20 Updos for Long Hair That Glam Your Look

Long hair has always been the pride of girls. But it can be challenging to choose light and simple hairstyles for long hair and look for something new for your hair, other than a ponytail and a boring pigtail?

A high hairstyle is an unconditional symbol of sophistication and elegance, which has not lost relevance for many decades. Even though hairdressing trends are changing rapidly with each season, new, trendy haircuts and original styling appear, high hairstyles do not give up their positions, remaining one of the most popular options for the fair sex of all ages.

Some women categorically do not fit a high hairstyle on long hair. It is due to the peculiarity of their face’s structure or the curls’ design. In such situations, girls do not need to create ideally “licked” high hairstyles on themselves.

A beautiful high hairstyle is ideal for both a special occasion and everyday use. Such styling completely opens the face, emphasizes the sophistication of their features, gives the image elegance and sophistication. Of course, the main difficulty of high hairstyles is that to create them, and you will need to grow curls of at least medium length – on hair that is shorter than shoulders, you will not be able to make a classic updo without a significant share of hairdressing skills.

Our photo gallery with instructions for hairstyles for long hair will help you choose. It presents the perfect hairstyles for long hair at home. Moreover, you will find options for hairstyles for work, a business meeting, or evening hairstyles for a date.


  • We comb the strands with a comb and shake them with our hands.
  • We collect all the hair in hand.
  • We twist it tightly in the back of the head, giving the styling a shell look.
  • We fix the base of the shell well with the help of hairpins.

Casual high bun

  • We comb and curl the ends with a curling iron.
  • Comb the curls with your hands.
  • We tie an elevated tail.
  • We smooth the hair on the head and sprinkle it with varnish.
  • Divide the bottom into two parts and tie them into one or more knots.
  • We fix the result with hairpins.

High hair styling

  • Separate a strand of hair near the forehead.
  • We make a light pile on it.
  • We lift this strand at the roots and fix it with a couple of invisible ones.
  • We braid the remaining hair in two braids.
  • We wrap each of them around our fleece. We select the ends with the help of invisibility.

Wonderful hair bow

  • We comb the hair against its growth. Beat with hands to add volume.
  • We tie a tight ponytail at the very top but do not pull out its tip but leave it under the elastic band.
  • We divide the beam into two identical parts.
  • We throw the direction of the tailback, forming the middle of our bow. We fix it invisible.

Updo hairstyle in retro style

  • We make a light pile all over the hair.
  • Tie the hair into a high ponytail.
  • Raise it up and gently twist it into a roller towards the face.
  • We fix the roller on both sides with the help of stealth or hairpins.
  • We straighten the roller with our hands and select the hairstyle with varnish.
  • We decorate the head with a tiara, headband, or another accessory.
  • If you have long bangs, style them to the side. Alternatively, tie a bright scarf around your head.

Babette for long hair

  • We wash our hair with shampoo and dry our hair with a hairdryer.
  • Apply mousse to the strands and make a light pile.
  • We make a tail at the back of the head and tie it with rubber bands in two places.


Modern stylists recommend that ladies with a broad and large forehead wear various bangs. Now you can afford everything your heart desires – from stylish asymmetry to thick classics. She can balance facial features and make them as harmonious and feminine as possible.

Hair accent

The easiest and fastest way to style long hair is to add a slight braid accent on a separate strand. This not-strict hairstyle for long hair is done in 5 minutes and will last all day.

Braided Tail

The braided tail technique at the initial stage resembles a waterfall braid, which you will see below in the photo.

Fishtail braid

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair are, no doubt, braids. At the same time, you spend a little time weaving braids, and the result is mesmerizing. Of course, it’s easier for you to braid a braid by slightly shifting it to the side and stretching out individual strands.

Twisted curls

It must be collected in a high tail and fixed with light or medium-hold hairspray. The strands from the bottom are subdivided into 2-3 strands, which are twisted with flagella around the base of the tail. Each strand is carefully fixed with invisibility.

Voluminous bunch

The finished Babette can be slightly messy with your hands to get a lush, voluminous bunch. You can decorate the finished hairstyle with a flower-shaped hairpin, a beautiful headband, or other decorative ornaments.

Light romantic bun

All of the hair is combed gently, and the strands’ ends are curled with a curling iron before being delicately smoothed with fingertips.

Exquisite braid bun

Creating such a fashionable and particularly appealing haircut is relatively easy. Lightly comb your freshly washed hair, smooth it with your fingers, then secure it in a high ponytail with a tight elastic band.

Curls to the waist

To date, there are a large number of styling for long hair, which are successfully used by modern fashionistas to create a solemn image. They can hide the “outstanding” facial flaws and emphasize such virtues as expressive eyes or plump lips.

Romantic side braid

This side braid combines several styles at the same time. It is a great prom hairstyle for long hair. And also, the hairstyle is suitable for those who grow long bangs.

Classic French twist

This unjustifiably forgotten hairstyle for long hair can be versatile for different occasions. First of all, the classic French twist is also called the “shell” and is excellent as a hairstyle for medium hair.

Bundle with a tourniquet

High hairstyles for long hair are not complete without all kinds of bunches – practical, comfortable, and easy to perform. Here is one of those options.

High wedding hairstyles

A high updo is perfect for wearing a beautiful wedding tiara or veil. The high style will be the outstanding feature of an attractive wedding appearance, regardless of how long the bride’s hair is, whether it has bangs or shape.

Elegant bun entwined with a fishtail

A practical beam has not lost its position for many seasons—an excellent option for hairstyles with long hair at home. In addition, due to the length of the hair, you can achieve a larger volume of the beam without the use of a large hairband.

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