30 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

30 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Summer hairstyles 2022 do not consist of complex elements. On the contrary, they are straightforward and can be done in just a few minutes. We will try to figure out which summer women’s hairstyles will be the most popular this season and how to do them without outside help and see photos of summer hairstyles.

Hats, berets, hats – dropped, the wintering of your curls in a trap of hats is over. It’s time to dissolve the mane and expose it to the breath of a warm summer breeze. Changing your hairstyle, hair color, or hair length is not a problem, but do not rush to part with luxurious long hair. You will still need it.

Stylists offer girls many options for the most fashionable hairstyles and coloring for the summer. Hot trends for long girlish hair are various compositions of spikelets, braids, buns, colored strands, and ponytails. Get inspired by photo ideas and make your dreams come true to update your image!

With the advent of the summer heat, it becomes complicated to make a beautiful style. But this does not mean that now only a tail or a braid awaits! Light summer hairstyles will remove hair in the heat and create a stylish look!

Owners of long hair are familiar with the temptation to wear loose curls or a simple ponytail constantly. But you can spend five minutes in the morning doing simple hairstyles for long hair and look stylish and well-groomed.

Here Are Some Hairstyles That Can Help You:


Considering the high runway fashion, we see that ponytails are back, tied with wide fabric elastic bands. Some echo of the 90s. If such elastic bands are not clear to you, and you are not ready to include them in your summer looks, then you can ultimately get by with thin, neat bows. In this version, low ponytails look very cute.


This summer hairstyle will never go out of style. Some stylists offer very complex weaving, while others, on the contrary, the simpler, the better.

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High beam

The partially high bun does not lose its relevance. It is a great option to diversify your styling. Such buns with loose, slightly curled hair will look great. Gulka can be built close to the forehead and pull it to the top of the head.


Light hairstyles for summer can only consist of straight parting and light wild waves. It’s not hard at all to make them. Stylists also offer to remove loose hair behind the ears. An explicit departure will emphasize the graceful oval of the face. Its symmetry adds elegance and rigor.


Considering summer styling, you can see that the opinions of stylists are divided. If some offer a classic parting, others with both hands parting on the side. Such departure draws attention away from an asymmetry of the face and makes the image even more mysterious and tender. Therefore, this version of the summer hairstyle 2022 is perfect for girls who want some change.


Curl light curls. To do this, you can use a thick cone curling iron. You get an interesting effect as if you just got out of bed. But it looks imposing, fresh, and accessible.

Curled tail

Such a laconic hairstyle is easy on long and straight hair – a great alternative to a flat tail.

Twisted strands

Hairstyles with twisted strands look interesting.

Twisted bun

A light braided hairstyle for long hair will relieve you of the need to straighten curls and comb them every time.

Thin pigtails

Tiny pigtails are the trend of the season. With the skills of weaving, you can create very easy, but at the same time, incredibly stylish hairstyles for girls.

Two beams

For short hair, stylists offer tons of fun and flirty options. One of them is a hairstyle – horns.

Two braids

Divide your hair into a straight parting and braid two pigtails. Attach them to the back of your head.

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Loose hair

Fashionable summer styling is not only loose hair. Collected hairstyles are also in fashion. In this case, both bundles and bundles will come to the rescue. The trend is classic options, including tight flagella and more casual ones.

Baby dragon

African dragon braids are another of the trendy variations. They are perfect for those with thick hair.


Throw part of the hair to the other side and start weaving a braid-rim. In the end, pull out this pigtail so that it turns out to be voluminous. From the side of the temples, pull out thin strands.


Before doing this simple hairstyle for long hair, apply a little styling foam to your hair to help the knots hold better.


You go through the whole day with two buns, and a simple hairstyle for long hair will not fall apart.


It remains trendy “Malvinka” in various versions.


To be in trend, you can use weaving of varying complexity. Only it should not be elegant braids. They may be slightly tousled. At the cutting edge of fashion are thick ribbons and scarves. They can be safely woven into the usual pigtails, getting bright and relevant images.


Summer hairstyles for short hair, as well as for medium or long hair, can include various flagella buns.


It will also be convenient to twist the hair into a shell in the heat. You can hardly wear a hat on him, but your neck will be relaxed and light, and you can not be afraid of the wind with such styling.

Fishtail braid

Such summer hairstyles, like braids, are suitable for everyday and special occasions. Comb your hair, spray it with any fixing styling product or apply mousse. Divide your hair into two sections. Separate a thin strand from one half and transfer it to the other. Now take the same strand from the other part of the hair and move it to the first.

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Messy bun

Treat your hair with mousse. Separate the side strands from both sides. Collect the rest of the hair with your hands (carelessly), laying strand on a strand, forming a “nest.” Secure with hairpins. Hairstyles for the summer of this type are great for relaxing.


Divide your hair into a parting. Take a strand from the forehead divide it into two parts. Twist these two strands together twice. Hold these two curls in one hand, and with the other hand, take another thin strand of hair that is higher than these two. Place a new strand between the first two. Twist the first two strands two more times, pinching the new one.

Greek hairstyle

Pre-curl your hair into curls. Tie a ribbon, bandage, leather cord, etc., around your head so that the hair on top is raised. Gently twist the lower hair strands into a dressing on one side and the other. Wrap the hair left behind as well. Greek hairstyle is always appropriate everywhere.

Fantasy hairstyle

The hairstyle is ideal for effortless and as fast as possible to create every day.

Low braided bun

This simple hairstyle for long hair is versatile: it will look great during the day at the office and in the evening on a romantic date.

Pigtail for long hair

Do you have long hair that is very hot in summer? Stylish summer hairstyles for long hair will allow you to open the neck area and keep the strands in order.

Bun with a hair bow

Styling for a hot summer is unthinkable without bunches. They attract the eye and reveal facial features.

Weaving with a long tail

Making this chic styling with your own hands will not be challenging if you know at least a little about how to weave pigtails.

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