25 Best Ponytail Hairstyles For Men To Look Attractive

25 Best Ponytail Hairstyles For Men To Look Attractive

The male bun hairstyle became popular among hipsters last year. Before that, many men with long hair went with a bun on their heads, but no one paid much attention to this – until the bun became a trend.

Not so long ago, men’s hairstyles with long hair and a careless tail were considered a sign of rebellion and an immoral lifestyle. Often, a men’s hairstyle with a tail was associated with the fact that he does not have a permanent residence, and such a choice of hair decoration is not a tribute to fashion but the inability to carry out hygiene procedures.

The time has come for experiments and vast opportunities for self-expression. Of course, it is worth remembering that to create a men’s hairstyle with a ponytail or a short tail, and you need clean and healthy curls. And the usual tail or bun is not all that hairdressing offers at the moment. Stylists distinguish several haircuts in which you can tie a ponytail and create other men’s hairstyles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any male or female hairstyle, the ponytail has advantages and disadvantages. It is worth checking them out in advance. After all, only one minus can make you refuse to perform a particular haircut.


  • Practicality – It is a fantastic option that combines style and simplicity. It is enough to twist the ponytail at the top, and the male image goes to the year’s top trends. But do not think that the tail is salvation when you do not want to wash your hair. Dirty hair is as visible in a ponytail as in a loose state. Disguise them will not work;
  • Minimum installation time – But you can save time styling men’s hairstyles. In most cases (if the hair is obedient), it is enough to dry the hair with a hairdryer and collect it in a bun;
  • Variability – I do not think the ponytail is the only styling option. There are a lot of them. The main thing is not to be lazy and learn new tricks.

The main disadvantage of the ponytail

The inability to wear such a haircut in educational institutions, companies, and organizations with a strict dress code. Hiding your hair will not be easy. In addition, a men will have to care for the hair itself; otherwise, the hairstyle will look messy and look like a wash cloth.

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And here is another unusual example of weaving, when the strands remaining in the tail became oblique. Such semi-assembled men’s styling looks masculine and resembles Viking hairstyles.

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The Anderkat haircut is shaved temples and nape with an extended crown area. At the same time, the hair collected in the tail. Looks very attractive courageous.


In this men’s styling, the hair is gathered high at the back into a ponytail. At the same time, there should be volume at the top of the head, which can be created with the help of fleece or the use of special tools. The length of the strands should be insignificant so that the tail does not hang down but sticks out a little. The name of the styling is translated as a male bunch, even though the bottom is present here.

Chinese style

For Chinese hairstyles, special decorative sticks fix the tail or bun at the crown. Many even use just a pencil. The hairstyle looks quite interesting and unusual. It kind of looks like a sloppy bunch.

Classic men bun

To wear a samurai hairstyle is enough to pick up the hair just above the back of the head. The hair should be moderately long so that the collected tail sticks out a little, resembles a bun, and does not hang down like a ponytail.

Classic beam

To make such a bun, you need to grow your hair to about shoulder length. If you want to wear a bun right now, but the size is not enough, there is a variant of the classic bun, like the samurai. They call it that – the samurai beam.

Classic bunch

The beam technique for men and women is identical. The collected hair at the crown or nape should be wrapped around the base of the tail, forming a bun (bun).

Top Knot

A real hit of barber shops, captivating with a fantastic combination of rigor and informality. Top Knot is also a universal answer to the question: “What is the name of that famous men’s ponytail hairstyle.

Top Knot with shaved temples

The top Knot is an improved version of Mr. Bun’sBun’s hairstyle. The name “top knot” means “a knot tied at the top.” It is an elongated undercut haircut with a knot tied at the top of the head.

Tail with flowing hair

An equally simple hairstyle option would be a ponytail made only from the top strands. Curls collected at the back of the head. The result can see in the photo. Looks quite stylish and creative.

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Tail and loose hair

The tail is not only the hair gathered at the top of the head. He gets along well with loose strands in the back of the head. Essential to create an effect of negligence and disheveledness. It is necessary to avoid smoothness and sleekness. This styling option is perfect for owners of long curly hair.

Messy bun for men

A careless bun is a godsend for wavy hair because smooth combing to the back of the head, in this case, is contraindicated. But you can’t do without styling. First of all, apply any texturizing agent to clean hair. 

Bunch of Samurai

It is not about the frightening hairstyle of the Edo shogunate with a shaved parietal zone and a “mage” knot from the hair of the back of the head, but about a thoroughly modern styling for young people are urban samurai at heart. Many variations exist, but the essence is always the same: the beam is located strictly on the crown.

Tail and dreadlocks

Dreadlocks scattered over the shoulders collected in a neat tail – not necessarily high. It is enough that lies on the men’s back. Use not a rubber band for creativity but a folded bandana in bright colors.

Ponytail for curly hair

The ponytail is best to curb curly curls in a men’s hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what height to choose to create it – at the top, low, medium, bun plus loose hair. The main problem may arise with the bulk, which will stand out, fluff, and make styling too sloppy. It is necessary first to apply mousse or gel, lay the strands back with a hairdryer, and form the selected beam.

Ponytail for short hair

The minimum length of strands from which it will be possible to make a male hairstyle with a tail is 10 cm. And even at this length, you can create creative styling. For example, the beam can be fixed on the top of the head closer to the forehead or “lowered” very low at the back of the head.

Smooth tail

This style is not suitable for short hair. And here, you can not do without styling. You will need to choose a reasonable retainer for the type of male hair. Stylists advise using wax styling – lipstick to create a smooth men’s hairstyle.

Pompadour with tail

Haven’tHaven’t decided what is better – a fashionable pompadour or a ponytail? You shouldn’t suffer. The pompadour is an excellent base for a ponytail. The peculiarity of the haircut in its styling is that the hair is raised at the forehead and combed back, fixed. In this option, the only difference is that they additionally formed into a ponytail.

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Undercut with a tail

A haircut with an undercut marked by the border between the back of the head and the temples. On the latter, the hair shaved to zero. A ponytail or a bun is an excellent way to hide the growing undercut strands and not visit the salon for a haircut correction for as long as possible.

Voluminous ponytail

Finally, we came to our favorite – a voluminous ponytail. It will look good with smooth hair, wavy and curly. Here you can find a hairstyle for every taste and occasion.

Messy gray ponytail

It’sIt’s amazing how easy you can to create that alluring look. Blow-dry your hair without a comb, style your hair into a ponytail, secure it with an elastic to complete the hairstyle.

Bun with clipped temples

This type of bundle is a top knot (top Knot or top Knot). To make it, you only need hair on the top of your head. A male bun with clipped temples is an elongated undercut. The length of the hair on the sides and at the back of the head is minimal, and the emphasis is on the top of the head.

Hipster ponytail hairstyle for creative men

Technically, this is the same men’s hairstyle with a ponytail at the back of the head or crown with one thing: the hipster ponytail (or bun, if you prefer compactness) is not neat. Instead, it is a challenge to conformity and officialdom. Such hairstyles look authentic on wavy hair, which adds a relaxed mood to the image.

Men’s haircut with ponytail and braids

It is easy to perform a relaxed version of a male hairstyle with a ponytail every day. Let’sLet’s say, slightly fluff your hair and braid it in a loose braid.

Creative hairstyles weaving ponytail

If the length of the curls allows, then why not combine both the tail and the pigtail in one male hairstyle? You can start with a regular three-strand braid and then master more complex options – a spikelet, etc. It will be possible to braid several braids on your head at once and collect the free edge of the tail into a bun or leave it free.

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