25 Best Undercut Haircuts For Men To Look More Stylish In 2023

Men’s hairstyles with shaved sides, also known as “undercuts,” are becoming more common worldwide due to the changing roles of men in the business world and their evolving status in various fields. The rise of this trendy style, commonly referred to as “Undercut Haircuts For Men,” has also been fueled by the emergence of new leisure activities, providing men with additional opportunities to showcase their fashionable looks.

Different Kinds of Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Undercut haircuts for men are incredibly diverse and can be customized to suit individual preferences. With a wide range of styles, men can find their version of a trendy and famous haircut that perfectly matches their personality and personal taste. The versatility of undercut haircuts for men ensures that there is something for everyone, offering many options to express individual styles.

Men’s Haircuts With Short Temples Are Always in Style

While men’s haircuts with short temples have remained a classic and timeless choice over the past few decades, there has been a surge in popularity for styles with open temples. These variations of haircuts have gained significant traction, with each style having its unique name and distinctive appearance.

The Growing Importance of Men’s Hairstyles

Men tend to visit the hairdresser more frequently than women, often opting for traditional and well-known haircut styles. However, there has been a notable rise in asymmetrical men’s haircuts, exuding a strong and even slightly aggressive vibe. These bold and unconventional looks have gained immense popularity over the past few years, emerging as top trends in men’s hairstyling.

Leaving Behind Traditional Hairstyles

Gone are the days when men solely opted for buzz cuts. Nowadays, a stylish and well-groomed haircut holds great significance for the modern man who values his appearance and wants to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. As a result, more men are embracing wild and creative haircuts, seeking unique and personalized styles that set them apart.

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Trying Out Different Ways to Be Creative

Men’s haircuts offer hairstylists ample opportunities for creativity and self-expression. The extent to which the temples and back of the head are exposed can be customized based on factors such as facial features, age, personal style, lifestyle, and individual preferences. Undercut haircuts for men provide various execution methods, ranging from short to long and asymmetrical styles. Among the younger generation, haircuts featuring shaved patterns on the sides have gained popularity, allowing individuals to showcase their unique and bold style.

Show off your style with these fabulous undercut haircuts for men, which serve as inspiring examples for you to replicate and make your own.


Undercut hairstyle with a clean and edgy look, featuring shaved sides and longer hair on top

The main distinguishing feature of undercut is the lack of a smooth transition between the strands. Particularly creative young people can shave patterns on their temples.


Military-inspired haircut with a short and neatly trimmed style, exuding a disciplined and sharp appearance

Considered a sporty hairstyle and super simple. Many young people and men of a more respectable age prefer her hairstyle because her hairstyle does not require complex care.


Crop haircut with a short length all around, creating a neat and low-maintenance look

It is a more stylish hairstyle, which has replaced boxing and half-boxing. A distinctive feature is working with the occipital or temporal part of the head.


Hedgehog hairstyle characterized by short, spiky hair all over, creating a textured and playful vibe

It is a convenient and versatile version of a male hairstyle with shaved sides and back of the head. Suitable for courageous, open, and self-confident young people. You can often see children and teenagers who prefer this type of haircut.


British-inspired haircut with a stylish and refined appearance, featuring shorter sides and longer hair on top

This hairstyle is not suitable for those who are always busy or do not want to take care of themselves. Shaved sides in a men’s haircut gained popularity in the 50s of the last century, and today they have risen to the peak of popularity again.


Boxing-inspired haircut with a close-cropped style, reflecting a sporty and streamlined aesthetic

Boxing is the most popular men’s haircut of recent decades. At the same time, the hair looks neat, does not bristle, does not require additional styling.


Grunge hairstyle with an unkempt and textured look, showcasing an effortlessly cool and rebellious vibe

Hairstyle of the winners. It is chosen by persons who are always at the center of public attention. Feature – deliberate negligence, which takes time to create.

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Top knot

Top knot hairstyle with a high bun, creating a trendy and sophisticated look

That a man might prefer a hairstyle with long hair, at the same time, the owners of long curls or hairstyles for medium hair proved that they look no worse than short-haired men.

