30 Selfie Ideas to Get More Likes On Your Social Media

30 Selfie Ideas to Get More Likes On Your Social Media

Millions of selfies appear around the world every day. Scientists are seriously analyzing how this affects people’s psyche, but it is no longer possible to stop people. Let’s figure out how to approach taking self-portraits.

Back in 2013, selfies became so popular that they recognized them as the word of the year in England. Even added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It seems that interest in selfies will never disappear. Translated, a selfie sounds like “myself” or “self.” Now, this term denotes particular types of the author’s photographic portrait. Selfies are usually taken using a tablet or smartphone camera. To take a successful selfie, there are three options: take a photo with your phone or tablet in your outstretched hand, use a regular mirror, or “selfie stick.” 

First of all, you have to avoid a large fund. The less the background is visible and the fewer elements behind it, the more our face will stand out.

Natural light is ideal for a good self-portrait, but we must not illuminate our faces too much. And forget about photographing against the morning, as it causes more shadows on the front. It is best to tilt the camera a little so that the light shines on our cheekbones.

The mobile has to be placed in front of the face. You should avoid tilting your head back, as it will give the impression that the nostrils, chin, and face appear more prominent. Also, forget the typical duck lips pose and, if you are a woman, do not hesitate to highlight your eyes and lips with mascara and a gloss.

Social networks have become a showcase to show certain facets of our lives naturally and almost without realizing it. What began as a parallel world is already submerged in reality itself. The ‘I like’ are a fundamental part of this new world, and everyone is looking for the best way to get them. It depends a lot on the social network used that one content or other triumphs. However, all networks are based on the same patterns.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to knowing which is the best selfie we can take to publish it. The type of profile that we star in the network is essential to focus on others’ perceptions. There is a great gulf between the image and the perception, mainly if we refer to the virtual world. According to a study by Washington State University, people who upload selfies very often to social networks are usually seen as less pleasant, less successful subjects. Not everyone sees us as we see ourselves in the mirror or on the camera.

8 tips to get the perfect selfie

Avoid direct sunlight

Otherwise, shadows will appear on the face, which will ruin the picture. The best shooting conditions are cloudy or cloudy. If the sun is shining with might and main, take photos in the shade.

Choose a suitable background

Whether the background will be neutral or bright is a matter of taste. The main thing is that there is no mess behind your back. At home, a beautiful blanket can serve as an excellent background. But it is better to go outside and take a picture in front of trees or an attractive building.

Don’t be afraid to repeat

Spot photos with unusual angles, poses, or backgrounds. Add them to your favorites, and then recreate the pictures you like.

Set the timer

If there is no one to film you, take matters into your own hands. Literally, for example, set a timer on your phone or buy a dedicated remote. In exceptional cases, you can ask for help from a passer-by.

Take a lot of pictures

The golden rule for a beginner is: more is better. Take as many photos as possible, even from one angle. You will definitely like some of these photos.

Let your eyes shine

When shooting, try to catch the glare in the eyes and accentuate them in processing.

Don’t strain

The unnaturalness is striking. Relax and move more. Then the photos will be more lively and exciting.

Add bright accents

For example, a hat, flashy earrings, or luscious lipstick. Accents help create the desired look and draw attention to photography.

Here we discuss about ideas to get more likes on your selfies:

1. Find an excellent background

Don’t have the time or skills to put together a stylish wardrobe? Entrust the selection of clothes to professional stylists! You cannot take selfies with only yourself because usually there is something behind you, which significantly affects viewers’ perception of the picture. If you’re aiming for creative selfies, you need to be careful about the background. Something basic might work for a couple of photos, but you need to look for an original, trendy, or even intriguing environment for the rest. 

2. Take care of the lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in any genre of photography, and selfies are no exception. All the excellent selfies that can be found on the Internet have one thing in common – even accurate and correct lighting. The basic rule here is to look at the light source with your face and not turn your back to it. This will bring crisp detail and crisp lines. 

3. Keep your phone away

Holding the phone at arm’s length is vital: it will be significantly distorted if you have the phone close to your face. The photo will be better if the phone is held horizontally – get slimmer.

4. Show what’s new in life

Graduated from university? Take a selfie with your cap and dress on! Have you bought a new car? Capture this moment! Have you prepared a new dish? Take a selfie and share it with your followers! Choose the right selfie pose and tell people about new things in your life!

5. Shoot from different angles

Everyone has a better grade. Do you know yours? When in doubt about showing yourself in a selfie, take a few shots left, right, and middle.  Examine the photos and decide which makes your facial features the most attractive.

6. Selfies without faces

If you are having a bad day and feel tired, or something is wrong with your makeup but still want to take a selfie, consider dropping your face. This might be one of the weirdest selfie ideas out there, but it looks very intriguing. You can focus on your clothes, accessories, bags, shoes – anything other than your face.

7. Use the rear camera to take pictures

While most people use the front camera for selfies, the rear may offer more benefits. First of all, it has more megapixels, meaning photos will be of higher quality without a lot of grain. Of course, you need to practice using the rear camera, especially when it comes to creative group selfies to keep everyone in the frame. But the result is worth the effort.

8. Use Snapchat Filters

By downloading and installing the Snapchat app, you will have an extensive collection of fun and cute filters that will make your selfies genuinely memorable.

