2023-2024 Bmw X7 Review – Specifications And Photos

2023-2024 Bmw X7 Review - Specifications And Photos

Overview of the new BMW X7 2023-2024: appearance, interior, specifications, equipment, parameters, security systems. The end of the article is a photo and video review of the BMW X7.

Photos of the new massive BMW SUV have repeatedly surfaced on the Internet. No one could reliably say what kind of model it was, whether it would be a serial version or just a concept captured by photo spies. Most of all, the updated front end was confusing, to be more precise, the unusual two-story optics, which had not previously been used in BMW models.

Now, all the information has been declassified by presenting the restyled BMW 7 2023 SUV. The official premiere of the novelty took place on April 22, and we can say for sure that this is not a prototype but a serial version of the car. Most of the updates were on the front end. The vehicle got two-story optics and a completely new front bumper. The radiator grille, hood, and side part remained unchanged with all this. In the novelty, the optics now do not come into contact with the radiator grille as it was in other models.

Much more changes were made to the interior of the new BMW X7 2023. The SUV received a digital instrument panel and a large multimedia display placed under solid glass. It all looks like one solid screen. The central tunnel between the front seats has also been improved, and the stylish upholstery of the chairs and inserts made of natural materials emphasize all this. Interestingly, the same two-story optics were used in the new BMW i7 and 7-Series electric cars. Accordingly, it may be a unique style for the company in the future.


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  • Nissan Patrol


The Exterior of the New Suv

As already mentioned, the updated SUV received the most improvements in the front, much less in the back, and the side of the new BMW X7 2023 remained practically unchanged. Spy photos in camouflage, various prototypes of the new SUV and other moments could not hide the updated front end. In particular, the new optics, which the manufacturer made in two tiers and, in all likelihood, will now be used on other company models.

Indeed, the optics of the new BMW X7 2023-2024 look unusual for this brand and completely change the look of the car. The upper “floor” of the optics serves as a low beam and LED daytime running lights, made in an L-shape. This part of the optics rather performs a decorative function than a practical one. The main feature is placed a little lower, making the background black.

Regardless of the configuration, all optics will be LED or matrix and adaptive. The difference will be only in the very design of the “fangs” and the creation of the front bumper. The fangs themselves near the lower optics can be wider or narrower. In some trim levels, they will be completely made in the form of small holes. Another interesting point is that the optics are no longer in contact with the radiator grille, as in the previous model.

The radiator grille of the BMW X7 itself has remained the same. Large open nostrils, massive frame and vertical lines. As before, the front camera was placed at the bottom of the grille. A very unusual solution was the backlighting of the radiator grille, which now looks more attractive at night (backlighting is optional, installed for a fee). The front bumper of the BMW X7 2023 has changed the most at the bottom. Most cars have a flat base with an additional grille. In the updated BMW X7, the bumper was made in the form of a bucket, while it was supplemented with air vents in the centre.

An additional grille at the bottom turned out to be the location of all control systems. Looking at the updated BMW X7 2024 from afar, the front end has changed significantly, and it has become more strict, losing the classic style. As for the hood of the SUV, it remained the same.

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A minimum of changes fell on the side of the updated BMW X7 2023-2024. The basis for the novelty is still 20″ alloy wheels. Top-end configurations or for a separate surcharge will offer 23″ alloy wheels for the first time. The design of the wheels has not changed much, the classic versions from BMW are standard, and the full versions will receive more modern patterns.

Otherwise, the side of the BMW X7 2023 will not surprise you with anything new. There are strict lines along the body, chrome moulding at the bottom, and a classic door handle. The main difference between the models will be the side mirrors. The base and lower part of the body will be made of glossy black plastic, and the upper part will be painted to match the body’s colour. Top or sports modifications will receive the upper part of the mirror housing with a curved shape towards the A-pillar. The body colour of the BMW X7 itself will be offered in one of 14 shade options. This will include graphite grey metallic and approximately 40 shades from the BMW Individual collection.

The rear of the updated BMW X7 2023, at first glance, has not received changes. The improvements are spotty and not immediately noticed. The hind feet have undergone the most revision. Starting with the basic configuration, they will only be LED. Further, depending on the execution version, the feet can be with a black base or classic options. The basis of the refinement can be considered their C-shape, which is now tightened onto the trunk lid.

