30 Trendiest Ideas For Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short blonde hair is your best weapon in the fight for a strong personality and a fantastic sense of style. See how you can express yourself differently with a short haircut and light shades.

We’ve rounded up the best short blonde hair ideas to make you look alluring. Blond hair is timeless and style. Short hair is not only practical but also daring and fun. You can try one of the presented hairstyles that are perfect for blondes.

The image of a blonde, with curls developing in the wind, always attracts the people’s attention around her. But the short-haired blond girl becomes the subject of discussion. Many people like this style, some condemn short haircuts for blond hair, but there are no indifferent observers. A woman has a different lifestyle, demeanor, and confidence in her irresistibility with a new hairstyle.

The appearance of women’s short hairstyles is prescribed at the beginning of the 20th century. There were wars, and long-haired nurses did not feel very comfortable on the battlefield. And gradually went short haircuts. Its brought convenience in everyday life and the war, the sanitary condition improved many times over. After the end of hostilities, they remained in vogue.


Do you have short hair with blond? Then try this hairstyle and Show it to everyone.


Its unique haircut will emphasize the line of the cheekbones, as well as highlight the eyes. With such a hairstyle, it’s not a shame to appear on the red carpet!


Torn ends, bangs on the forehead – and you are beautiful! The perfect haircut that first appeared on the head of Taylor Swift.

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It looks very stylish, refreshing, and youthful-looking, easy to style with gel and hands, creating a well-designed super trendy mess on the head.


Deliberate negligence in styling allows you to achieve the effect of “only awakened romantic blonde” and give the image a perky and expressive look.


Classic options are simple, strict, and do not require special care and styling. Ideally combined with the image of a businesswoman and a neat student.


This color is natural and deep, and it suits almost all women who want to dye their hair in a shade of blond. Many Hollywood actresses prefer this option.

Pink blonde

The trendy shade of the hair of the new season is pink blond. Pink hair colors have not always been so popular. Pink blonde has several advantages.

Golden blonde

Golden Blonde, this beautiful shade of blonde, gives hair a golden sheen. It will look great on the beach, and the sun will only emphasize its beauty.

Platinum blonde

This color is very bright flashy. Even for professional hairdressers, sometimes it is not easy to achieve a deep and beautiful shade of platinum.

Straight hair

Are you famous for smooth hair? Show off your blonde locks with a straight haircut.

Max Volume

The haircut looks mega sexy, thanks to its incredible volume. To style, comb from the roots a little with a fine-toothed comb and spray with a strong-hold hairspray.

Smooth bob

It shows the perfect example of a haircut for blondes. By the way, this haircut has a variety of styling!

Textured bob

This haircut will appeal to absolutely everyone! Feel free to decorate any girl, regardless of the shape of her face.

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Multilayer pixie

Ready to discover a new pixie? The layered blond pixie adds even more volume and is perfect for bold looks. Add some color accents to look at a youthful look.

Mysterious bean

This haircut emphasizes the contours of the face and makes them look mysterious.

Ombre coloring

The tips painted yellow look very impressive.

Shoulder length

Suppose you are not in the mood to say goodbye to long hair. Tested strands serve as the perfect frame for the face, and styling such a haircut takes a matter of seconds.

Long pixie bangs

A perfectly styled pixie is a role model for anyone who wants to amaze others with her flawlessness. To refresh the haircut, hairdressers often resort to thinning the upper strands.

Asymmetric with bangs

With the help of an asymmetrical haircut, you can visually increase the volume of hair and hide some imperfections in the shape of the face.

Haircut for wavy hair

Carey Mulligan’s hairstyle we could not ignore! Ideal for thin hair that does not hold volume. With this haircut, you will always be gorgeous!  

Super voluminous bob

The hairstyle looks fantastic with such a vast volume. The image seems cheerful and completely carefree.

Short desirable curls

The layered cut adds texture and volume to soft, airy curls. Darker shades would give the hairstyle severity.

Dark roots for blonde hair

This adorable short pixie gets a slightly dark look with dark roots. This coloring is fashionable in the current season.

Asymmetry for straight hair

This haircut looks beautiful on short blonde hair and gives us an example of how hair affects the overall look. Chic, luxury, and style in one bottle with a share of hooliganism.

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Layered rock and roll haircut

It knows a lot about haircuts! Ideal if you don’t like a “smooth” style but don’t want to stand out.

Blonde with the bob haircut

Smooth, neatly cut hair looks elegant and stylish. The shade of platinum is suitable for women who prefer a more sophisticated style.

Blonde with bright highlights

Sometimes we, like children, want to do crazy things, especially when something upsets us. Add bright highlights to your blonde strands, and the melancholy will disappear.

Ragged haircut for blonde hair

The look acquires a certain audacity after giving the hair volume. Light shades will add depth to your hair color.

Shaved temples in a short haircut

Hairstyles with shaved temples are ideal for people with an oval or round face shape. They focus on natural features.

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