2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M: All You Need to Know

his is the BMW x3m and it scoops a star brother the x4m. There seriously rapid versions of BMWs practical family SUVs. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about them. Check out 2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M: All You Need to Know.


The BMW X3 M looks like a regular X3 that’s been driven through a tuning shop window. Its angular front end seems to be modeled on a stormtrooper’s helmet. To get box wheel arches huge 20-inch alloy wheels and exhaust pipes big enough to farm mortars out. The X4 M is just as imposing but trades a little bit of practicality for the sloping roof.

2. Engine

The X3 M and X4 M unsurprisingly used the same engine and it’s also the same engine that will be used in the forthcoming n3. It’s a twin-turbocharged three-liter straight-six with 480 horsepower and 600 Newton meters of torque. It can propel these SUVs from naught to 60 miles an hour in just 4.2 seconds. If you want more performance then you need the competition pack. This increases power to 530 horsepower and cuts a really not that significant nor point one of a second of the Sprint time. However while quick this is still slower than the 3.8 seconds. It takes a 4-liter v8 am ggl c63 s to hit 60 miles an hour awkward.

3. Four-Wheel Drive

The X3 and X4 M come with a clever M X Drive four-wheel drive. There’s all about making you go seriously quickly on-road rather than to help you put a long off it. It sends most the engine power to the rear wheels with the front only being engaged. When the rears start to slip switch into M dynamic mode. Even more, slip is alive before the power goes to the front while the rear limited-slip differential means its kids are totally possible.

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4. Price

The BMW X3 M is expected to cost from around 72,000 pounds that will increase to 77,000 pounds for the X3 M competition despite offering less space. The equivalent X4 M will cost you about 2 grand more that’s still 10 grand less and you’ll pay for a Mercedes GLC 63 s.

5. Equipment

Both the X 3 M and X 4 M get plenty of standard equipment. There are BMWs connected drive sat-nav system with a 10 inch 2 screen. It can understand voice and gesture commands, avoid traffic and find a parking spot near your destination. The kit includes LED headlights or AM parking sensors, cruise control, and electrically adjustable heated leather seats. There are other colors despite this one which I’ve named gastric flu yellow.

6. Suspension

BMW has settled these hot SUV suspension systems to make sure they can go around corners like a sports saloon. As standard, they get em specific adaptive dampers that mean you can switch between comfort mode, sport mode and Sport Plus mode. Which should stop the cars leaning in the bends completely. Though in this setting it will probably also mean they bounce down a bumpy British road with all the grace of a runaway shopping cart.

7. Exhaust

If you don’t want to wake your neighbors every morning don’t worry the BMW X3 and X4 M can start in quiet mode. These SUVs will oblige as you go through Sport and Sport Plus settings. The noise increases from the exhaust systems like an approaching thunderstorm. If you want the full Huracan you can get an uprated and louder M sports exhaust system. Which according to BMWs press release produces a soon Reus timbre.

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8. Practicality

The BMW x3 and x4 air might have the acceleration of a solid-state rocket. They combined this performance with the practicality you’d expect of an SUV. There’s loads of room upfront and even the X4 M sloping roof won’t stop most adults from getting comfortable in the back. The X4 m’s coupe alike appearance does mean it’s 500-liter boot is also marginally smaller than the 550-liter capacity you get in the X3 M. Both cars are easy to load and have plenty of space for a few suitcases.

9. Bracing

BMW hasn’t just fitted these hot SUVs with sports suspension. Hope for the best both models come with structural reinforcement to cope with the explosive force under their bonnets. There’s a strut brace in the boot floor more bracing in the bulkhead behind the engine. Another brace between the front suspension towers to stop them wobbling like Bambi’s legs under fast changes of the direction.

10. Brakes

The X3 and X4 M aren’t just quick in a straight line should stop quickly – because they come with M compound brakes. As standard upfront, you get four-piston calipers that clamp 15 inch drilled and ventilated discs.

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