Along with the update of the 3008, which has already become Peugeot’s best-selling car, the French firm also removes the 5008, its seven-seater older brother, with a date of arrival at dealerships for January 18.

It is another of his successful models, which in 2017 was marked as a transgender and changed its minivan body for the SUV type with which we know him today. The new version maintains the quality of interiors and ride as its best attractions, and therefore fits those who are looking for a premium model but do not want to face such a large expense as that required by brands such as BMW or Audi.

We have climbed for our test to the Peugeot 5008 2021, a perfect engine for our protagonist thanks to its sufficient strength and great savings in use since its average consumption is only 5.1 liters per hundred kilometers.


We recognize the new 5008s for soft touches that change their aesthetics in a subtle way: the key to the triviality of the changes is that Peugeot is aware that aesthetic appeal is one of the main claims of this SUV, so they have not wanted to change too much what already works, only update it.

Thus, we find a new grille without frames accompanied by new moldings on its sides, and headlights with different light signature, that is, the lights now have a new design.

From the outside, we already noticed that the 5008 are larger than the 3008: 20 centimeters more to 4.64 meters, with more wheelbase included, not only the rear overhang grows. But the main difference between the two is palpable inside, since its length allows the incorporation of one more row of seats, up to the aforementioned seven seats.

Thus, its versatility is much greater, since we gain two passengers or if we do not need it, a lot of cargo capacity. This is because the second row of seats can move up to 15 centimeters and both this and the third are foldable. The counterpart in money is not excessive at all, and is around, according to versions, the extra 1,500 euros compared to his little brother.


In the cabin, the degree of quality is high, and it fits into Peugeot’s philosophy of trying to establish itself as the “most premium generalist firm”. Soft-touch surfaces and good materials are a general note. And to this is added a very daring, original and complex design, all characteristics that make it risky, but in this sense, its success lies in the fact that it has achieved an excellent reception.

As it happens on the outside, in this very successful interior the changes are practically reduced to the growth of the dashboard screen from 8 to 10 inches, and the improvement of its contrast, that is, of its ability so that we can see it well even in the sun. It makes it more complicated for us.

Another very peculiar note of its interior is that it keeps the i-Cockpit intact, the driving position so typical of the French firm, and that it is characterized by a small steering wheel and the clocks on it, these totally digital, an arrangement that helps to the journey of our eyes from the road to such watches is very short, which redounds to safety.

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As an option, the Black Pack is available, which paints elements such as the front grille, the mirror caps, the roof bars, the 19-inch wheels, or the logos in black. Inside, it offers new shades and surfaces.


The Peugeot 5008 2021 a 1.5-liter diesel supercharged by a variable-geometry turbo, with four cylinders, which delivers such power at 3,750 laps with a torque of 300 Nm at 1,750 RPM. We have opted for it because a model of these characteristics, designed for day to day, family, and travel, it is easy for the diesel version to be profitable. The 5008 will be electrified in its next-generation, in 2023, and it is expected that they will also mark their aesthetics with greater differentiation compared to 3008.

All 5008s are front-wheel drive and deliver their power through the 8-speed automatic gearbox and torque converter.

Peugeot 5008 2021 test

As I told you in the test of the Peugeot 3008 2021 Hybrid. The 5008s have that same interior, which will seem like top segment models and totally modern in style.


The elevated driving position, the low noise level, and the softness of the damping, together with the automatic transmission, make the experience of traveling and moving in a Peugeot 5008 exceptional, and again you will feel in a premium car.

The diesel engine is not the height of refinement, but it will not spoil, much less, what has been discussed. His strength is just enough to move our protagonist with ease, and fully loaded can be somewhat fair. But its performance is excellent, which is because the delivery of the torque is really fast, the bass is fast and powerful, and therefore for conventional driving, we do not need anything else. So this is the most suitable version to save if we do many kilometers a year.

On the road, we can enjoy driving, because the chassis of the 5008 is very efficient, with great poise in big curves no matter how fast they are. But the softness of the damping, and the lack of high of the engine, do not encourage a type of sporty driving and with constant changes of support, at which time the movements of the body are high.

The new Peugeot 5008 has technologies such as adaptive cruise control, traffic signal reader, or the new Night Vision system, which will alert us on the digital panel of nearby objects or pedestrians when we need it most.

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