30 Latest And Trendy Fade Haircuts For Men In 2022

Today, the men’s fade hairstyle is one of the most fashionable and famous men of all ages and professions. A smooth, “smoky” transition from short hair to long hair looks neat and restrained, adds masculinity to the appearance, and harmoniously complements almost any clothing style, whether it is a strict office dress code or extreme punk.

Fade (from “fade” – smooth fading) is not a specific type of haircut but a technique in which a transition is made between strands of different lengths. It is an iconic accent of the image and can complement various hairstyles, whether it is a popular short box, a romantic Canadian, or an elongated top note. The main principles of this technology are smooth, blurry lines, neat edging, and a minimum of sharpness.

However, most barbers and their clients often refer to a fade as a men’s haircut with a gradual, implicit transition between the hair of different lengths. As a rule, in this case, the temples and the occipital area are shaved relatively short, and strands from 2-3 to 12-15 cm remain on the crown, depending on the type of hairstyle. Due to some external similarity of forms, such styling in men is sometimes called a “mushroom.”

One of the essential advantages of this haircut is its versatility. So, fade is suitable for almost all men, regardless of their face shape, type, and hair length. In combination with a neat beard, the visual effect is imposing.

Consider the shape of this hairstyle: it is straightforward, with short strands on the temporal and occipital region, but with elongated strands in the crown area. As for the length, it can vary significantly. In addition, almost any transitions are allowed – from smooth to sharp.

As we have said, the fade haircut is quite versatile. It will look good in any case, if only correctly determine its variety. So, if a man has an oval or round head shape, the classic type will suit him. This option contributes to the visual stretching of the faceā€”the most common choice among office workers.

For owners of overly massive jaws, professionals advise an asymmetric haircut, as it allows you to hide this flaw. As for men with excessively wide cheekbones, it is also desirable to grow a beard. It is especially true for those who, in addition, have a narrow chin. The result is a stylish and brutal image at the same time.

An elongated fade is the best solution for lush and thick hair owners. Such men are lucky because their image can be incredibly stylish and elegant. However, it’s still a matter of taste.

The short version of this hairstyle is chosen by those men who have too thin hair. It is also a youth and modern option. In addition, it allows you to remove the above disadvantages of the hair structure visually. In addition, the shortened version is famous for its ease of maintenance. All that is required of a man is to wash his hair and comb it in the right direction.

Ideal face shapes for a fade haircut

Oval face shapes

Oval face shapes have very balanced proportions. So they have a wide range of options to experiment with when trying out the fade. The top can be of different lengths, and the shaved sides can be at different heights.

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Round face shape

Round face shapes benefit significantly from fades that narrow the face and provide the necessary structure that makes facial features appear more angular. Be sure to keep the volume on top at least an ivy league length and chopped or textured finish.

Square face shapes

Square face shapes are probably the most suitable for shaved haircuts. Their hardened features go well with military-style haircuts. However, shaving requires more precision to ensure it doesn’t look squashed. It means they should be medium to high and avoid tapering below the ears.

Diamond face shapes

Loose to medium diamond shapes can be tried, but there is a risk of exposing the ears. However, it is doable if the hair around the lobe is trimmed with scissors.

Heart-shaped face

However, heart-shaped faces are better off avoiding shaving, which can cause the forehead to widen. It means that transitions should be small and very low. It’s better to stay closer to Ivy League length than something shorter.

Here we discuss some trendy fades:

High fade

The hair is cut short on almost the entire head with a high fade, leaving the length at the very top. The transition from short to long hair can be smooth or abrupt. Imagine a mohawk – this is an exaggerated example of a high fade.

Low fade

In a low fade, the transition from long to short hair starts at the back of the head. The hair is shaved very low, almost at the neck, and then, as you move up, the length gradually increases.

Medium fade

The medium fade is a classic American military haircut that has won the love of the people. In it, the hair is left longer above the ears. Whiskey and the back of the head are shaved very short, and the upper part of the hair is laid, for example, on one side.

Classic fade

Classic fade (fade) is the most conservative haircut of all the variations presented. The transition is as smooth as possible, the temples are not shaved, and the bulk of the hair remains almost untouched.

Short fade

The name speaks for itself: hair with a short fade is left short at the crown. The back of the head is smoothly shaved to zero length.

Scissor fade

This fade haircut is performed not with a machine but with scissors and all over the head. The minimum length is created with the help of scissors and a comb, which helps the master remove the hair as close to the head as possible. This option is usually used for those who want to get a unique haircut, taking into account the anatomical features of the skull.

Parting Fade

The basis is a classic, low or short fade, to which a parting is added. The master creates it with a trimmer. This haircut is perfect for those with medium-length hair.

Fade tempo

It is a stylish haircut in which the hair is styled up and stylishly shaved on the sides. This man’s haircut is one of the most famous men due to its modern appearance. It will make you look bold and unique.

