3 Hair Color Trends and Features For 2022

3 Hair Color Trends and Features For 2022

Autumn is a little chilly, and nature begins to brighten. Would you like to change your hair colour to one with a lot of seasonality? This fall, pay attention to the three tastes of “Mellow” and “Dullness.” We will introduce plenty of autumn trend colours from three tastes with various characteristics in 2022.

Change Your Hair Colour to an Autumn Colour!

Many may think, “Because the heat and humidity have disappeared and the temperature has dropped, I want to have a hair colour that looks like autumn .” Would you like a hair colour that keeps the trend down for the fall?

Let’s change to modern hair colour with plenty of seasonality as soon as possible and enjoy the fall of 2022.

Pay Attention to the “Mellow” and “Dullness” Tastes That Are Exciting in the Fall.

When looking for a trend colour that suits the season, it is important to pay attention to the taste of the colours that are popular in that season every year.

For example

  • A “deep” colour taste that feels deep, a “mellow” colour taste that has a soft atmosphere, and a cool “dullness” taste that is somewhat cool

[cool] Dark Brown

Brown is a standard hair colour.

Especially in autumn, dark brown colours are becoming a trend. Dark brown tends to give a neat impression, making it attractive for anyone to take on the challenge.

Natural Bob x Dark Brown

A combination of natural bob hair and dark brown. You can create a neat atmosphere by using a natural bob that gives a favourable impression. Ideal for those who like a style that is not too flashy.

Layer Midi x Dark Brown

A combination of medium hair layer cut and dark brown. By making a layer cut, it becomes a soft face area. This style is perfect for those who want to make a cute impression.

Straight midi x dark brown

Straight medium hair finished without wrapping. It goes well with neat dark brown and can create a natural atmosphere. It is the strongest style that can produce a moderate sense of omission.

Long x Dark Brown

A style in which the bangs are scooped up, and the long hair is loosely wrapped. The combination of naturally long hair and dark brown brings out the femininity of an adult. If you want to have an elegant atmosphere, please come.

Hard perm long x dark brown

A long dark brown with a strong perm. Hard perms tend to give a cool impression and are recommended for fashionable people. This style is recommended for those who want to change their usual impression.

[cool] Red-brown

Red-brown is recommended if you want to add a feminine look to your hair colour in addition to the rich depth. A mixture of red and brown characterizes it to give it a colour close to that of cassis. A trendy and seasonal colour is not too sweet and gives off a desirable look. It is a perfect colour for hair that has been damaged by the high tones of summer because it has plenty of lustres and can be expected to have a beautiful hair appearance effect.

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Tight short hair x red-brown

A combination of tight short hair and red-brown. Tight short hair that tends to give a cool impression, but it brings out a soft impression by making it red-brown. It is a style recommended for adults and girls.

Inner winding medium x red-brown

The appeal of red-brown is that you can see the vivid colour of red even in a calm tone. Since it is not necessary to tone up too much, there is little damage to the hair, and the finish is outstandingly glossy. Finishing it in an inward winding style gives a favourable impression.

Loosely wound semi-long x red-brown.

A style that creates a moist and glossy rich red-brown with double colour and gloss treatment. Combined with semi-long hair, it will give you nice and glossy hair. Let’s add a loose roll arrangement with a thick iron and finish it with a calm and mature impression.

Gradation long x red-brown

It is a fashionable style with a gradation made of red-brown. The inner and outer windings are mixed and finished for each part so that the colours look beautifully scattered. The vivid and beautiful colours like autumn leaves are an artistic style that makes a difference from the surroundings.

Straight long x red-brown

A combination of long straight hair and dark red-brown. It is a calm colour among warm colours, and it is a colour that anyone can easily challenge. If you want to try autumn colours casually, come on!

[cool] Orange-brown

Orange-brown is an attractive colour that is easy to get used to in the skin colour of Japanese people.

Since brown is the base, orange’s claim is not too strong, and the soft and natural colour is mature and modern.

Because various colours depend on how to match with other colours, it is also a nice point to create matching colours that match makeup and fashion.

Cut Bob x Orange Brown.

Even without bleaching, you can add more natural and vibrant orange tones by layering colours. It goes well with uncut bob and brings out a fresh impression. The double colour without bleach has less damage than with bleach, and it is attractive that you can expect colour retention.

