25 Best Hairstyles for Men Over 50 To Look Younger

Hairstyles for Men Over 50

Let’s talk about the essential men’s wardrobe and its features after 50.

No matter what anyone says, appearance plays a vital role in our lives. The way we look is sometimes crucial in personal relationships and at work. Agree, it is always nice to see a person next to him who takes care of himself and his clothes. And men, sometimes, it is difficult to understand style issues because there is less information and more prejudice.

Hair for men in their 50s is a problem when enjoying hairstyles such as white hair and thinning hair. Maintaining a fresh and youthful look helps him with the right hairstyle when a person gets older. It should not be too fashionable, dull, or boring. Hairstyles for the more vigorous sex are just as important as for women – they help complement the style, convey the owner’s character, and give the image of solidity. The problem is that we cannot always take fashionable haircuts for men around 50.

Men, like women, face the fact that their hair begins to change with age, not for the better. Men are also worried about thinning hair, gray hair, and loss. Moreover, the loss is more pronounced in them than in women.

Men of respectable age are incredibly attentive to style in clothes and hairstyles since it is crucial not to break the line of style and age limits here. If young guys can safely experiment with different images and styles of hairstyles and styling, then men’s haircuts for 50 years should fully correspond to the age and status of a man. Otherwise, you may end up with a comical image.

More recently, haircuts for men of respectable age were limited to just a few varieties, but the list has expanded significantly under the influence of fashion trends. Today, men aged 40, 50, and older can express themselves and show original taste without consequences for the image. Haircuts must match the character, lifestyle, general style, and appearance.

Outstanding men need a matching hairstyle. From classic and timeless styles like back-slicked backs to low-maintenance haircuts, here you’ll find hairstyles to suit all tastes for older men.

Here are some hairstyle for men to look classy:

Medium bob with a thick beard

Some men can boast of chic thick hair even in old age. If you love these hairstyles, then try something like a medium bob. They are perfectly combined with a thick beard!


To “become a hedgehog,” you do not need to go to a salon or have a diploma from a hairdresser – get a clipper. Hair over the entire head is shaved evenly or a little shorter at the temples and the back of the head.


Initially, athletes of the same type of wrestling began to cut their hair in this way, after which the style quickly gained popularity among the broad masses. The hairstyle has nothing complicated: the master cuts the hair short (up to a centimeter), gradually reducing the length at the temples and crown.

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This hairstyle is for those who have more time to groom themselves. The difference between the two types lies only in the fact that on the back of the head, crown, and frontal zone, the hairdresser leaves the hair practically unchanged, cutting off only the parietal zone. Longer hair makes it possible to create different styles, both classic and rebellious.


This hairstyle is a bit like a half-box, with the difference that the transition between short and long hair on the head must be made as smooth as possible so that the hair appears thick.


It’s an unequal haircut that speaks of your creative nature. Long hair also has many styling options – in a straight or side parting, combed to the side or back.

All back

We also recommend the all-back, a standard men’s hairstyle in the business scene. When you reach your 50s, the year’s dignity will become solid, and you will not feel any discomfort even if you do all back in private. In addition to that, it is a hairstyle that is not easily affected by the individual hair condition, so it is recommended for a wide range of men in their 50s.


It is an exciting option for those who care about their appearance. The essence of the hairstyle is that the bulk of the hair remains on the frontal and parietal parts, but below it sharply contrasts with it, standing out for its short length. The boundaries between them can be smooth, smoothed, or sharply defined, up to an artificially widened parting.

Quiff + beard

The quiff is a classic men’s hairstyle that has remained popular for decades. Its versatile look suits men of different age groups and different face shapes. Best of all, this hairstyle will be combined with a beard. This haircut is perfect for men who are lucky with a thick beard and hair.

Curly hair

Men with afro-textured hair have been using curled hair for many years. It’s no surprise that this style has become a cult classic. Curls look cool and require less maintenance time than the same dreadlocks or braids. In addition, they are suitable for hair of any length. Try short curls for a sleeker style, or pair them with a shaved cut for a more modern look. After all, in this style, there are no age restrictions.

Medium length haircut

One of the best haircuts for men is parted haircuts. While the classic version uses shorter hair, the more modern version is medium hair with a parting. Charming and stylish enough to wear to a formal event, parted haircuts are among the best styles for medium hair. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to create. All you need is a comb and some styling product.

