:

  • It is easier to add volume to them.
  • Styling does not require significant effort.
  • Beauty products are spent much more slowly than long curls.

One thing is stopping many of us from drastically short haircuts: the potential difficulty in creating elegant evening looks.


You can style your hair smoothly or pick it up in a bun, but let the bangs have some fun this evening. Style your bangs to the side by adding a couple of golden flares with a glitter fixer.

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The perfect solution for those who don’t want to hide the wild temper of their curls but need a slightly more serious look than usual. Part and style the curls to one side, leaving clean curls and a discreet smooth surface of disciplined curls on the other.


A little mischief never hurts! Apply some styling mousse to towel-dried hair, then use your fingers to work the strands into a well-designed, beautiful mess. Glitter polish or a dainty barrette will help complete the look.


If the outfit allows, go back to the 20s for a while: gentle waves and invisible women with pearl heads will look incredibly charming. To create such a hairstyle, you will need a styling gel to make the curls smooth.

Sloppy bun

To make a careless bun, you need to collect the hair at the top of the back of the head, gently pull out a few strands that will gently frame the face, and fix the hair with hairpins inside.

Wide bandage

This accessory will help create a unique hairstyle for the owner of any hair length. The wide bandage pulls the hair back, effectively revealing the face. If the hair is short, the dressing serves as a hoop – an additional accessory.

Curly ends

You can curl the ends of your hair with curlers, curling irons or a straightener. Point the tips to the face, and leave the bangs in the centre. You can collect hair in a ponytail, including bangs. This hairstyle is suitable for both a date and a more important event.

Wild curls

Wild curls for the sake of a solemn occasion is possible! Use the advice of our stylists to look dazzling in any situation.

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Luxurious curls

The classic and easiest option for a festive hairstyle. It can be worn every day and for festive events, decorating with an unusual accessory.

Hair bow

Five simple steps, and you are a queen! To keep your hair from bristling, treat it with mousse before tying a bow out of it.

Difficult tail

Part your hair in a horizontal parting from ear to ear, braid the front of the hair into a pigtail, and put the rest of the mass in a ponytail. So you will open your forehead, show off your cheekbones, and the tail will look much more original.

Braid elegance

It is not necessary to master complex weaving and do the most complicated styling to look elegant. Look what a wonderful hairstyle is obtained from a simple braid! And to make it, you will need a few invisible hairpins and a minute of your time!

Original tail

Are you in a hurry to work, but are you already tired of the usual ponytail? You also want to look great at work. Repeat this styling step by step, and you will be impressed!

Lush bouffant

A bouffant, securely fixed with varnish, will help raise the hair high at the roots. Solemnity will give a spray with barely noticeable gold sparkles.

Effective volume

Evening dress and bright makeup need voluminous support! Use the tried-and-true trick: comb it neatly, then fix it firmly with hairspray.

Hairstyles with flowers

By learning how to do simple styling, you can do wonderful hairstyles at least every day. Show your imagination!

Bangs of their collected hair

Gathering your hair pinning it up with one large barrette or several small ones is the fastest way to do your hair and look stylish at the same time. Leave the shorter sections loose around the ears for a more natural look.

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Bob haircuts

On the hair of the length of the caret, you can easily make an elegant hairstyle. It will go well with any hair colour and style of clothing. To create a styling, you will need:

  • Stealth 5-10 pieces;
  • Curling iron with a diameter of 25-33 mm;
  • Strong fixation styling;
  • Comb with frequent and rare teeth.

First, you need to comb the entire mass of hair carefully, then make a light pile on the parietal zone. After that, you can begin to form curls. Try to twist them in one direction, and then the hairstyle will be more accurate. Separate the curls with your fingers or a comb with rare teeth.

Wet effect

It is one of the most interesting and simple hairstyles you can do on the hair of any length. To complete this image, you will need:

  • Curling iron with a diameter of 25-33 mm;
  • Fixative gel;
  • Hairbrush.

Comb your hair thoroughly and roll it into a curling iron. Warm-up a small amount of gel in your hands apply it to all hair. Could you wait for it to dry?

Romantic curls

  • Apply styling mousse to clean, towel-dried curls, paying special attention to the root zone.
  • Arm yourself with a curling iron or curling iron.
  • Start curling the strands at the back of the head, moving gradually up and forward.
  • At the very end, curl the strands in the temporal areas: they frame the face, so the curls here should be as clear as possible.
  • Finish off with a strong hold spray.
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