20 Wonderful Updos for Medium Hair To Look More Attractive

20 Wonderful Updos for Medium Hair To Look More Attractive

Have you managed to grow your hair below your shoulders, and are you ready for bold and daring experiments? Well, high hairstyles for medium hair will allow you to bring your hairdressing talent to life. Watch our master class and learn new and stylish styling.

Did you know that updos are back in fashion? What else can show the world your facial features and the grace of your neck? And that means it’s time to learn some styling that you can do yourself! And we will help you with this!

In the new season, fashion stylists gave free rein to their imagination, beating the theme of the usual tails and buns in a deliberately theatrical manner. Instead of the classic ponytail on the catwalks, a jewelled bottom: a bright variation on this theme can be seen at the Versace spring-summer show. To give volume to low ponytails, which this season are slowly replacing, stylists complement hairstyles with voluminous bouffants in the crown area. This exciting innovation transforms the usual smooth styling into high ones.

The first thing to focus on is the nature of the event for which the bow is being created. So, for example, complexly designed hairstyles with an art bias are suitable for evening social events, “calm”, but stylish tails and buns will be more appropriate for the office. A date is a great occasion to try on a fashionable low ponytail with a frontal fleece.

Another important point when choosing a hairstyle is the face and its shape. Most lucky women with a classic oval: everything suits them. Chubby ladies should avoid traditional high beams (fat), square-faced ladies should refrain from complex art styling in the spirit of Marie Antoinette (due to their square shape, styling can emphasize the angularity of features).


  1. Divide your hair in two diagonally.
  2. Tie the area at the back with an elastic band and make a small pile from the inside.
  3. Gather a bulky bundle.
  4. Wrap the resulting bundle with the front strand, hiding the tips under the structure.

Curly tail

  1. Wind the strands on curlers or tongs.
  2. Collect the resulting curls in a ponytail at the back of the head.
  3. Fix with varnish.

French bun

  1. Straighten clean and dry hair with an iron, treat with foam.
  2. Separate the parietal strand (approximately 1/3 of the total volume of hair) and comb it.
  3. Gather the tail, keeping the book in front.
  4. Create a flagellum from the bottom.
  5. Lay the resulting tourniquet in the form of a loop, and then fix the result with hairpins and varnish.

Retro style

  1. Clean, dry hair with foam and part with a side part.
  2. Separate a small strand (3-4 cm) from the face and wind it around the curling iron so that you get a tight curl.
  3. Fix the resulting twisted strand with invisibility near the front.
  4. Roll the rest of your hair into curlers and gather it up into a ponytail.
  5. In the end, use varnish and (if desired) decorate the styling with jewellery or jewellery.

With weaves

  1. Comb dry hair using a styling product.
  2. Break the hair into strands and braid each into a pigtail (flagellum).
  3. Gather the resulting flagella into a bundle using hairpins and varnish.

Sloppy bun

  1. Separate 1/3 of the hair in the crown area and, using hairpins, collect them in a bun.
  2. Straighten the remaining loose hair or, conversely, curl it slightly.
  3. Fix with varnish.

With elastic band

  1. Comb and fix the headband in a hippie style.
  2. Dividing the curls into small fragments alternately wrap them up under the tape, maintaining volume and not overtightening the styling. If length allows, you can wrap each section around the rim several times.
  3. Use a fixative.

Bundle of two braids

  1. We comb and collect hair in a high tail at the crown.
  2. We divide it into two parts.
  3. We braid each part into a pigtail, stepping back from the base of the tail a few centimetres. We tie the ends with silicone rubber bands.
  4. We twist the braids around the elastic band, hiding the tips inside. We fix the beam with hairpins.

Three braid hairstyle

  1. We comb and collect hair in a ponytail at the back of the head.
  2. We divide it into three equal parts. We braid each of them in a braid.
  3. We stretch the pigtails with our hands, giving them a free look.
  4. We lay the braids in the form of arbitrary loops, fixing the ends with hairpins.
  5. We decorate with a flower or a beautiful hairpin.

Side ponytail

  1. Separate the front strand, lightly comb it, and pin it at the forehead.
  2. Gather the remaining curls into a side ponytail.
  3. Fix with varnish.

Stylish bottom ponytail with raised crown

  1. Divide the clean and dry strands treated with styling agent in two: leave the first, less voluminous part, and tie the second zone in the back into a ponytail from below.
  2. Go back to the front area and tease it.
  3. Wrap the base of the tail with strands from the frontal area fix it.


Comb your hair and tease your roots a little. Make a high ponytail and wrap its tip forward, passing it under the elastic. Straighten the resulting bundle, and cover the free ends of the hair around. Ready! By the way, this is not the only option for a high beam!


Wash your hair and dry your hair in the usual way. Divide the shock into two parts with a horizontal parting, and then comb the lower part first, then the upper one.


Do you think you’ll never do that again? It turns out that everything is simple!

Braid Bun

Creating such a trendy and lovely haircut is simple. Lightly comb your freshly washed hair, smooth it with your fingers, then secure it in a high ponytail with a tight elastic band.

French beam

You can use the usually invisible hairpins to fix a high French beam. Some hairdressers advise girls to use an ordinary large needle and thread, the colour of which can completely repeat the shade of the hair or be golden or silver.

High ponytail

Comb lightly soiled curls carefully and collect in a high ponytail. Direct it to the forehead, securely fixing it with invisibility. Then comb the remaining mass back to the back of the head.

Fleece and braids

Any girl can handle the creation of a feminine, original image. If you are learning to braid, this way, you can easily style your medium length hair.

Light romantic bun

Your partner will notice if you undergo such a metamorphosis. Laying is also beneficial when you have a date with an unknown but beautiful man you have already selected a lifemate.

Babette in retro style

The central embellishment of any formal outfit will be a lovely and very elegant hairdo in the style of the 1960s.

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