25 Most Elegant And Bridesmaid Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

25Most Elegant And Bridesmaid Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

Increasingly, brides are ditching the classic veil in favor of beautiful hair accessories. And since the green color and eco-trend is the main one this year, fresh flowers are at the peak of popularity.

The image of a bride with fresh flowers in her hair is relevant and very romantic.

The right hairstyle for the bridesmaid is an essential detail of the wedding ceremony. Girls who honor being with the bride during the wedding should think about styling in advance. It should fit the theme of the celebration to be neat, modest, and elegant.

Have you already thought about your wedding hairstyle? Then it’s time to choose hair ornaments that will look most impressive in our catalog. If you have already found your hairdresser, ask us what hair accessories you will need: hairpins, flowers, tiara, headband, combs, flowers. We have a large selection, and it remains to find jewelry that matches your wedding hairstyle.

Wedding hair accessories are the things to think about to complete your look once you’ve decided on a dress. It’s not as easy as it seems. Laying must be chosen not only beautiful but also corresponding to several conditions:

  1. It must suit you.
  2. The hairstyle should match the style of the dress and the selected image.
  3. It must be doable on your hair.

So, you have decided on the style, found photos of styling suitable for you, agreed with the master. Now is the time to start looking for bridal hair jewelry. The Wedding Stuff store has a vast selection of options: tiaras and headbands for the bride, flower twigs, combs, veils, hats, hairpins, and other goods. And there are even more options for hair accessories. The advice is simple: the selected hair accessories should suit the decor of the dress.

Brides Tip:

While certain flowers confer themselves to a floral hairstyle, they can include nearly any blossom into your wedding hairstyle. Try roses, orchids, gardenias, tulips, anemones, and similar buds.

Please scroll down to see some of our adorable wedding hairstyles with flowers for every bridal style:

Wreath of flowers

A wreath is one of the ancient Slavic symbols, reflecting the image of eternal girlish beauty. It will look great with light, open wedding dresses. Complement them with hairstyles: with lush braids, with a careless “bun” at the back of the head, or a ponytail. Also, the wreath will look very romantic with loose light curls.

Floral wreath on loose hair

The most common wedding hairstyle in recent times is a wreath of fresh flowers on loose hair. The considerably suitable flowers for the bride’s hairstyle are large buds of roses, orchids, peonies, or lilies. This hairstyle looks perfect on curly hair.

Light curls with flowers

Light curls, complemented by flowers, are a great wedding hairstyle that suits hair of any length.

Braids with woven flowers

A wreath is one of the ancient Slavic options for wedding hairstyles. Braids were plaited to the bride by her bridesmaids to memorable laudatory songs. An excellent option for girls with long hair. Also, multi-colored ribbons woven into braids and flowers will look very unusual. This hairstyle will go with any outfit.

Hairstyle with flowers on the side

Versatile option for different hair lengths. Suitable for all types of hairstyles, both with collected hair and loose. On the side, you can pin one flower and a small composition. It all depends on your imagination.

Greek-style with a floral headband

A flower headband is one of the most versatile accessories. It can wear it on a date, a walk, a festive evening, and other events. And with a wedding dress, this hairstyle option will also look great. It is an excellent choice for modest, discreet, and elegant girls.

Flowers are woven into a Greek braid

I decorated an elegant Greek braid with buds of fresh flowers, then the charming image of the bride will become unforgettable, as in the photo of a wedding hairstyle with flowers. The classic version of the Greek braid is a hairstyle with elegantly wrapped curls and an open face.

Fishtail braid with flowers

There is no doubt that braids go with flowers, so this hairstyle is for you if you have long tresses and a loose wedding aesthetic! Pair a relaxed, full-fit wedding dress with loose but intricate braids with flowers.

Natural flowers in hair

Romance and tenderness will give a wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers in the hair. To prevent the buds from wilting during the day, consult with a flower girl about which varieties are most resistant to different weather conditions.

