2020 Top LED Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding

Riding your bike at night gets really tough without any light on the roads. This can also be very risky.  We have some options for your night riding. Here are the best mountain bike lights for night riding.

Hope R8+

Conquer every unknown mountain trail even in low light conditions with Hope R8+. Powerful and feature-packed light for your favorite MTB. Packed with eight powerful three LEDs, this powerful empty blight can generate an incredible 4000 lumens of brightness to cover a wide area with essential brightness to make your night ride a lot safer. With a custom blend of four spots, two diffusers, and two electrical lenses. It provides a clear brightness to make your ride convenient and efficient. This MTB light offers two power sequences each with three light levels. Allowing users to maximize power or burn time according to their need without any hassle.

It comes with a quick-release by all knit fitting handlebar mount that allows you to mount it on any of your favorite MTB bike you have and use it without any hassle. Equipped with a 9600 milliampere-hour es Leon battery pack and built-in power gouge. This led light can ensure the uninterrupted source of brightness for up to 1 hour on full power mode. If you are in the market for a light that can provide wide powerful lighting conditions for your night ride then the Hope R8+ will suit you pretty well.

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Ravemen PR1600

The Ravemen PR1600 offers excellent value for money alongside excellent performance which makes it your best choice for trail riding, road cycling, and bike travel. Equipped with 2 3 xm l2 led which provide max 1600 lumens of brightness. This lamp can cover a maximum beam distance of 150 meters. The dual-lens optical low beam of the lamp provides broad floodlight with a cut-off line for commuting. So no dazzle and glare for uncommon riders and pedestrians. Its wireless remote switch with instant max output and brightness adjustment buttons allow you to control the light very easily.

Running on built-in six thousand milliamp hour rechargeable lithium battery. The PR1600 can run for up to 24 hours in rapid flashing mode. Combined with all advanced optical and electronic technology of Ravemen lights the PR1600 might be your best choice for trail riding, road cycling, and bike travel.

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Magicshine Monteer 6500

The Monteer 6500 MTB headlight is designed for the most serious mountain biking enthusiasts, downhill racers, and those who want nothing less than a professional-grade lighting system. That can outshine the landing light on a passenger airliner. Utilizing three Cree xhp 50.2 LEDs and two cree xm l2 leads. This led light is capable of generating 6500 lumens of brightness to show you the right path in pitch black dark. With a total of 15 lighting modes, this light allows you to fully customize its lighting according to your preferences for a safer ride. Thanks to its hard-anodized aluminum casing as this light are built durable and have an ip65 rating that allows you to use it in wet conditions without any worry.

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Equipped with 6 3 500 milliampere-hour battery. This light offers a maximum burn time of up to 15 hours without even stopping to ensure uninterrupted brightness on your nitride. The power spread and color of the light emitted from the five LEDs are magically making it one of the best performing lights on our list.

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Gemini Titan 4000

The Gemini’s Titan still stands true to its name offering blisteringly bright performance in its Titan 4000 performance. And takes away our price for amazing brightness and long run time with a massive 4000 lumens of brightness from its 6-3 LEDs. This light generates enough light to show you the right path in the dark without any hassle. This light comes housed in durable aluminum and high strength polycarbonate casing. While also featuring a wireless remote for convenient control experience as you ride. It’s OLED screen clearly displays battery and mode information along with a countdown timer. So you can see exactly how much runtime you’ve got left.

Having accurate information like this makes riding in the dark much easier and you don’t need to worry about whether it’s going to conk out unannounced. Thanks to its 60w battery as this light goes on for up to two hours on a single charge. Plus you can charge your smartphone via its USB type-c port while on the move. So if you are on the market for a light with amazing brightness and long run time then the Gemini Titan 4000 will serve you pretty well.

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Niterider Lumina Dual 1800

The Lumina Dual 1800 is night rider’s brightest all-in-one unit which promises to elevate your night ride with your bike every time. Featuring two powerful three LEDs. This light emits an impressive 1800 lumens of brightness with five-level brightness settings to show you the right path even in pitch-black nights. These lights only acclimator lens distributes a smooth, widespread beam pattern to provide you the clarity you need while on the move. Its high strength DuPont fiberglass, rainforest nylon body casing, and aluminum heatsink deliver extreme abrasion and crack resistance.

While its ip64 rating delivers water and dust resistance. It’s secure on and off-road, capable handlebar, mount feeds standard and oversized 35-millimeter handlebars. And is also helmet mountable to offer you maximum versatility. With the help of its built-in lithium-ion battery, it can provide brightness for up to two hours in its high mode without even stopping. Kick your lighting into high gear with the nightrider Lumina 1800 Dual-beam front bike light. Its dual led setup has a far-reaching beam and extensive peripheral illumination to help you see and be seen.

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Exposure Six Pack MK10 Sync

If you are in the market for an MTB light that offers excellent control and packed with impressive technology then checks out the Exposure MK10 Sync. A unique and feature-packed bike light that will surely impress you. Utilizing its 6 wide XP l2 LEDs. This light is capable of generating a maximum of 3600 lumens of brightness and reflexes up to 47 and 50 lumens. So that you’ll never miss a moment well on the move. The Sync allows you to control the light with a remote switch and to make custom programs in the exposure sync app. Additionally, both helmet and handlebar lights can be simultaneously controlled with a single remote while Bluetooth connectivity.

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This light casing is made using anodized 6063 aluminum which makes it durable and comes with IP6 rating allowing you to use it in wet conditions without any worry. Packed with a massive fifteen thousand five hundred million per hour battery. This empty light can provide brightness for three to 36 hours depending on your lighting conditions. So the Exposure Six-Pack MK10 Sync offers excellent control with its impressive technology. And can definitely make your off-road ride a lot more convenient.

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Light And Motion Seca Race

Seca Race builds on the world’s most popular trail light family in a cost-effective solution. That is a reliable, durable, and features trail optimized beam pattern that is unmatched in the market. With this MTB light, you can enjoy a premium illumination from a four led array with industry-leading three LEDs. And up to two thousand lumens of output certified to the FL1 standard on any unknown trail. Its custom-engineered reflector optics diffuse flood LED to provide ultra-wide beam pattern and focus spot LEDs to maximize forward visibility. This light’s additional race mode feature enables riders to conveniently toggle between high and medium output to enhance your ride.

Made from premium materials this light is built like a tank and can handle a one-meter drop without breaking swiftly. It also has an IP67 rating which makes it waterproof and enables you to use it in wet conditions. It’s advanced electronics with custom firmware keep lumen output from sudden drops. To ensure the uninterrupted source of brightness while on the move. With its built-in 3 Cell battery, the light offers excellent backup time. So that you can finish your race in just a single charge worry-free. The Light and Motion Seca Race deliver the best overall performance and play an important role while riding.

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