20 Perfect Face Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

If you underestimate its benefits, this is no reason to be upset. Some hairstyles look much better if you do not have full hair, for example, a stylish bob, pixie and a regular ladder.

You can try to concentrate your fine hair a bit with the help of unique products, or you can get a haircut that will allow you to easily create volume when styling and look spectacular, despite the hair structure. If you do not know what hairstyle to do for thin hair, get inspired by the options below. Most of them are suitable for every day and will not require much hassle. With them, your hair will look lush and well-groomed.

Owners of thin hair are well aware of how difficult it is to “build” a fashionable hairstyle on their heads, and even more so to keep it in proper shape until the evening. Thin hair is usually very soft, complex to style and does not hold volume. A properly selected haircut will allow you to “beat” thin strands and visually add spectacular splendour to your hair.

You can find many photos of hairstyles for thin hair on the Web, but not every look is right for you. When choosing a haircut model, you need to consider the features of the shape of the face, determine the strengths, and focus on them.

A considerable length strongly emphasizes the delicate structure of thin and sparse hair, and shortened versions visually thicken the strands and look more impressive. Many styling products make the hair very heavy, so the chosen haircut “must lie” well, even without daily styling.


An excellent choice for thin hair is a long length bob or bob haircut. The thickness of your hair, the stylists of the Bianca-Lux beauty salon, will select the most suitable fashion version of this popular haircut for your case.


The classic fairy looks incredibly stylish, and this is an excellent idea for hairstyles for thin hair with bangs. Significantly if the back of the head is neatly cut, and the bangs, on the contrary, are released a little longer.


Stunning volume to your hair will give small curls. A romantic puppet look is not suitable for every day, but it’s perfect for a date or a party—a spectacular hairstyle for thin hair.


It is a very suitable hairstyle for thin hair. You will need a hairdryer and a round brush to style the bob. And with the help of curlers or curling irons, you will get soft or elastic curls and even Hollywood waves.


This hairstyle is analogous to the cascade, but only the visual volume is created by stepwise cutting the strands near the face.


Fine hair cut in a straight cut will certainly look thicker, regardless of the type of haircut and styling.


When looking at photos of hairstyles for medium thin hair, the cascade always catches the eye because, with it, the hair does not look liquid at all.

Long bob

And again, extra-fashionable bob! This hairstyle is really at the height of fashion thanks to such stars of show business as Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.

Long pixie

This haircut in itself looks very magnificent and stylish if part of the hair is removed behind the ear. It is a great hairstyle for a woman.

Short bean

A very bold cropped bob visually expands the face suits the owners of chiselled cheekbones. Bob “came out to the masses” from the red carpet, where Hollywood divas first tried him on.

Light waves

Light waves will suit you even if you are looking for simple hairstyles for thin hair. The image is refreshing, but it does not take long to create it.


A professionally done haircut with graduation looks great on thin hair. The main thing is to choose the right type of graduation and the shape and length of the haircut, taking into account the texture and density of the hair.

Ragged ends

Shaggy haircuts are all the rage and look best on fine hair, so this is a great hairstyle idea for medium fine hair for women.

Ragged caret

If you are looking for hairstyles for thin hair without bangs, check out this one. A careless “torn” bob just above the shoulders, hair of the same length, natural balayage – feel free to bet on this particular haircut.

Massive bangs

Hairstyles with long massive bangs, made with an even blunt cut, will give the impression of thicker and thicker hair than they are.

Elongated caret

An ideal and very feminine option is a long caret. It needs to be slightly raised, and let the strands in the front frame the face beautifully.

Textured haircuts

Suppose you love graduated short haircuts and they suit you. In that case, you are fortunate, as thin and obedient hair allows you to endlessly experiment with various fashionable options for short haircuts and styling.

Asymmetrical bob

It is a great hairstyle for a round face on thin hair, as asymmetry will add lightness to the image, and vertical bob lines will help to lengthen the face visually.

Cascade with bangs

Fine hair becomes incredibly selective when it barely grows below the chin. Therefore, you can revive medium-length curls in a cascade with expressive bangs.

Voluminous hairstyles

A daily bouffant procedure is not recommended for thin hair, so save the bouffant for evening outings. In everyday life, replace it with unique styling products to create basal volume and good brand hairspray.

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