25 Best Short Hairstyles For Wedding

25 Best Short Hairstyles For Wedding

Many women before the wedding decide to change their style. Usually, this applies to hair because most are sure that a beautiful hairstyle will not work out of short ones. As a result, a completely different person is in front of the guests at a wedding event. But what about your style and devotion to short hair for many years?

This season, wedding hairstyles with plaits are in fashion. To do this, stylists and hairdressers pre-twist the hair on a curling iron and then twist it into small flagella and stab it with invisibility. Hairpins do not hold short hair well, so classic invisible hairpins are used for brides.

Perhaps the most important day for every women is her wedding. She wants to be a real princess from head to toe, including hair. Only now, what are the wedding hairstyles for short hair? Not everyone knows. Meanwhile, there are many beautiful and unusual styling options, which you will now learn about.

Many girls with special trepidation choose a hairstyle for a future wedding. After all, on such an important day, any girl wants to look beautiful and feminine at the wedding day. But what hairstyle to choose for short hair to make the image as good as possible?

Hairstyles for Short Hair for a Wedding: Fashion Trends


Classics are used not only in everyday life. This style is so versatile and successful that it is chosen for major events. The wedding was no exception. Many brides love this style for its understated elegance.


A bride with a neat low bun looks very elegant. Many future wives think that it is necessary to grow hair at least to the shoulders for such a hairstyle.

Low beam

There are no rules and restrictions on wedding hairstyles. Everything depends on the character, mood, and idea of ​​the bride, her taste preferences, and desires, combined with the accuracy and attention of the master.

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A greek-style hairstyle is ideal for a laconic wedding dress: smooth, voluminous, and delicate, with several strands, as if accidentally knocked out of neat styling. You can hide it under a ribbon or headband if you don’t want to leave a bang.

Medium beam

The hair should be about shoulder length or a little shorter. Otherwise, it is better to choose styling with loose hair. Jewelry for short hair is no different from jewelry for long hair, but keep in mind that short hair will not withstand the same weight.

Bright haircut

Short haircuts look better without a veil. It is better to decorate the head with a light accessory, comb, or headband without overloading the hairstyle.

Texture curls

Curls for short hair differ mainly in the diameter of the curling iron on which they are made. Short hair is often twisted onto a curling iron with a smaller diameter, and a very resistant and festive styling is obtained.

Volumetric curls

A great hairstyle for short hair – of course, curls! It is better to make curls large and voluminous, and it is very important to create volume and a beautiful shape.

With flowers

You can replace hair ornaments with fresh flowers. They will decorate the bride with short hair and help make the image more feminine. For harmony, identical flowers are used in the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere.

With weaving

Braided wedding hairstyles are less popular this year than braided ones. However, when the bride has short hair, this is a suitable option to collect them. Weaving doesn’t have to be complicated. The regular three-strand French braid is the most popular.

With hairpins

Barrettes, hairpins with pearls, and stones are stylish accessories for wedding hairstyles for short hair. They can replace a veil, wreath, or crown. With hairpins, the square looks elegant, and the bride’s image seems complete.

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With oblique bangs

Side bangs can be curled along with the bulk of the hair and laid to the side to frame the face with delicate curls beautifully. To emphasize the oval of the face, choose a smooth bang.

With straight bangs

It seems that a bang of this form is a little outdated, but in wedding hairstyles, for short hair, you can beat it. In addition, straight bangs will support smooth styling or, conversely, create a stylish and daring contrast with curled curls.

With bangs on two side

This bangs configuration goes well with Greek or retro styling. It can be left straight or slightly curved to give the hairstyle a slight dynamism.

A bunch of carets

As soon as a girl receives an offer to marry, she immediately begins to think over a wedding look – a dress, shoes, a bouquet, and, of course, a hairstyle.

Wedding retro waves

Waves for short hair will take you to the era of bygone eras. This hairstyle is far from commonplace. With the help of waves, you can create the image of a Hollywood diva.

Slicked back bob

Open your forehead and widen your eyes by simply combing your hair back and fixing it with your favorite styling product, which you do not doubt the reliability.

Short bob

Owners of such a versatile and stylish haircut will be able to choose from many options for designing a wedding hairstyle on a bob. The simplest and most common variation is loose, slightly curled curls. Looks soft and elegant.

Short hairstyles with a veil

A traditional accessory will highlight the image and emphasize its tenderness. It is enough to limit yourself to a veil made of thin material. Wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair can be voluminous, with a light pile, and have weaving elements.

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Short hairstyles with a crown

It is one of the most common options. The accessory looks luxurious, both with puffy dresses and classic-cut outfits. The crown can be added to a voluminous hairstyle or decorated with wavy curls.

Short hairstyles with bangs

Lots of variations. It can be light curls smooth, voluminous hairstyles. If the bangs are long, it can be the starting point for weaving. Wedding hairstyles with bangs for short hair are often decorated with large decorative elements: headbands, ribbons, brooches.

Short hairstyles without bangs

The chosen option depends on the length of the hair. It can include weaving in the wedding hairstyle without bangs for short hair if the length allows. It is also difficult for many to give up curls that can be left loose or stabbed to the side. Hairstyles in the style of Marilyn Monroe look very feminine.

Elegonated caret with bob

If the length of the hair allows you to make a bun, do not deny yourself this pleasure. Firstly, it is convenient: a well-fixed knot will not fall apart even by the end of the holiday, and wayward strands will not interfere with admiring beautiful guests. And secondly, it is very traditional, because the bride is “supposed” to marry with collected curls.

Wedding caret with delicate curls

If there is no time or energy left for fantasy, trust the option proven by several generations: twist the strands into delicate soft curls that give the image naturalness and femininity.

Asymmetrical bob with bright strands

A cool solution for those who do not like to follow generally accepted rules. If a traditional white dress and high updo are not for you, check out this daring hairstyle that will set the tone for the upcoming celebration.

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