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Short Hairstyle

30 Trendiest Ideas For Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short blonde hair is your best weapon in the fight for a strong personality and a fantastic sense of style. See how you can express yourself differently with a short haircut and light shades.

We’ve rounded up the best short blonde hair ideas to make you look alluring. Blond hair is timeless and style. Short hair is not only practical but also daring and fun. You can try one of the presented hairstyles that are perfect for blondes.

The image of a blonde, with curls developing in the wind, always attracts the people’s attention around her. But the short-haired blond girl becomes the subject of discussion. Many people like this style, some condemn short haircuts for blond hair, but there are no indifferent observers. A woman has a different lifestyle, demeanor, and confidence in her irresistibility with a new hairstyle.

The appearance of women’s short hairstyles is prescribed at the beginning of the 20th century. There were wars, and long-haired nurses did not feel very comfortable on the battlefield. And gradually went short haircuts. Its brought convenience in everyday life and the war, the sanitary condition improved many times over. After the end of hostilities, they remained in vogue.

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Do you have short hair with blond? Then try this hairstyle and Show it to everyone.


Its unique haircut will emphasize the line of the cheekbones, as well as highlight the eyes. With such a hairstyle, it’s not a shame to appear on the red carpet!


Torn ends, bangs on the forehead – and you are beautiful! The perfect haircut that first appeared on the head of Taylor Swift.


It looks very stylish, refreshing, and youthful-looking, easy to style with gel and hands, creating a well-designed super trendy mess on the head.


Deliberate negligence in styling allows you to achieve the effect of “only awakened romantic blonde” and give the image a perky and expressive look.


Classic options are simple, strict, and do not require special care and styling. Ideally combined with the image of a businesswoman and a neat student.


This color is natural and deep, and it suits almost all women who want to dye their hair in a shade of blond. Many Hollywood actresses prefer this option.

Pink blonde

The trendy shade of the hair of the new season is pink blond. Pink hair colors have not always been so popular. Pink blonde has several advantages.

Golden blonde

Golden Blonde, this beautiful shade of blonde, gives hair a golden sheen. It will look great on the beach, and the sun will only emphasize its beauty.

Platinum blonde

This color is very bright flashy. Even for professional hairdressers, sometimes it is not easy to achieve a deep and beautiful shade of platinum.

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Straight hair

Are you famous for smooth hair? Show off your blonde locks with a straight haircut.

Max Volume

The haircut looks mega sexy, thanks to its incredible volume. To style, comb from the roots a little with a fine-toothed comb and spray with a strong-hold hairspray.

Smooth bob

It shows the perfect example of a haircut for blondes. By the way, this haircut has a variety of styling!

Textured bob

This haircut will appeal to absolutely everyone! Feel free to decorate any girl, regardless of the shape of her face.

Multilayer pixie

Ready to discover a new pixie? The layered blond pixie adds even more volume and is perfect for bold looks. Add some color accents to look at a youthful look.

Mysterious bean

This haircut emphasizes the contours of the face and makes them look mysterious.

Ombre coloring

The tips painted yellow look very impressive.

Shoulder length

Suppose you are not in the mood to say goodbye to long hair. Tested strands serve as the perfect frame for the face, and styling such a haircut takes a matter of seconds.

Long pixie bangs

A perfectly styled pixie is a role model for anyone who wants to amaze others with her flawlessness. To refresh the haircut, hairdressers often resort to thinning the upper strands.

Asymmetric with bangs

With the help of an asymmetrical haircut, you can visually increase the volume of hair and hide some imperfections in the shape of the face.

Haircut for wavy hair

Carey Mulligan’s hairstyle we could not ignore! Ideal for thin hair that does not hold volume. With this haircut, you will always be gorgeous!  

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Super voluminous bob

The hairstyle looks fantastic with such a vast volume. The image seems cheerful and completely carefree.

Short desirable curls

The layered cut adds texture and volume to soft, airy curls. Darker shades would give the hairstyle severity.

Dark roots for blonde hair

This adorable short pixie gets a slightly dark look with dark roots. This coloring is fashionable in the current season.

Asymmetry for straight hair

This haircut looks beautiful on short blonde hair and gives us an example of how hair affects the overall look. Chic, luxury, and style in one bottle with a share of hooliganism.

Layered rock and roll haircut

It knows a lot about haircuts! Ideal if you don’t like a “smooth” style but don’t want to stand out.

Blonde with the bob haircut

Smooth, neatly cut hair looks elegant and stylish. The shade of platinum is suitable for women who prefer a more sophisticated style.

Blonde with bright highlights

Sometimes we, like children, want to do crazy things, especially when something upsets us. Add bright highlights to your blonde strands, and the melancholy will disappear.

Ragged haircut for blonde hair

The look acquires a certain audacity after giving the hair volume. Light shades will add depth to your hair color.

