25 Cute And Attractive Hairstyle For Round Face – 2022

25 Cute And Attractive Hairstyle For Round Face - 2022-2023

The face was more round than oval. It took many months to study stylists’ opinions and celebrities’ examples. The folder “Hairstyles for a round face – best” somehow started up by itself on the laptop. Then I deduced some fundamentally essential rules.

  • Haircuts for a round face for (Men and Women) should ideally be elongated so that the side strands create stretching vertical lines.
  • If the soul does not lie to the length, lush haircuts will come to the rescue, and the volume should be concentrated on the forehead, on the back of the head and crown, and not at the level of the cheeks.
  • Wide cheekbones perfectly camouflage straight haircuts with an even cut.
  • Since a round face is characterized by approximately the same distance from the tip of the nose to any point of the oval, the width will have to be reduced somewhere. It’s easier to do it with bangs, but by no means straight.

For a round face, there are restrictions on colouring. It would be best if you did not opt ​​for dark uniform tones – such a colour palette will only add volume to your cheeks.

In fact, with your exception, there is where to walk when choosing an image. A round face is your thing. The main thing is to show it from the winning side.

The ideal shape of the face has always been considered an oval, but not many are lucky to have such a shape by nature. What to do for those who want to get closer to the ideal? The answer is simple: you need to choose the right haircut.

A well-chosen hairstyle for a round face will balance its outlines and visually look more oval. Even if you do not set a goal to make a face visually oval, the main thing is not to aggravate the situation. After all, there are some nuances when choosing hairstyles and haircuts for a round face. Let’s figure out which ones.

There is no one perfect hairstyle for a round face because many factors influence the hairstyle’s harmony with your face and image as a whole. For example, hair length, texture and volume, age, taste and lifestyle.

We cannot overestimate the value of hairstyles. The same face, the hairstyle can both disfigure and make irresistible.

Here Are the Best Round Face Hairstyles for Women:


Elongated pixie types suggest torn lines and oblique bangs. They go to chubby women with purely Slavic features. Pixie is really like a breath of fresh air – it can make you look both daring and elegant and visually lengthen a round face due to the volume in the parietal zone and its absence on the sides.

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Pixies with shaved sides

Jennifer Hudson. Pixie haircut with shaved temples Another type of pixie haircut that will suit chubby girls is the variant with shaved temples. It is a bold haircut that will appeal to lovers of creativity and experimentation.


Dark hair, clear verticals – and you can get even without bangs. For chubby blondes, a strict caret, like an asymmetric one, is also suitable, but it’s not enough to cut your hair. It would help if you still created a relief on the strands through complex colouring. Then light shades will not fill.


Beautiful torn shaggy shapes are achieved by grading without trimming. Let the strands lie randomly, removing the emphasis from the width of the face.


The layering of the haircut allows you to adjust the volume of the hair so that this haircut will suit both devoid of volume hair and vice versa, too voluminous. Cascade is unique in that it is suitable for any face and a round face is no exception. By selecting the levels of the cascade layers, an experienced master will help you visually stretch the face and hide the roundness.


For those women who carefully grow long hair and are not going to cut it, there is also a solution: a short flight of stairs. Strands elegantly framing your face will quickly give your look an oval shape.


If you prefer short haircuts, you should pay attention to the bob haircut. Because the bob emphasizes the cheekbones and at the same time does not focus the volume on the temples, it is just perfect for a round face. This haircut looks good in combination with oblique bangs, which will help to stretch the face.

Long bob

We recommend paying attention to the elongated bob for those who prefer medium-length hair. The raised nape will open the neck, and a smooth oblique cut will add zest to your look. Graduated ends will eliminate straight lines and soften the haircut. Such a haircut will not require you to have a long styling, which undoubtedly adds to its advantages.

Classic bob

Michelle Williams. Classic bob haircut The classic bob haircut is a win-win haircut that visually slims and rejuvenates and gives volume and density to thin hair. If not everyone can afford a fairy with a shaved temple, then a bob will look excellent on girls of all ages.

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Any asymmetrical haircuts for chubby people are good, but a classic bob with a high nape and side parting is especially. Determine which side of your face you like best and open it.


The progenitor of shaggy, less eccentric and almost neat, as appropriate for cascading haircuts.


The law of the jungle says: the length of the shoulder blades is a big question. Curls tend to stretch under their weight, killing the basal volume at the root. And when there is no volume at the crown, the cheeks come to the fore. Either very long to shift the book from the face or a short round cascade.


The main feature of aurora is multi-level layers. This shape with graduations at the crown is best suited. The shortest strands must start at the level of the temples or cheekbones. This volume and splendour in the upper part will visually stretch the face.


Just long hair without frills is already excellent. Add voluminous bangs to them, curled ends – and collect compliments. Another good idea is wavy haircuts for medium hair, and they only have a positive effect on a round face. And with good thermal protection, regular styling is not terrible.

Bob with bangs

Kirsten Dunst. Bob-car with bangs bob-car (when the hair is a little shorter in the back, and the haircut in front is more like a bob) with bangs visually lengthens the face’s shape even younger. And most importantly, this haircut is easy to style.

Long hair and bangs

Long hair and curtain bang. If you can’t live without long hair, then be sure to cut your curtain bangs. Only there is a nuance: it should belong (at least to the middle of the cheeks), then everything will work.

Kare with bangs

It is best to choose a square with oblique bangs. All kinds of curvatures and asymmetries in the face area are recommended. French bangs curtain and long bob will look good. Regardless of the length of the hair, straight bangs are not recommended. It would help if you altogether refused them.

Page and season

Dense, thick bangs are slightly in the red zone, so haircuts with an oval cut are debatable. Their advantage lies in the fact that the wide bones of the cheekbones are under a dense veil of secrecy.

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Long flowing hair

With this option, try to ensure that the hair is not the same length and the parting is oblique. Ideal haircut cascade, oblique bangs. The critical point is to avoid additional volume in the cheek area.

Long collected hair

A round face, high hairstyle, or ponytail go well. At the same time, it is essential that a high bouffant in front. The oblique bangs falling on the cheeks will also help balance the face.

Here Are the Best Round Face Hairstyles for Men Also:

The pompadour

This classic men’s hairstyle is best for round faces as it adds a lot of height to your look. The longer your face is, the more structured it will be. The slicked back hairstyle is always in trend and is one of the best hairstyles for round faces. The focus of the hairstyle is mainly directed towards the centre so that you can leave the sides to your liking.

Angled and messy fringe

Again, this hairstyle will add height to your face by adding volume. Angled fringes give the face extra structure. Not to mention the fashion appeal of this look, it’s perfect for men with a laid-back personality. A slightly messy look will complement your personality with ease.

Volumetric side

It is the perfect short hairstyle for men with a round face. The sides in this image should be straightforward. Longer hair in the centre should be carefully removed to the side. A sharp parting is not required here. However, for round faces, we recommend adding a side part. It helps add sharpness to your face and creates the perfect “gentleman’s” touch.

Man bun variations

The next hairstyle is one of the most popular for round face men. However, achieving this is not as easy as it seems. Long hair can be grown naturally to the desired length and then styled in a smooth bun. Style it with a medium stubble or a full beard, and the man bun will never disappoint you. You can also go for a bun for half a person.

Messy waves

Another hairstyle for men with a long round face is perfect for slightly wavy hair. Why hide those shiny waves when you can add a little hairspray and create the best look in the world. Tousled long hair adds volume, always suitable for a round face. Due to the longer length, the face looks longer.

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