25 Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Many women have thick, long hair problems, and their severity can cause a headache. A haircut will help get rid of it. It is unnecessary to cut your hair short, and you can lighten it. A cascade haircut will cope well with this problem. The cascade will not only emphasize the beauty of your hair, but you will also have the opportunity to diversify styling. To give your hair a modern style, you can use a layered ladder. A foxtail haircut will emphasize the decadent luxury of your long hair. A haircut in a straight line on long hair looks neat and well-groomed, and a semicircular edging will add romantic tenderness.

The most suitable haircut for medium length on your hair will be a bob. Lightness hairstyle will get with the help of milling, which will reduce the volume to the ends of the hair. The bangs will bring romanticism to the look with elongations at the temples. For medium hair, this season’s fashion will be a bob with graduations. Thick hair will be more expressive with a Bob with contoured tips.

When choosing a short haircut, you need to consider the shape of the face. By the way, haircuts for thick hair practically do not require styling and look gorgeous. Almost all bob options are suitable, asymmetrical, with extensions and without bangs. Bob is straightforward to fit. With the proper selection of bangs, facial features become soft.

The popular page and garcon haircuts, with a length just below the chin, will look exceptional on thick hair. The beauty of your hair will be emphasized by the strict semicircular shape of the page. Pixie can highlight the beauty of your neck. Different lengths and shapes of bangs are suitable for it.

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It is performed on the average length of hair. It can be considered a shortened version of the cascading haircut.


Choosing a haircut is not so easy for lush, wavy, or curly hair. A short haircut and long curls can show all the beauty of thick curly hair.


Stylish, trendy pixie has many variations, fits in five minutes, and suits absolutely everyone.


It is an ideal solution for thick hair types, and you can do it with or without bangs.


Garson adds femininity and is very young. Ladies with a fragile physique are fashionable hairstyles with shaved temples and bangs.


The ladder is a universal hairdressing solution that it can use to correct any face shape and lighten heavy hair.


A ragged aurora haircut with the effect of slight negligence can refresh curls of any length.


This haircut option is common among young guys. She is pretty shocking immediately attracts attention. The back of the head and temples, in this case, is carefully cut, but at the top, there is a large volume.


This haircut is characterized by the alternation of strands of different lengths, which, among other things, visually slim the face.


In several layers, it keeps a fresh look well. It does not dissolve heavy hair and gives them grooming. It goes well with blond, highlights, balayage.


Graduated cascades are especially popular this season. Most often, they are performed with bangs. Such a haircut can provide a whole ocean of possible variations.

Straight cut

For good density, a classic straight parting with even tips is suitable. A good cut does not allow the strands to scatter and keeps them even.

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Ripped Bang

Ripped will suit extravagant women. Sharp differences in cuts distinguish it. The smallest ones start from the ears.

Stepped cascade

Creates a very gentle look. Strands of different lengths relieve heaviness and refresh.

Shortened caret

It introduced fashion on the square this day, and it remains in style.

With sparse bangs

Straight and beveled, sparse and thick, torn and multi-layered – there are a vast number of bangs, and only a competent master can choose the right one.

With long bangs

The curls can be such a detail as a bang. It can be straight, oblique with elongation, multi-layered, milled, torn, semicircular – in a word, any.

With short bangs

The haircut option with short bangs will also become an additional beautiful accent in the image. Remember that blunt bangs visually enlarge the nose and enlarge the eyes.

Asymmetrical bob

This fashionable variation of the bob haircut is very convenient in everyday life. It looks impressive and does not require a unique styling approach.

Classic Hairstyle

A classic option for all occasions. Universal, which will suit every woman. Do you want to make curls light voluminous, spend less time styling your hair?

French haircut

It has a second name – lazy haircut. It is because its attractiveness is maintained even in how the hair grows back.

For heavy hair

Heavy straight hair has a large thickness and hence a lot of weight, often with difficulty holding volume. The main task for such hair is to give it lightness and a shape that will keep without much effort.

Volumetric haircuts

To make hair thicker, you need a haircut to make your hair voluminous. Multi-level, graduated, layered volumetric haircuts will cope with this.

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Bob with milled ends

They are also combined with highlights and even natural colors. Sometimes it forms the effect of a cap, in which case the fillet removes the heaviness from the ends.

Cascade with slight asymmetry

Asymmetry is still prevalent. It gives zest as if making a challenge to others. The strands are different both throughout the head and in front.