20 Trendiest Hairstyles For Square Faces

20 Trendiest Hairstyles For Square Faces

There are several face types: oval, round, heart-shaped, and elongated, but then we will talk about the square type of face, and we will also consider haircuts and hairstyles for an honest look. A square-shaped face is straightforward to calculate. Its distinguishing trait is that the cheekbones, lower jaw, and forehead are all the same size.

People with a square face type often suffer when choosing a hairstyle, mainly falling into the hands of a “poor-quality” specialist. Even though it is not easy to select an image for such data, a competent master will cope with such a task.

First of all, when creating or inventing hairstyles for a square type of face, the master strives to soften the features of the chin and cheekbones, which are very often pronounced, which makes them look rough. Among the hairstyles that can help make a square face more refined is the bob, which will give it a round shape. Also, the cascade handles this function well. Photos of these haircuts can be seen below.

You should not choose a haircut that is too short, since in this case, the face will open up a lot, and all the flaws will be noticeable. If, nevertheless, the hair is of short length, then it is better to give them volume and perhaps achieve some mess in the hairstyle.


In particular, stylists advise starting with this type of haircut for a square face. A classic, layered bob will accentuate your cheekbones beautifully, which will benefit your face.


It can be performed on your hair if you do not lose the main length. Thanks to the multi-stage technique of cutting the strands that frame your face, the wide jaw is visually hidden, and the forehead also expands.

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It is suitable for short hair and goes well with a square face type. Garcon can go both with bangs and without it. Here, the main thing is a small volume created thanks to a particular execution technique.


Haircut cascade can give your hair more volume, which will help visually stretch it. And if you use a haircut with brushing, the hair will lay down more obediently and smoothly.

Soft curls

Soft curls are perfect for owners of angular appearance features – curl curls with a curling iron or curlers. Lush curls can even compensate for the lack of a bang, letting the front strands fall along the edges of the face, correcting a broad forehead and a massive jaw.

Greek braid

You can curl the hair of short or medium length. It is also possible to form curls, a lush bun, or braid a Greek braid on long hair. Girls with a square face look very good with high hairstyles, but at the same time, they should be light, lush, somewhat careless.

Shaggy Bob

This shaggy Bob looks very feminine, but you need to be careful when styling it. The top of the hairstyle is fluffy and layered, while the bottom part is neat and light.

Graceful Bob

This neat and graceful Bob will make even the owners of oval faces jealous. This Bob is great for girls with straight hair and requires little to no maintenance.

Side parting

If, with a side parting, the hairstyle loses its neat shape, take advantage of this and style the strands deliberately carelessly.

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Curtain bangs

You can try on a long bang-curtain to the middle of the cheek, and it also needs to be milled and worn abundantly, separating it with a side parting.

Volumetric curls

This haircut for thick hair uses volume, waves, and deep layers to hide a square face shape. The beautiful hair falls right down to the cheekbones and hides sharp angles, giving the illusion of a more oval facial contour.

Elongated caret

An elongated bob is one of the best options for a woman with a square face. The slanted lower cut of the hair softens the chin line.

Glossy Cascade

The long, glossy hair strands on the sides are perfect for a square face shape. This Cascade breaks up the square contour of the face, while the side parting draws attention to the eyes and lips.

Asymmetrical Bob

The side part and asymmetrical Bob are a stunning haircut for a square face shape. Since one side of the hair ends below the jawline and the other side falls even lower, this cut completely changes the visual perception of the angular jawline.

Voluminous Crown

Style your hair at the crown and crown, lifting it at the roots to create volume. The volume at the top of the hair will further stretch the face.

Long structured waves

It is a beautiful layered haircut for long hair, which has layers that frame the face, starting from the cheekbones. Waves on the sides soften the look of a square face.

Hipster knot at the crown

This hairstyle instantly elongates your face. Although it works well on medium-length hair, it still looks better with long strands.

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Short Bob with thin bangs

Hairstyles with long thin bangs are perfect for women with square faces. They work wonders for a more oval face, but only when paired with a short bob.

Oblique elongated bangs

The ideal solution would be oblique elongated bangs, cut with feathers, slimming asymmetry, and thinned tips to make the hairstyle easy.

Layering to create volume

This technique will help create smooth lines and smooth out the angularity of the appearance. In addition, layering makes the hair visually thicker and styling more natural.

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