Braids and pigtails with flowers

The weaves themselves look advantageous, and if you decorate the braids with flowers, you can’t take your eyes off them! Daisies, mini carnations, and miniature roses look charming and tender in brides’ hair.

Royal weave decorated with flowers

Complex weaves, many braids, collected in one incredible hairstyle – this is the choice of extraordinary brides. Such a composition of hair is made for a painfully long time, so not every girl is ready to dare such beauty.

Wedding wreath with feathers

Feathers in the decoration on the head can add lightness and angelic innocence to the image, or vice versa, shocking and retro chic. In old movies, feathers adorn the heads of daring and courageous women who know their worth. For a wedding ceremony in the style of the 40s-50s of the last century, a wreath for the bride with feathers will be an excellent thematic accessory that will look luxurious in photographs and videos.

Ribbon wedding wreath

A wedding wreath made of satin ribbons looks very aristocratic. Moreover, you can completely decorate the fabric or only individual elements: flowers bows. It is better to choose satin in similar shades with an outfit. Excessive contrast here will be inappropriate. Like a wedding wreath with feathers, It can wear a composition of satin ribbons after the ceremony as an attribute of an evening look.

Hairstyle with hair pulled back

With a bit of carelessness, gathered curls have become one of the most popular wedding hairstyles. The relevance of the fashion for such a hairstyle is explained by the fact that it goes well with any wedding dress and suits any face.

Hairstyle with a voluminous oblique to the side

The pigtail looks entirely original and gentle on the side, which visually gives the hair the missing length and volume. The classic version of this hairstyle is a right-to-left braid with curly fresh flowers or petals woven into it.


This accessory will not go unnoticed. It will add charm and mystery to your wedding look. Perfect for a Great Gatsby or Chicago-style celebration.


It is one of the most famous headwear that brides use on their heads. The tiara is somewhat similar, but there is also a difference. It will give your image a uniquely chic and solemnity. The tiara has a more modest appearance. In the middle, she has no elevations; she looks like a bezel decorated with stones. Today, the tiara is more popular than the wreath. But both decorations are incredible for any hairstyle, whether it’s a gathered bun or loose curls.


Headbands are now in trend for all fashionistas. Modern brides also have the opportunity to make their image stylish, thanks to headbands. They can be narrow or wide, lace or cotton, decorated with beads or textile flowers.


One of the trendiest bridal hairstyles is the bun. There are a considerable number of variations of this hairstyle for every taste. Starting with strict, concise, perfectly combed hair to the back of the head or the top, ending with light, sloppy bunches with loose strands. Any version of this hairstyle will perfectly complement the flowers, do not forget to follow the texture of the hairstyle and buds.


Handmade combs and hairpins made from natural flowers have come into fashion. Flowers in a wedding hairstyle will be an excellent solution for a low bun and emphasize the sophisticated image of the bride. Medium-sized neat buds will be used, tightly woven together. It can also use the same combs and hairpins to decorate the wedding hairstyle with the bridesmaids’ colors.


Floral headbands are often confused with wreaths, but in the first case, they are more compact and allow you to change the location on the head.

Laying Shell

The French shell hairstyle has a lot of options and has not gone out of fashion for a century. And if you also weave fresh flowers into the bride’s hair, you get an exquisite look.

Flower composition

Clusters of flowers will be a beautiful addition to a wide variety of wedding hairstyles of all styles. Compositions of one medium flower and several small ones are excellent. They look so fabulous on collected hair!

Flower accent

Focus on one big, bold flower! Fluffy peonies and resistant dahlias are perfect for this! Hairstyles with one medium or large flower are often curled loose or gathered at the back of the head. Less often, one flower adorns a bunch. The only but luxurious peony looks good on both short and long hair.

Flower crescent

Loved by many brides, a hairstyle with fresh flowers! Medium colors are woven into the hair in a semicircle from two to five. Often, the hair is removed on the side of the floral decoration, exposing the neck and shoulder. It looks incredibly feminine and sophisticated.

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