This is the new BMW 4 Series the sleeker coupe version of the 3-series. In this post, we are showcasing the 9 key things you need to know about it. Check out Things You Need to Know About the 2021 BMW 4 Series & M440i.


The new grille ensures the four series looks very different to the three series especially from the front. The sleeker headlamps really help it see there are LEDs a standard, and if you give them to do some extra money you can upgrade them to have laser high beam.

As well as the new face the 4 Series has lots of contrasting trim to make it seem all sparkly and new and then there’s that classic coupe a sloping roofline which makes it way sleeker than the boxy 3 Series Saloon. In fact, it’s sort of like a mini 8 Series it’s pretty tasty around the back as well though there is some deception going on you see that diffuser is fake and exhaust pipes are an exaggeration still at least there are some actual pipes in there and they’re not quite so bad on the lower level engines.


The 4 Series is just the same as a 3-series so it’s a little on the conservative side but well laid out and crafted from quality feeling materials. The 4 Series you get a bit more standard equipment to make up for the higher asking price over the 3 Series items like tri-zone climate control and an Acoustic windscreen are standard there’s also a sunroof available as an option which according to BMW is 24 millimeters longer than the one on the old car.

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The new 4 Series is a tarted-up 3 Series in a slightly more bold look. The rear track is 23 millimeters wider than on the 3 Series. The car seat 57 millimeters lower to the ground and has a 21 millimeter lower center of gravity. These things help improve the handling as does the specifically tuned suspension which is available with an adaptive setup as an option,

The extra bracing on the bulkhead and rear suspension mounts plus the lack of rear doors make the body stiffer to help boost both comfort and cornering capability.


Being a two-door coupe there getting into the rear seats is easy than in the 3-series and once back the headroom is slightly tighter for a tall person. Knee room is about the same as a 3 Series. There are only two seats in the back rather than three like you get in the 3 Series. People in the front get handed their seat belt by the lovely BMW coupe a seat belt Butler.

The boot is the same 440 liters as in the old 4 Series but the boot itself is a much square of shape so it will be easier to load and you can fold down the rear seats if you need some extra room.


The new 4 Series engine lineup kicks off with a pair of 2-liter turbo petrol with 184 horsepower in the 420i and 258 horsepower in the 430i D then there is the M440i which has a three-liter straight-six turbo with 374 horsepower and all-wheel-drive and that can go 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

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The turbo Diesel’s there is a 190 horsepower 2-liter in the 420D. 3-liter straight-six in the 430D and a twin-turbo version of the engine in the M440D which will probably be almost as quick as its petrol. If you want to go for zero-emissions you’ll need BMW i4.


The new 4 Series takes this to a new level as well as the usual welcome carpet light which illuminates the pavement. There is a bunch of different lighting colors to choose from so you can enhance the interior ambiance. The clever bit though is that if the door is open one of the strips blinks red as a warning.


The new 4 series is only available in automatic transmission with 8-speed automatic gearbox. If its more power you seek you ll want the 440i which is only available with All wheel drive.


The new 4 Series gets the same infotainment system as the 3 Series so that means it’s pretty good however, the 4 Series is the first-ever BMW to get Android auto as well as Apple car play, plus there’s a huge charging pad which can even accommodate a Samsung Galaxy Note as standard. The car gets a 9-inch central touchscreen but you can pay a bit more if you need an extra inch and you can control the infotainment system in various ways swiveling a wheel, swiping a touchpad, waving your hands.

Inputting sat-navigation is easy regardless of the way you choose to do it. There is, of course, the digital driver’s display as well which comes in 6 inches as standard but can be upgraded for the full widescreen effect. BMWs optional heads-up display is hard to beat though it is 70 percent bigger with a Harman Kardon stereo and a 360-degree camera system to supplement the standard all-round parking sensors.

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The 2021 4 Series will go on sale globally in October, and it’ll be priced from

  • 2021 4 Series will cost $46,595
  • 430i xDrive will cost $48,595
  • M440i xDrive will cost $59,495