Shaved temples in a short haircut

Hairstyles with shaved temples are ideal for people with an oval or round face shape. They focus on natural features.

Short Hairstyle

Pixie Haircut: A Beautiful Short Hairstyle For Women

Pixie Haircut A Beautiful Short Hairstyle For Women

Pixie haircuts are gaining in popularity these days, as they are not only stylish but also very versatile. Whether you have long hair and want to try a pixie cut for a change, or you just want to experiment with a new short hairstyle, here is a guide on how to do it.

The Pixie combines two popular haircuts: the bob and the Pixie. Being the first the traditional and elegant haircut that goes above the shoulders, straight and sometimes with bangs, the second refers to a haircut worn almost at the skull’s root and highlights the facial features.

Why pixie haircuts are popular?

Pixie haircuts, also known as choppy cuts, are among women’s most famous short hairstyles. They’re versatile and easy to manage, so they’re a good choice for women who want a haircut that can look good on any body type.

Pixie haircuts have a natural look that can be enhanced with styling products. They can be styled into various styles, from casual to formal. They’re also ideal for women who want an easy hairstyle that can be updated seasonally or for different occasions.

Here are some reasons why pixie haircuts are among the most popular short hairstyles for women:

1. Pixie haircuts are versatile and easy to style. You don’t need a lot of hair products to style them, and they can be styled into various looks.

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2. Pixie haircuts are stylish and modern. They have a natural look that can be enhanced with styling products, so they look good on any body type.

3. Pixie haircuts are easy to maintain. You only need to shampoo them once or twice a week, and you can style them in a variety of ways without having to spend a

How to style a pixie haircut?

If you are looking for a stylish new short hairstyle, the pixie haircut is perfect. This cut is very flattering on most women and can be styled in various ways to create the perfect look for your style. Here are three types to get you started:

The Classic Pixie: This look is simple and classic. Your hair will be cut short on the sides and front, with a longer piece in the middle that hangs down over your forehead. To finish the look, apply some light styling products to give it a shiny finish.

The Ombre Pixie: For this style, start by cutting your hair shorter on the sides and back, then add some highlights or lowlights in shades of brown or blonde. Once your hair is styled, add some subtle ombre highlights all over your head.

The Wavy Pixie: If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, try opting for a pixie haircut with waves instead of straight ends. To create waves, begin by blow-drying your hair straight until it is cool, then use a round brush to create curls in each section. Finally, use a flat iron to smooth out the

Tips for getting the perfect Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircuts are gaining in popularity with women of all ages. This short hairstyle is easy to style and can be worn with just about anything. Here are some tips for getting the perfect Pixie haircut:

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1. Begin by scheduling a consultation with your stylist to discuss your desired look. During this consultation, you can decide on the length and shape of your pixie cut.

2. Be sure to ask your stylist what type of pixie cut they would like to create for you. There are many pixie cuts, so be sure to pick the one that best suits your style. Some popular pixie cuts include the undercut, blunt cut, and graduated bob.

3. Once you have decided on the type of pixie haircut, be sure to give your stylist a detailed description of your desired look. This will help them create a hairstyle that is perfectly tailored to them.

4. Once your stylist has created your desired pixie haircut, take care of it with regular trims and visits to the salon! A healthy pixie haircut will last between four and

Is pixie cut good for a chubby face?

There’s no doubt that the pixie cut is a popular short hairstyle for women of all ages. And whether you’re slim or chubby, this style is perfect!

The pixie cut is a versatile style that can be styled in various ways. You can wear it straight or curly, long or short, and choppy or sleek. Plus, it works well with any face shape.

So if you’re looking for a new short hairstyle, the pixie cut is worth considering. It may just be your new favourite!

What kind of hair can a pixie wear?

Pixie haircuts are a beautiful short hairstyle for women. Any hair type can wear them, and they can look amazing with careful styling. Pixie haircuts are typically terse, around the ear level. They are also usually very curly, which gives them their name. They are perfect for those who want an edgy and modern look.

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How do you cut a shaggy pixie?

There are a few different ways to cut a shaggy pixie. One way is to use a razor, but be careful not to shave too close to the scalp. Another way is to use a clipper with a fine-tooth blade, and be sure to keep the hair shorter on the sides and top of the head.

How do you cut a messy pixie?

When it comes to haircuts, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. Consider a pixie haircut if you’re looking for a new and unique way to style your hair. Pixie haircuts are a beautiful short hairstyle that can be very stylish and flattering for women. With this type of haircut, most hair is kept on the top of the head, near the front. The sides and back of the head are left relatively messy, giving the hairstyle its name. A pixie haircut is perfect for those who want something more exciting and unique than traditional styles like bobs or ponytails. There are many different ways to cut a fairy, so find one that works best for you.


