25 Latest Pixie Haircuts With Bangs For The Current Season

25 Latest Pixie Haircuts With Bangs For The Current Season

Perhaps the most popular haircut for short hair is the pixie haircut. The image that she can create is characterized by hooliganism and romantic flirtation. Depending on the styling, the owners of such a haircut can change their looks like gloves. Such a haircut is suitable for energetic girls who can quickly change the situation and love to experiment with their appearance. This haircut has its connoisseurs and fans.

A distinctive feature of the Pixie haircut is elongated strands at the crown and shortened at the temples and the back of the head. However, at present, a vast number of various varieties of this haircut have appeared.

If you are the owner of a thin face with bright, expressive features, then the pixie haircut is perfect for you. She focuses attention on her owner’s face, so it’s simply impossible to hide something with such a haircut.

A pixie haircut will also look great on girls with an oval or triangular face, but you will focus all attention on the face, as we said above. If you are not a supporter of high-quality makeup every day, then it is better to refuse such a haircut. You should also pay attention to this haircut, because thanks to it, the hair looks fuller and more voluminous.


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First, you need to mark the parting, then comb the hair using the gel. You need to lay the strands on one side and then, with the help of invisibility, make a beautiful wave and leave it for a while.


Ragged scaled

Ragged bangs are suitable for young beauties and ladies of the Balzac age. This touch will add mischief and youthful recklessness to the whole image, which will help a woman look much younger.


Graduated 4

Graduated strands are not suitable for everyone. However, with their help, a woman can create an unforgettable and elegant image.

Wavy hair

Wavy hair 1

This haircut looks just amazing. Yes, and with styling, in this case, you don’t need to bother: shake your hair with your hands, sprinkle it with varnish, and you can go about your business.


Asymmetry 4

Asymmetry will be at the peak of popularity for a long time to come. In this case, even the classic version of the pixie look creative and stylish.

Side bangs

Side bangs 1

With oblique bangs, a pixie-bob was worn by Robin Wright in House of Cards, playing the role of Claire Underwood, wife of the President of the United States.

Flipped bangs

Flipped bangs 1

Sure, you can leave your side edges straight to the side, but why bother when you can beef them up with a pretty flip at the tip? A slight flip gives the hair a flirty volume, perfect for a date night.

Tousled bangs

Tousled bangs 1

With this in mind, she invented the pixie cut. The back of the head is shaved, and the remainder of the mane is ruffled into a messy fringe that cascades down the back of the head.

Layered bangs

Layered bangs 1

The days when chopped bowls were no longer in style. She gave this beautiful bowl pixie cut a trendy look with a set of layered bangs with a few long thin pieces for a bit of sexy texture.

Messy bangs

Messy bangs 1

She looks like she stepped off the runway with that long tousled bang. Super incredible, and we love how she keeps the rest of her mane tame, letting her bangs take all the glory.

Slanting bangs

Slanting bangs 1

It’s an ideal choice for those ladies who want to “tweak” their facial features while not devoting a lot of time and effort to daily styling. This year’s hit is short asymmetrical bangs.

Oblique bangs

Oblique bangs 2

This option is perfect for owners of a round face shape. And the longer the bangs, the better. But girls with an oval face shape can also turn their attention to short bangs.

Slicked back

Slicked back 1

Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie, who played the female knight Brienne of Tarth, often wore short hair styled back, although, in real life, the British actress prefers light curls that emphasize her feminine look.

Chunky layers

Chunky layers 1 e1645616569585

We should mention how much we love this intense hair color with grays and purples throughout. Incredibly fashionable and very dazzling.

Bright thick bangs

Bright thick bangs 1

The classic pixie cut with a short back and long side bangs are livened up with bright blue hues.

Long front bangs

Long front bangs 1

These stylish and classy long front bangs are perfect for girls who crave style. Her platinum blonde locks are brushed back to front for a scorching style.

With short bangs

With short bangs 3

Short bangs or baby bangs are a smart option. She is very stylish but very insidious. It must be carefully selected for your type of face so that the image, in the end, looks harmonious and attractive.

With long bangs

With long bangs 2

One of the most popular options is a pixie with long bangs. The fact is that such a bang corrects facial features better than others and helps to make an oval out of a round type.

Thin layered bangs

Thin layered bangs 1

This haircut looks seductive and stylish. Her platinum blonde top comprises shy, thin strands, while the rest of her tresses are shaved very short.

Side sweep bangs

Side sweep bangs 1

It is one of the most extended stripes we’ve ever seen, but they are amazing! Great for students or young girls who love tons of body forward, she adds a collection of long layers and leaves them to the side, hugging the side of her face beautifully.

Contrasting layered bangs

Contrasting layered bangs 1 e1645616534430

Looking for a fun, flattering outfit to wear anywhere? Consider this light and airy updo with various layers ranging from very short to extremely long.

Side bangs and long bangs

Side bangs and long bangs 1

One side is left short and uneven, while the other is long and perky, offset to the side. A flirtatious, cute style that easily carries over from day tonight.

Ultra short length

Ultra short length 1

A beautiful but dangerous haircut that is not suitable for everyone and is rarely used. The experiment will be successful for girls with regular and proportional facial features.

With shaved temples

With shaved temples 3

The shaved area can be a thin strip above the ear or a large area from the parting down. The most popular haircut variation is one shaved temple.

With bangs on the forehead

With bangs on the forehead 1

For this type of bangs, only thick hair is suitable. By themselves, the bangs create a voluminous look, and if there is not enough hair, it will look pale and watery, which will ruin the whole image.

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