20 Most Elegant Short Hair Wedding Styles

20 Most Elegant Short Hair Wedding Styles

Almost every woman wishes for healthy hair. Unfortunately, not all girls are gifted with healthy hair. However, short haircuts are convenient in daily care, but, despite their length, you can excitingly style the haircut. So styling on short hair adds even more style and elegance to the image.

The wedding season in hairdressing salons was characterized by elegant hairstyles that emphasized naturalness and feminine beauty.

Of course, long hair gives a lot more options when creating wedding hairstyle, but today we can use classic styling methods and modern trends popular among hairdressers this season. Short-haired girls no longer need to follow the fashion for smoothly combed styling.

This season is replete with wedding hairstyles for short hair, which exude naturalness, romance, grace, and the highest class. You should adequately coordinate hairstyles for women with short hair with the style of the accessories: in this case, the traditional veil is replaced by hair ornaments such as decorative pinscombs with Swarovski stoneshairpins with flowers or veils. Refined accessories emphasize the bride’s beauty and draw attention to the haircut.

If you have straight or wavy short hair, decorate it with a white or shiny decorative accent in the form of a hairpin. Of course, this will draw wedding guests’ attention to the bride’s image.


First, let’s look at wedding hairstyles for round faces. This bob haircut is one of the most versatile short hair for a wedding. The length is just enough to create curls with a wavy texture.


In some cases, you can make bangs. However, remember that bangs are not suitable for every face shape. You can style your short hair with an iron or curlers if your hair doesn’t curl. Add a beautiful hair ornament, and you will look even more feminine and majestic.


In wedding fashion, retro style is gaining more and more popularity every year, and short hair does not interfere with creating an original retro look.


The Greek-style hairstyle remains an unchanged trend of recent years, which is easy to do on short strands. The styling is supplemented with an elastic band, a decorative braid, a rim, or a hoop with fresh flowers.

With a bang

A haircut with bangs will help to hide a high forehead. An excellent option would be an asymmetrical or smooth styling, as well as a Babette. Chubby brides are advised to lay the bangs to one side and create a small volume at the back of the head.

Flower crowns

Curly hair and a wreath of daisies create pure sunshine for a summer wedding. The flower crown instantly transforms ordinary fluff into a boho-chic bridal hairstyle for short hair.

French knot

The French knot and flowers make this bridal hairstyle worth copying.

Playful curls

To create them on short hair, use large curlers or a styler.

Waterfall Curls

A bridal hairstyle like this, with curls flowing like a waterfall, looks excellent. A severe hairstyle like this looks classy for a wedding.

Wedding veils

A delicate mesh attached to the side will complement the retro look. A white veil in combination with gloves gives a mysterious and aristocratic look. Strict, strong-willed girls with a sense of style prefer veils.

Wedding hoops

Hoop in the form of a twig looks modest but, at the same time, bohemian. A stylish but straightforward headband decorated with large flowers immediately catches the eye.

Wedding bun

If you want to look strict and elegant at your wedding, you can collect your hair in a bun. But for this, the length of the curls must be at least up to the shoulders.

Wedding bundle

A voluminous bun with other weaving is only possible for a master. A bun decorated with curls looks very cute and playful. A slightly careless bun will add eccentricity and carelessness to the bride.

A bunch of waves

A wave bun at the back makes this stylish bridal hairstyle worthy of emulation.

Full length sideways

This original wedding hairstyle is worth copying, gathering all the hair to one side.

Wedding hairstyles for short curly hair

You can add gold embellishment to your short and curly hair. If you find it hard to add shine to your hair, add a good embellishment and see the real magic.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair for blondes

This bride styled her hair first with regular hair products and then added an accessorized headband to give her a natural look.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair for brunettes

First, divide the hair into strands, braid them, and then fix the decoration in a branch on the hair. Do not fasten the braids with anything.

White flower stands out on dark hair

Flowers all over the head look playful but, at the same time, romantic. A hairpin in the form of a feather emphasizes tenderness and vulnerability.

The massive artificial flower attracts attention

If you decorate your hair with a flower that matches a bouquet, it will look very stylish and elegant.

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