The Pixie Haircut is a short and elegant hairstyle for women that is sure to turn heads. It is easy to style and can be worn with any outfit. The Pixie Haircut is perfect for you if you are looking for a new and stylish haircut.

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Short Hairstyle

10 Popular Hairstyle Recommendations This Year, Classic And Stylish

10 Popular Hairstyle Recommendations This Year, Classic And Stylish

When the weather starts to get hot, many fairies will begin to want to change their hairstyles. Whether it is a refreshing and beautiful short hair or romantic and elegant long hair, this year’s popular hairstyle styles are pretty good-looking.

 A change of hairstyle can not only change your mood but also repair your face with a proper hairstyle, which will add a lot to your face value. If you are thinking about changing your hairstyle, it is better to refer to these ten trendy hairstyles to be shared today.

1. Wild Hair Tail With Short Neck

 As a fashionista, a hairstyle that can instantly attract everyone’s attention can make you kill the audience in seconds. A bit wild and wild, this short neck-length haircut has a regular length that is neither too long nor too short just to the neck. The inner buckle curly hair tail can increase the sense of shape and design, and the messy and individual lines can subtly modify the face shape and upgrade your femininity. This hairstyle, which is not too picky for the face shape, can quickly “roar” even for girls with big, square, or flat faces. Coupled with airy bangs, the effect of age reduction is brought into play, and the overall look is charming and transparent, Wearing a little desirable.

 2. Lazy Style Shoulder-length Short Hair

 Short shoulder-length hair gives people a slightly fresh, capable feeling, and after adding a little perm, it has an inert atmosphere. Messy hair makes people feel beautiful, fashionable, and good-looking. The most significant advantage of this hairstyle is that it can modify the face shape, make your face more minor, and is not too picky, and then dye it with a hair color that can complement the skin to enhance the overall temperament easily.

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 3. Age-reducing Sweet Wool Hot Roll Ball Head

 The ball head has always been adorable and age-reducing, especially suitable for girls who like to go sweet. The classic ball head is almost a universal hairstyle, ideal for adults and children. For girls who have made wool curls and then tied them into balls, it is very fashionable and can make people feel Your youthful breath.

4. Retro Funky Wool Curls for Short Hair

 Girls with delicate facial features are most suitable for such hairstyles that can show beautiful facial features. Trim the hair to a relatively short length, which looks classic and fashionable, while girls with less hair volume can design the hair in wool curls to modify the face shape by increasing the hair volume so that the whole head shape looks completely stylish. If you are also a short-haired person, this retro and fashionable short hair design is a good choice, and the bangs with wool roll treatment can also allow you to switch between cute and desirable modes freely.

 5. Twisted Braid Hairstyle

 The classic ultra-trendy style has the advantage of being durable and fashionable. Fry the bangs into mid-section bangs, and then pay attention that the length can be the same as the line of the face so that the face shape can be more subtly modified, which not only shows the small face but also adds a sense of sweetness. This hairstyle is perfect for girls who like to take a gentle lady style or a light and mature style.

 6. First Love of Short Hair

 The pure and sweet first love of short hair has always been the favorite of young girls and “girls who love to pretend to be tender.” Compared with other short haircuts that are more childish, this first love short haircut is designed with a slight perm at the end of the hair, which is suitable not only for 18-year-old girls but also for girls in 20+ and 30+, which can be in a cute and lively temperament Exuding some elegant feeling. If you want to increase your fashion degree, choose a hair color that can complement your skin, white or famous, and you can improve the trend of the overall hairstyle.

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7. College-style Shoulder-length Short Hair

 This short shoulder-length hair is the most common among the various short hairstyles. The length is just at the shoulders, and the effect of the hair on the shoulders can modify the neck and necklines. The tail of the hair is designed with a slightly inward button, which can change the face shape and make you slap your face in seconds. The matching of bangs in the middle can also increase your elegant and atmospheric temperament so that your school style is not so naive but is small, fresh, gentle, generous, and attractive.

 8. Chocolate Hair Color + Cloud Perm

 A fluffy cloud perm hairstyle for girls with less hair will be more friendly. It can not only make your head shape full and three-dimensional, giving people a sense of sight of a girl with a small face but also the processing of ironing can also increase the fashion of the shape. The feminine mid-length hairstyle, combined with the perm design, gives people a gentle and lovely feeling. Coupled with the chocolate hair color that can complement the skin, the fashion of the whole person will rise slowly.

 9. Clavicle Hair

 The clavicle hair that is popular every year, in addition to the advantages of modifying the face shape, is also one of the reasons why many girls like it. The hair is trimmed in layers, and then the inner buckle is designed from the cheeks to the neck to create a good layering effect, cleverly modifying the visual sense of the small V face and instantly increasing your appearance a lot. . The hair reaches the position of the collarbone, and then collides with the shoulders and then curls up naturally, making the overall look more playful and energetic.