Tapered fade

In a taper cut, the hair at the sides and the back of the head gradually decrease in length at the top to show the skin around the neck. Like a regular haircut, taper shaved can be high, medium, or low. With its sleek, trendy aesthetic, this style is perfect for the office and the weekend.

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Blowout fade

While there are many different variations of the Blowout haircut for men today, pairing it with a fade is a classic choice. The intense contrast between the high hair on top of the head and the shaved sides makes this hairstyle attractive for men.

Military fade

Military fade is a perfect choice for men who like a short and stylish hairstyle. This style tends to be heavily shaved. This haircut is also often worn with short hair on top of the head. Due to its minimal length, this look is a great option that requires almost no maintenance.

High Shave Fade

The generally edgier, high-shaved cut relies on the striking contrast between long hair with shorter, more defined sides at the top of the head. This style is suitable for those not afraid of a bold interpretation of fashion trends. This haircut can be ideal for both long and shorter hair.

Fade hedgehog

Thanks to the longer hair in the middle of the haircut, this haircut can also be interpreted in a modern way with noticeably distinctive proportions. To give this look a classy look, make sure your sides are well-trimmed to mid-cut, and also try experimenting with texture for a more voluminous look.

Afro Fade

Afro haircuts can look especially impressive when combined with a stylish shave. With the natural volume and texture of afro hair, the short, shaved sides add extra balance to this style. If you have afro hair, try a short haircut with a heavy shave on the sides. The result is a stylish and sophisticated modern look perfect for all occasions.

Shaved undercut

The shaved undercut is the type of haircut in which the shave is very low to the skin. You can also choose to shave start higher or have longer hair on top for a more dramatic look.

Shaved pompadour

The pompadour is one of the most stylish haircuts of the moment, and it pairs perfectly with the fade. While there are many options for pompadour styling, you can choose from those where the sides are lightly shaved and side-parted for a more eye-catching look. You can try shaved on the sides and a full pompadour on top for an even more stylish look.

Combined fade

Combining combed hair with shaving is always a winning option for men. A style that strikes a balance between classic aesthetics and contemporary fashion is elegant and up-to-date. It is also ideal for a business cut, as long as the shave remains soft and neat.

Pompadour fade

The pompadour was a popular style, and we expect to see more guys using the pompadour this year. It also mixes the old with the new, and it’s a surprisingly versatile style.

Curly hair fade

We mentioned earlier that achieving shaved skin with curls can be tricky. However, this option will come in handy for curly guys.

Quiff with fade

A relative of the pompadour, the hairstyle has become a trend for men in recent years and looks like it’s here to stay. This lively look demands some rugged styling, so if you’re up for the challenge, this is for you.

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Quiff with shaving

Like the pompadour, the quiff is also a trendy hairstyle for men. Adding shaving to the style makes it more balanced and has a more aesthetic appearance. When you do this style, adjust the height of your hairstyle and the length on the sides to fit your face shape perfectly. While rounder edges will work well with long hair on top and short sides, longer face shapes are best suited with longer sides and medium hair on top.

Fade with beard

A smooth change in the length of the hair in this type of fade is ideally combined with a beard. With facial hair, short fades and wedge fade look best. The transition from the temple to the beard must be smooth and harmonious.

Fade with shaved temples

This modern version of the fade will suit those who love to draw attention to themselves. The length of the haircut can be any. The primary condition is curly-shaven whiskey. In addition, if desired, the master can create spectacular patterns on the temples using a trimmer.

Fade with slicked-back hair

If you’re after an insanely retro-chic look, slicked-back hair is a must. It is an excellent shaved effect haircut for men who want to look stylish.

Fade with side part

Combine a classic side part with a faded shave for a stunning style that boasts longer hair on top of your head. Ask your barber for a haircut that will offer you more versatility when your hair is styled in a particular way. You can also use hair gel or mousse to style your hair sideways.

Fading with wavy hair

Wavy hair, thanks to its texture, looks modern and relevant. This concept is also genuine when they are combined with shaving. If you have wavy hair and opt for a shaved cut, you should consider slicking your hair back. This will allow you to use the natural look of your hair for a modern look, while simple styling and shaved sides will give you a more balanced look.

Long fade or with long bangs

To get a long fade, you need to create a transition from the maximum length to “zero.” At the same time, the hair on the top of the head can be very long and lush. If desired, bangs are possible, which must be fixed with styling products.

Wedge-shaped fade

Something like an extended version of the fade. The hair remains long at the crown and begins to shave from the middle of the back of the head and the temporal corners. The main feature is not a very smooth length transition, and it should be noticeable.

With bangs

It is another option for hairstyles. The stylist creates a remarkable transition from length to “zero.” The hair in the crown area remains long. This model should be used for thick hair. Here you can leave a bang. When laying, we will fix it with standard styling products.

Fade undercut

The shaved undercut is a modern men’s haircut for gentlemen. The hair is long on top and short on the sides and back. With long hair at the top of the head, this haircut is versatile and can be combined with different styles, including pompadour, quiff, or slicked-back hair.