Hitler Youth

Hairstyle inspired by the Hitler Youth with closely shaved sides and longer hair on top, reflecting a historical reference

This men’s haircut with short temples is popular with both guys and adult men. Its name is quite unusual and is rooted in history. The temporal and occipital parts of the head are shaved with a machine. At the same time, shaved strands must be strictly the same length.

High Platform

High platform haircut with shaved sides and a voluminous top, adding height and drama to the style

This haircut is back in the world of men’s haircuts. He combines clean-shaven sides and fully styled, boxy hair on top. This look is perfect for men with wavy or curly hair.

With Long Hair

Hairstyle with longer hair on top and closely shaved sides, striking a balance between versatility and edginess

Thick and well-groomed hair looks stylish. A man with long hair will not go unnoticed, which is why the male half of humanity increasingly prefers hairstyles with long hair.

With Shaved Patterns

Hairstyle with shaved patterns on the sides, adding a touch of creativity and personalization to the look

It is a hairstyle for those who want to stand out and love an informal style, and hairdressers advise making a haircut with shaved temples and patterns. Patterns are shaved with a trimmer or razor.

Slick Back + Undercut

Slicked-back undercut hairstyle with a polished and sleek appearance, combining shaved sides and smoothly styled hair on top

  • Based on the slick back + undercut style, the style is set side by side. Side-aligned style refers to styles like bar code hair.
  • It has become a trendy men’s hairstyle overseas.

High Shaved

High shaved haircut with closely cropped sides and a longer section on top, creating a bold and modern look

This style is a game-changer. Clean-shaven sides paired with longer hair make for a great combo.

High Shaved Pompadour

High shaved pompadour hairstyle featuring shaved sides and a voluminous, swept-back top, evoking a retro-inspired charm

This style is popular with men who like a clean-shaven look. This haircut is suitable for any profession and allows you to combine fashion and business savvy.

High Shaved With Longer Hair on Top

High shaved style with longer hair on top, creating a dramatic contrast between the neatly shaved sides and the flowing crown

This style is suitable for different hairstyles, from straight and wavy to curly and curly. Longer hair on top gives a casual look and adds more freedom to your style.

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High Shaved and Long Hair

A high-shaved back and sides with longer hair on top creates a striking look

It is perfect if you love long hair. Shaving is a nice contrast to the looser hair on top of the head.

Short Textured Haircut

Short textured haircut with a modern twist

An easy hairstyle to create that does not require maintenance. A beard will well complement this haircut.

Shaving Medium Length

Medium-length haircut with shaved sides for a sleek look

Gentlemen, shaving is still trending this year. Some men swap out the typical short haircut for this stark high contrast, with clean sides flowing into a beautiful beard.

Shaved Mohawk

Edgy shaved mohawk hairstyle for a bold statement

This style is suitable for hair of any texture. The shaved sides blend into a natural mohawk at the top of the head. The clean sides of the strong complement this hairstyle, perfect for the modern man.

Shaved Haircut With Textured Hair

Shaved haircut with textured hair for added dimension

This style is perfect for men who want all the best of today’s haircut styles: a trendy shortcut and the freedom to choose loose hairstyles.

Smoothly Combed Pompadour With Shaved Sides

Smoothly combed pompadour hairstyle with shaved sides for a polished appearance

This hairstyle is for a well-groomed man. A pompadour with a smooth nape looks very professional, with a well-shaven beard.

Shaving With a Braided Pompadour

Braided pompadour with shaved sides for a unique and stylish look

It is precisely the style you should try if you have long hair. If you’re tired of constantly fixing your long hair, try this braided pompadour.

Shaving and Blunt Bangs

Shaved haircut with blunt bangs for a striking and contemporary style

Bangs are on trend! This style gives you bangs you didn’t even know you had. He makes the sides short and shaved, the long bangs at the top cut bluntly.

Long Hair + Designer Pattern

Long hair with a designer pattern shaved into it for a creative and intricate design

It is one of the most fabulous haircuts we have ever seen. Shaving is one of those hairstyles that will remain one of the most popular in the world for many years to come. It looks super cool with long hair on top and long bangs, paired with a big beard and excellent graphic hair design.

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