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10. Straight Jaw, Short Hair

 This short hair is also a classic and fashionable short hairstyle, and I especially like simple and beautiful girls. Compared with the typical style, this short hair looks more fashionable after it has been designed with a slight curl. In addition, the bangs with an inner button and a slightly curled design can not only modify the face shape and make a face smaller but also increase the overall hairstyle—a line of beauty. For fashionistas, matching this hairstyle with a linen yellow with an eye-catching effect and light makeup can effortlessly exude the unique charming temperament of girls.

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Short Hairstyle

Amazing Haircuts To Try For The Graduated Bob

Gradation Bob’s Hair With A Classic Hairstyle

“Graduated Bob” is famous because it gives you a small face. The secret is how to cut? It is a seasonal style recommended for adult women who often wear elegant and simple clothes.

We approached the charm of “Graduated Bob” that makes the shape and outline of the head look beautiful. What kind of hairstyle is Graduated Bob in the first place? What are the points of ordering and cutting? What style does it look like now? And so on, I will dig deep!

What is Graduation, Bob?

A Rhombus Form

Graduated Bob with a downward-sloping front that looks light even with a lot of hair and looks like an adult. When viewed from the front, the diamond-shaped form, which is said to be the “golden balance of hair,” is the basis.

The rhombus silhouette has the effect of compensating the skeleton and making a face look neat. The most crucial point is the graduated cut behind. It gives a depth to the back of the head and gives a gorgeous impression. A versatile style that suits anyone regardless of hair volume or quality.

Tips on How to Cut the Graduated Bob?

Inflate the back of the head softly and cut it so it goes down smoothly toward the front. After blowing straight, it is also recommended to easily roll it up according to the outfit of the day to give it an expression.

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If the back of the head is rounded by cutting and blowing, the profile’s impression will be completely different. By making it look tight from the neck to the back, it also has an excellent effect that the head does not look significant.

Graduated Bob’s Charm

It gives an elegant impression.

Bob’s graduation silhouette is attractive for any occasion. This hairstyle is recommended for the Oggi generation because it gives a sense of elegance and neatness.

Small face appearance effect!

It’s a short bob that tends to make your face look more prominent because it has contours, but with a graduated bob, you can naturally cover the area around your face, so it looks like a small face.

Graduated Bob’s Hairstyle (with bangs)

“Short Bang” Bob

The point is the smooth silhouette that makes the atmosphere cute even with “with a mask.” The cut of the neckline is short, giving a round and voluminous feel to the back of the head. Putting an independent layer around the face looks like it is now.

Bang Bob

While leaving the line feeling of Bob and giving a seasonal impression, the see-through bang also creates a lightness and a feeling of omission. You can also aim for a small face effect by the length that the one-length bob under the chin covers the face line.

Short Bob With a Softly Rounded Silhouette

A rounded feminine style with one curl added to the whole. Adding an outer splash to the hair bundle on her surface can create a light feeling of pulling out. While creating a youthful impression with a see-through bang that casually puts out the forehead, it balances the femininity of an adult with a feeling of familiarity.

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Wet and Tight Short Bob

Short bob style with a wet texture and a tight silhouette. The hair gives a fashionable and elegant impression that leaves a nuance even if closed.

Light bob made by mixing

A mannish style with an extended back of the head and a graduated cut. Wrap the whole with a trowel to make the hair on the surface fluffy. If you set the sideburns and neckline in a compact form with a styling agent, you can keep the airy feeling of graduated cut.

Graduated Bob’s Hairstyle (no bangs)

Rhombus Bob With Rounded Sides

A hairstyle with a fluffy and voluminous form. To reproduce the smooth movement, loosely digital perm with one curl.

Bob With a Plump Silhouette

Length and graduated color that is easy to handle even when stretched. While giving the impression of a neat adult, the swaying expression of the hair can subtly bring out the sexiness. graduated cuts and the magic of styling that creates “shaking” create a natural yet plump silhouette and movement.

Natural & Cool Bob

The voluminous feel of the back of the head and the tight neckline create a sexy look. The short graduated cut has a slightly downward line to add depth and coolness. The soft movement of the bangs that fall around the cheeks adds femininity.

See-through Feminine Bob

The base is a gentle front-down short bob cut at the chin line. The soft and rounded silhouette adds femininity. The skin peeking through the brushed bangs gives a slightly sexy and feminine impression.

Clean Neck! Length Bob

A short-length bob with a beautiful neck. Apply moisturizing hair milk and then dry to prevent excessive volume.

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At the End

I wouldn’t say I like short hairstyles, and I feel that my face looks big. If you have such a problem, please try Graduated Bob, which looks good on people with any complexion and looks small.

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