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Outside Honey Medium x Orange Brown

An orange-brown colour with a loose outer honey arrangement on the ends of the hair. Let’s create a soothing atmosphere by wrapping it with a large iron.

Highlight semi-long x orange-brown

It is a style that casually puts highlights in orange-brown. The orange-brown colour looks like autumn, but it gives a fresh impression when combined with the highlights. The whole hair will move and look like a cute face no matter where you look.

Ulzzang Style Long x Orange Brown

The orange-brown made by bleaching once has a colour that is not too vivid and gives a cute adult impression. Taking advantage of long hair, a style that uses a trowel creates an elegant Ulzzang-style rough wave. Let’s get the atmosphere of a mature Korean girl.

Mixed winding long x orange-brown

The orange-brown made with one bleach is characterized by a more transparent feeling than without bleach. The fine hair captures the light, so the autumn sunset that shortens the day is perfect. Let’s create a casual feeling with a mix of inner and outer winding and finish it in a foreign-style healthy style.

Constricted bob x milk Tea beige

A combination of a trendy constricted bob and milk Tea beige. The dark milk Tea beige brings out a calm atmosphere like autumn. Perfect for those who have never tried milk Tea colour.

Center division midi x milk Tea beige

A style recommended for those who want a cool atmosphere with bright milk Tea beige. You can get a cool milk Tea beige by dividing it into centres. Let’s take in the trend perfectly by making it constricted hair.

Layer semi-long x milk Tea beige

A style with layer cuts around the face to eliminate bangs. The style without bangs tends to look cool, but when combined with soft milk Tea beige, it creates a calm lady atmosphere. It is a colour that can be made with double colour without bleaching, so it is also recommended for those who are resistant to bleaching.

Hair tip one curl long x milk Tea beige

Bright milk Tea beige tends to give a striking impression. If you want a calm atmosphere, try curling the ends of your hair. It is a style that can balance a bright milk Tea beige and a neat atmosphere.

[dullness] Mocha Greige

Dull hair colour also attracted attention in the fall of 2022. With a low-saturation colour, you can get a sophisticated atmosphere. Mocha Greige, represented by dull hair colour, is a calm colour that suits any style. Let’s make autumn look with simple colouring.

Balayages Midi x Mocha Greige

“I want an accent for calm mocha greige hair!” We recommend the Balayage colour, which uses a brush to add a bright colour to the surface. Let’s balance the calm tone like autumn with the accent that moves.

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Loose winding semi-long x mocha greige

A loosely wrapped design on semi-long hair. The combination with the dark Mocha Greige will give you an adult feminine impression. Why don’t you enjoy this autumn with the calm colour?

Layer Long x Mocha Greige

Long hair that incorporates layer cuts as a whole. It gives an ennui impression and is the perfect style for autumn. Mocha Greige, which is easy to match with anything, goes well with long layers.

Wave Long x Mocha Greige

A style of long hair wrapped in waves with a 32mm trowel. The combination with pale mocha greige brings out an elegant and glossy impression. Recommended for those who want to make long hair glossy hair.

[dullness] Ash Brown

Ash is one of the dull colours that can reduce redness.

Ash brown, perfect for the fall of 2022, is the perfect colour for adults and girls who want to give a chic impression. It’s a calm colour, so even beginners can easily take on the challenge.

Outside honey bob x ash brown

A mixture of bob and ash brown. The calm ash brown and the trendy constricted bob can give you a girly impression. The bob’s length is perfect for those who want to enjoy autumn.

Constriction Midi x Ash Brown

Bright ash brown is full of transparency. Let’s create an elegant atmosphere with a cohesive constriction style.

Straight semi-long x see-through bang x ash brown

The see-through bang is recommended for those hesitant to make a heavy impression with dark ash brown. The ash brown hair that is not too heavy is completed by creating a feeling of pulling out.

Egyomori Long x Ash Brown

A style with long ash brown hair and an Egyomori style arrangement. Combined with the centred bangs, it gives an elegant impression. Recommended for those who want a Korean-style atmosphere.

Constricted roll long x ash brown

Long constricted hair with ash brown colour and plenty of space. You can create a brilliant and calm feminine atmosphere. The cut around the face creates a more mellow feeling.

Hair Color Is Also Dyed in Seasonal Colors.

Autumn is a season when the scenery and fashion are colourful, and you feel excited. How about changing the hair colour to the seasonal colour, just as nature and plants change the colour according to the season? Please look at the salon with the autumn trend colour styles we introduced!

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