9. Group selfies

“Selfie with Friends Ideas” is a frequent search term as people often enjoy taking pictures while having fun with their friends. Group selfies are also referred to as “selfies” and are a great way to add depth and dynamism to images. Alternatively, you can start with a “selfie” to get everyone relaxed, get used to the camera, and then take individual photos.

10. Photo from above

One of the creative ideas for selfies is shooting. This is not only unusual but also has several advantages. For example, this angle makes a face slimmer and hides the double chin completely.

11. With a lover

If you have someone you love with all your heart, why not take a few selfies? There are many selfie ideas for couples, like a guy standing behind a girl hiding part of her face behind her head or a girl closing her eyes and kissing him on the cheek. Anything you both feel comfortable with will look great. See also: How beautiful to take a picture with your boyfriend?

12. Take a picture of the body part

The Internet is full of full-face selfies. This photography technique means photographing yourself without any help. You hold the camera and take a picture. This does not necessarily apply to the entire face. This is why you can try hiding one part of your body and taking a selfie. This is one of the girls’ most popular selfie ideas, although boys can try it too.

13. Casual style

People are very tired of selfies with pouting lips and posing faces. Give your photos a natural look. You can take selfies while the wind blows your hair or sip juice while sitting in a cafe. Random shots are often cute and candid. Don’t focus on the face, but capture emotions, feelings, and moments.

14. Concentrate on the eyes

Eyes always grab the viewers’ attention, so keep this in mind when taking creative selfies. You can take a close-up portrait or, even more interesting, take a photo of just your eyes, hiding the rest of your face behind a sweater, scarf, etc. This makes the selfie mesmerizing and sexy. 

15. Look directly into the camera lens

People often look at the camera screen rather than the lens when taking selfies, resulting in some weird pictures. This is a common mistake, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you often forget this rule, use the rear camera instead of the front one.

16. Reflections

This is one of those good selfie ideas that doesn’t require any special skills. You need to be careful and notice the various reflective surfaces around you. The first thing that comes to mind is a mirror. Is there a good house? Take a selfie with it. You can replicate this idea using a friend’s sunglasses or a coffee shop window. Be creative and have fun!

17. Take pictures of your feet

Check out Selfie Ideas on Pinterest, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are plenty of selfies out there that have nothing to do with faces but show any other part of the body that the person wants to focus on. For example, you can take pictures of your feet to show off a new pair of evening shoes or show off your workout preparation by wearing sneakers. Behind each such photograph is a story that can be told initially.

18. A ray of sunshine

The sun’s rays look best when you stand by the window and catch the sunbeam on yourself. Suitable for both guys and girls, give it a try!

19. Take a series of selfies

It’s a good idea to experiment with different types of selfie poses. Take a test photo first. Then change the composition, facial expression, and background if you like.

20. Add accessories

Next time you go for a selfie photoshoot, bring an accessory such as a fabulous hat or cool sunglasses. Alternatively, wear jewelry, a new watch, or your favorite fitness tracker. Tie a scarf around your neck or wear a pretty choker.

21. Selfies with celebrities

Of course, these are not the most straightforward selfie ideas because a lot depends on luck. It’s hard to meet the star of a popular TV series or famous singer on the street unless you live in Hollywood. But if you are a frequent visitor to concerts or theatrical performances, do not miss the chance to take a photo with the star.

22. Unusual place

Selfies on holiday at work will surprise no one. The most successful are photographs of mountain peaks, underwater, and other unusual places.

23. As models

An original way to take a beautiful female selfie. Imagine yourself as a model and take a photo showing new clothes, trendy hairstyles, or makeup. Try different selfie poses for your girlfriend to get the most out of your idea.

24. Pose with pets

Got a pet that deserves part of a selfie? Then choose the correct poses and start shooting. It could be a cat, a dog, or any other little friend that lives with you. This is one of the cute photo ideas that guarantee a lot of likes for your pictures. I like the images in which the animal is looking at the camera or even smiling slightly, and there is a person behind it.

25. Selfie with mirror

Shooting that can be done at home. Remove anything that might distract you. In the room where the mirror is, everything must be tidied up. Make sure the background is transparent. It would be best if you didn’t let anyone see your mess. Another rule is to wipe the mirror. Strange stains and stains on your face or clothes are inevitable, but are they needed?

26. Funny selfies

Don’t be afraid to look funny. Use different “masks” and create funny photos to delight all your subscribers.

27. Show your tongue

Our parents told us that showing the tongue is terrible. But this has nothing to do with excellent selfies, right? Enjoy the moment and take a photo.

28. Add vibrant colors

Color grabs people’s attention, so use bright colors to make your next selfie stand out. When we talk about bright colors, we think of flowers, summer clothes, brightly painted walls, fruits on the market, and, of course, balloons. You can choose objects of the same color to realize selfie ideas for Facebook and Instagram, and you can combine several shades to make the photo super bright. See also: Boost subscribers on Instagram.

29. Selfie in the water

Take a photo of your face while swimming in the pool on your back or relaxing while swaying in the water. Or prepare a bubble bath, lie in the water and peel off your bubble-framed face.

30. Flowers

Flowers are not just beautiful plants. They can be a great addition to a photo. Bright petals, original inflorescences, unusual leaves or stems – all this can be used to create authentic selfies.

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