Emphasizes the rear foot horizontal chrome line, stretched almost the entire width of the trunk lid. As expected, the manufacturer decorated the very top of the trunk lid of the BMW X7 with a sports spoiler and an LED stop repeater. There was no separation.

Similar to the company’s other SUVs, the trunk lid is split into a lower and upper section, and there is also the option to open the rear window separately. With all this, the opening will be completely electric. It emphasizes this whole set of BMW X7 massive bumper. On the sides are chrome inserts and a pair of horizontal foglights. The central part of the bumper was taken under the diffuser and on the sides of the twin nozzles of the exhaust system.

The last detail on the exterior of the BMW X7 2023 is the roof. Despite the luxurious appearance, massive body and other points, the top of the SUV will not be so diverse. Here, the manufacturer installed a panorama with a sliding front and a small window for third-row passengers. The list also includes a pair of rails for mounting an additional trunk and a small shark fin antenna on the rear of the roof.

The colour of the roof will be the colour of the body and only that. According to the standard, the manufacturer does not assume any different colours (except individual cases). Speaking in general, about the exterior of the new BMW X7 2023, the car differed significantly in the front, although we are talking about a slight restyling. BMW designers tried their best to highlight the novelty among other vehicles, and they succeeded.

The Interior of the New SUV

Following the appearance, the interior of the updated BMW X7 2023 has changed quite well. The first thing that catches your eye is a curved one-piece display stretched to half the front panel. These are two separate screens placed under solid glass. The first 12.3″ screen acts as a digital instrument panel, and the second 14.9″ display is designed for the multimedia system. This whole set works based on the iDrive8 system.

The interface is familiar from the previously introduced BMW i4 electric car and the new iX. The display allows you to display the necessary data and perfectly configure the location of parts and parameters at your discretion. Previously, these were two separate screens, the first for the BMW X7 tidy, placed in a shield with a sun visor, and the second in the form of a tablet above the main part of the panel.

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The front panel of the new BMW X7 2022 has changed quite well. Many say that it has become more elegant. The upper part was decorated with natural wood inserts and a thin edging of polished aluminium or carbon. Interestingly, the central air ducts are made in the form of 4 narrow horizontal holes and a pair of joysticks, divided in the centre by a carbon fibre insert. A luminous inscription X7 appeared on the same insert, stretched from the air ducts to the passenger door. The novelty was deprived of the traditional climate control panel, placing all controls on the multimedia display. The maximum remaining is a small thin control panel for the audio system, an emergency parking button and heated windshield and rear window controls.

The central tunnel of the BMW X7 2023 between the front seats has changed minimally. As before, wireless charging, USB ports and everything else for comfort were placed behind a hidden panel at the very beginning. Further, the branded automatic transmission lever was replaced with a joystick, increasing the free space. The rest of the buttons, up to the location, remained the same, starting the engine from the controller, the multimedia control washer and even the design of the inserts on the sides of the tunnel.

A massive armrest emphasizes this whole set with a separate cover. The filling of the armrest itself will largely depend on the configuration and wishes of the buyer. The list includes heating and cooling capacity and additional USB ports for recharging. On the reverse side, the armrest will receive a control panel for passengers in the second row of seats, USB ports and other pluses for comfort.

If we talk about the interior of the BMW X7 2023, then almost nothing has changed here. Three rows of seats are made in the same layout as the previous model. The first row has good lateral support, a high back and a full range of functions for adjustment and comfort (including the massage function). The second row will be designed for three passengers, although a version with two captain’s seats may appear, no less comfortable than the first row.

The third row of seats in the BMW X7 is designed according to the standard for two seats, if necessary, can be folded, thereby increasing the luggage compartment. As for the upholstery, everything here directly depends on the configuration. In most cases, it is leather upholstery with perforated inserts. The top versions will receive a combined understanding of the skin, leather and Alcantara. Regarding the colours, you can choose from a single-colour version or a combination with firmware to match the body colour.

