20 Stylish Bob Haircuts For Women

Bob haircut for medium hair: beauty, convenience, and variety in one bottle! Has medium hair ceased to amaze? Take and cut them off – too radical? Appetizing cheeks or ascetic thinness – no need to puzzle over how to “play” on your features in such a way as to admire yourself: a bob haircut for medium hair will help you appear in a new brilliant role. And here, straight and naturally curly hair will look great.

Although a medium bob haircut (length just above the shoulders and below) may look very similar to a bob, it has a fundamental difference in technique. The latter represents a strict person to the world: this mood is created by clear-cut lines. The original version of the caret is designed for an equal length of hair over the entire head, and a straight, thick bang compensates for the absence of shortened strands on the back of the head.

It is not the case with the bob format: graduation and layering allow you to create an image that perfectly fits a woman’s natural features. And the diversity of this haircut will help her be different from day to day at a minimal cost.

A bob haircut for medium hair can be a real salvation for thin and split strands. Graduation will create volume and give a well-groomed look to a hairstyle with such natural data. Too thick and heavy curls will gain lightness and shape with the help of the same tool. Working with the ends of your hair with thinning scissors will help coarse and thick hair create the illusion of suppleness and softness.

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Bob is a simple haircut to genius, with impeccable lines volume. The bob haircut has been a trend in recent years, with fashionable oblique or asymmetrical bangs and the classic version.


The more layered the hairstyle is, the more effortless and casual it can create. Curls will add romance and oblique strands – youth.


Even with a minimum of graduation (straight version), a long bob haircut will look great on both thick and thin strands. And naturally wavy hair will add deliberate negligence to the hairstyle.


Asymmetry – different lengths of strands on one and the other side of the face – requires a clear cut, which is impossible to ensure on a head decorated with curls.

With a bang

Perfectly smooth and straight strands will help give the image restraint if you choose a bob haircut for long hair with bangs.

Messy bob

Asymmetry, light chaos, creative mess – all this was in vogue last year and remained in trend this year. Grunge hairstyles are always stylish, modern, and unusual.

Ombre bob

We offer a super solution- ombre- for those who have not decided what color is best for a bob haircut. This type of coloring perfectly emphasizes a legged bob haircut or a classic bob haircut.

Classic bob

Clear lines define the sleek, classic bob: the raised crown is complemented by a straight bottom cut and subtle or no elongation from the back of the head to the face.

Ragged bob

Torn strands add dynamics to the image: try this option for yourself, and you will feel how the weight of the past years goes away with the cut strands.

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Voluminous bob

But a medium-length bob haircut is versatile, which means it is ideal for thin and curly hair. A voluminous bob looks especially good on medium hair.

Wavy long bob

An excellent idea for a stylish and straightforward summer styling, perfect for meeting friends and going out on a sunny weekend. The thoughtful carelessness of this hairstyle will allow you not to worry about the wind, sun, or other factors.

Smooth bob

Their length will become the “starting point” for creating the silhouette of the hairstyle as a whole. Smooth, feminine length differences and a subtly cropped occipital zone are perfectly combined with luxurious asymmetrical bangs.

Elongated bob

Even without a bang, an elongated bob can work wonders with a round or square face shape. Visually, stretching is due to the side strands. An oblique bang comes to the rescue.

Graduated caret

A bob with graduation, even without styling, will be the best option for thin, even hair, giving them volume. In the coming season, a trapezoid silhouette is recommended for this haircut.

Bean on the leg

The back of the head always looks elegant in such a hairstyle. How exactly to arrange it – your master hairdresser will best advise you. It looks feminine and stylish, shortened and trimmed with a neat toe – the so-called bean on the leg.

Straight bangs

The perfect combination of medium hair with bangs straight to the eyebrows is a strict conservatism that emphasizes the shape of the face.

Textured and Cascading

Textured and cascading hairstyles are the most fashionable take on the versatile bob. Cascading, thinning, or grading the ends of the hair allows you to create additional volume, which is extremely important for thin hair. 

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Shaved neck and temples

A modest bob will become extraordinary ultra-modern if you shave whiskey and make a short nape in a classic haircut.

Asymmetric oblique bangs

It is used in bob haircuts and cascade in varieties of the classic bob. With the help of oblique bangs on medium hair, you can create various images.

Creatively layered bangs

You are tired of thick straight bangs or just do not fit, and you can make a light bang and profile its middle part. It will need to be divided into separate, slightly careless strands when laying.

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