Dreadlocks in a bun

There are few hairstyles more recognizable than dreadlocks. For men with afro hair, there are hundreds of styling options. A bunch with dreadlocks is ideal for you if you grow them out for several days. Pair them with shaved sides and a neatly trimmed beard for a modern and stylish look.

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Haircut with wavy bangs

The wavy hairstyle with bangs is a bold and beautiful choice for older men who want to show off their fun personality and sense of style.

Since the wavy haircut has a lot of volume and texture, it is ideal for masking thinning hair or bald patches. Use styling cream or pomade to create bangs and blow dry to create volume at the roots.

Natural hairstyle + beard

Keep your look dignified and straightforward with this natural haircut. It is one of the most unpretentious styles for men. Your barber will focus on keeping your hair and beard looking neat in general. To give yourself a slightly different style, try a different type of beard. Also, take into account the shape of your face before creating this haircut.

Long curly hairstyle for older men

For men with long and curly hair, there are many styling options. However, the shortest hairstyles are often the best. Try bouffant to make your style look sophisticated and modern. It is the hairstyle that can be used for dinner, an important meeting, or in a casual setting.

Modern quiff

Although the quiff haircut is considered one of the most classic hairstyles for men, you can give it a modern twist. The main thing is to create more volume and height in the front. Then use matte finish hair products to create natural texture. Modern textured bangs are a great choice if you lead an active lifestyle and look more modern.

Short haircut for older men

There’s a reason short haircuts are the favorite style of men of all ages. This is one of the most unpretentious and unpretentious men’s haircuts, perfect for guys if they don’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror styling their hair. Also, this option is ideal for men whose hair is thinning a little on top. Even though it’s quite a short style, your hairdresser can shape your hair to match the shape of your face.

Bald haircut

Most men do not like to discuss this topic, but hair loss is always on their minds. Instead of fighting nature, why not try a bald cut? It is a smooth and refined shave for bold men who walk comfortably with clean skin on their heads. To balance your facial features and shaved head, shape your beard into the shape of your face. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen or wear a hat to protect your scalp from the sun.

Hair combed back

This haircut has a vintage appeal and a sophisticated look, making it a favorite choice among older men. It looks equally good paired with a beard, stubble, or a clean-shaven face, as well as if you have a bald patch. Use a hair styling product, such as a water-based pomade that will give your hair a more natural look while still holding it in place.

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Short afro haircut

Afro-textured hair breaks more quickly than others, so it’s perfect for shorter styles. By keeping the same length all over your head, you can save on visits to the barber as you don’t have to keep shaving. Neat and clean afro hair is a low-maintenance classic that will never go out of style. However, remember that you need to take care of short hair, regularly use moisturizing products designed specifically for your hair type.

Artificial mohawk

You don’t lose your edge just because you get older. The faux mohawk is a great hairstyle for men who have always loved to walk in the wild or like to stand out from the crowd. She looks young and calm, and when combined with a mustache, you will have a great look. In addition, women consider this haircut to be one of the sexiest for men, so it is perfect for older men who are back to dating and want to impress their significant other.

Half up, half down

This is a hairstyle that is easy to style, and at the same time, attracts attention. It suits any occasion – and gives you the best of both worlds. You get a clean cut and the stylish look of a trendy bun, combined with the fantastic possibilities of long hair. In addition, it will give you a more brutal Viking look. This hairstyle is perfect for men with thick hair, but those with fine hair can also try this style.


As designers and fashion designers think, the image for a man 40-50 years old is an investment. Choosing a hairstyle is relevant for such a period in life as never before. If a man strives to look fresh, young, his appearance and style of clothing correspond to this, and stylists recommend paying attention to grunge haircuts. We are talking about messy and slightly tousled hairstyles that emphasize the eccentricity of a man.

Sports haircuts

Sports style is preferred by men who lead an active lifestyle and do not have free time to take care of their hair. Such haircuts have several advantageous features – they are easy to care for and perform, do not interfere with a man, fit into any clothing style and age, emphasizing only masculine facial features.


Most often, a men’s haircut 50 years old and an older audience is a severe classic haircut. Such haircuts are distinguished by precise geometric shapes and lines, short and medium hair lengths, and the possibility of different styling options. Most often, they require shortened temporal zones and the back of the head and strands somewhat longer at the crown.

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