The last thing to consider is the driver’s seat. As already mentioned, instead of the traditional instrument panel, there will be a display to display all the necessary information. The steering wheel of the BMW X7 2023 has essentially remained the same, the same shape, with the same button layout. At the bottom, only the button for heating the steering wheel has disappeared. In conclusion, the interior of the new BMW X7 has been improved, although many say that it has lost its former glory and style, especially due to the displays. Otherwise, the designers have retained the comfort of the previous model and maximum functionality.

Specifications BMW X7 2024

Following the visible, there are fewer visible changes in the new BMW X7 2023. The main difference will be that all units will receive a mild hybrid and a 48-volt starter-generator with 12 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque. The latter, by the way, was integrated into the 8-speed automatic ZF. Thanks to this starter, it is easier for the car to accelerate in the first seconds of the start, and the Start / Stop system is also based on it, which allows you to move in traffic jams without losing fuel.

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The base unit for the new SUV will be the xDrive40i petrol variant. It was seriously modified by engineers, adding power to it. This is an in-line 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.0 litres. The current capacity of the unit is 380 horses and 520 Nm of torque. Power increased by 47 hp and maximum torque by 70 Nm. If the starter-generator is activated, the peak torque will increase to 540 Nm. Acceleration of the new BMW X7 2023 from 0 to 100 km/h takes 5.8 seconds.

The xDrive 40d diesel unit did not become particularly powerful. Its power, as before, is 340 hp. and 700 Nm of torque. If a starter-generator is connected, the power increases to 352 hp. and 720 Nm of torque. As for the modification of the M50i, the manufacturer replaced it with the M60i, although there are no changes in terms of technical characteristics. This is a well-known petrol V8, with a volume of 4.4 litres. Power is 530 hp. and 750 Nm of torque and acceleration to 100 km / h takes 4.7 seconds.

Length, mm5151
Width, mm2218
Height, mm1805
Wheel base, mm3105
Front track width, mm1684
Front track width, mm1706
Front overhang, mm874
Rear overhang, mm1172
Weight, kg2445
Fuel tank volume, l80
Trunk volume, l326 (folded second row 2120 l)
Dimensions BMW X7 2023-2024

Over time, they plan to bring the BMW XB7 Alpina to the automotive market. Under the hood, there will be a modified 4.4-litre V8 with a 639 hp. and 800 Nm of torque. The dynamics of such an SUV will be 4 seconds to 100 km / h, and the maximum speed will be 290 km / h. The main plus for all modifications of the new BMW X7 will be the Sprint function, which will make the ZF transmission shift faster. The engine and transmission will get sportier settings.

Starting with the basic configuration of the BMW X7, the manufacturer promised to install an air suspension. Top modifications will acquire active stabilizers and an adaptive steering mechanism. In the basic options, they can also be, but for a separate surcharge. The manufacturer will offer an active rear differential for the M Sport package.

Security and Comfort Systems

Following the characteristics, small changes took place in the electronic systems of the BMW X7 2022. For example, the emergency braking system was taught to recognize pedestrians, cyclists, and cars going toward traffic. The automatic parking system was expanded by introducing it to remember the last 200 meters of the distance travelled. Previously, the system could only recognize 50 meters. Other systems onboard the new 2023 BMW X7 include:

  • Full package of airbags
  • Matrix front optics
  • LED feet
  • Automatic parking system
  • Circular review
  • Recognition of pedestrians and cyclists
  • 5-zone climate control
  • Bowers & Wilkins audio system
  • Additional displays for the second and third row of seats
  • Navigation system
  • Remote control of the car using a smartphone
  • Projection display
  • Modern satellite signalling
  • Sunblinds
  • 5G mobile communication and Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Driver fatigue monitoring
  • Follow my home system.

The minimum list of what the buyer will offer in the new BMW X7 2023. As the systems appear and develop, the manufacturer will introduce them to the SUV. New techniques may work at the expense of existing ones, and in fact, they will only be modified software. The owner of the BMW X7 will not need to go to a service centre, and it is enough to select and pay for the necessary system through the multimedia system and download it onboard the SUV.

Speaking in general about the new BMW X7 2023-2024, they are very noticeable, although the car received minimal improvements. Judging from everything, it is the design of the front end that will serve as the basis for other new generations and models of the company in the future. Most likely, this is what future BMW cars will look like from the front. It remains only to wait for the official start of the new BMW X7 sales to understand what else this restyling can please the buyer fully.

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