20 Messy Bob Hairstyles In Trend 2022

20 Messy Bob Hairstyles In Trend 2022

Easy and stylish, messy hairstyles continue to be a popular trend worldwide. If you’re tired of doing your hair, tousled women’s hair can create a casual look that you can wear anywhere. Versatile and low maintenance, this women’s style works well with long, medium, and short hair. Connect the tousled hair at the top with a cone or undercut at the sides and back. And while some people might think that messy hair is all it takes to keep your hair in a mess, the truth is that a trendy messy hairstyle takes some effort; it’s all about making your tousled hair look casual and casual.

To inspire you to create messy hair, you’ll want to check out the best messy hairstyles for women right now! From messy fade haircuts to sexy messy haircuts for straight, wavy, or curly hair, these cuts and styles will have women swooning for you wherever you go.

Soft and intricate buns, Malvina, and tight tails are what will save the day in the morning if you don’t have time to wash your hair. To remove excess oil from the hair and add volume, use dry shampoo and a small comb for backcombing.

If you want to achieve smoothness, arm yourself with hair gel or fluid to add shine. Please do not overdo it: apply a small amount of the product to a comb with frequent teeth and run through the hair. To give more volume to the hairstyle, you can release a couple of strands in front.


For the past few years, the bob, bob, and forehead (elongated bob) have constantly replaced each other. “The bean has many varieties for every taste.


This haircut appeared back in trend and has been popular among women ever since. This hairstyle is worn by people who constantly have a spirit of rebellion.


For more than a season, bangs have been relevant, and they continue to gain popularity. Bangs are the universal and fastest way to change. The most fashionable option for spring is ultra-short bangs.


The first haircut under this name was made by a stylist from Milan, Arlando Tossi. It appeared in the mid-80s and has not lost its popularity.


A popular layered hairstyle is the Cascade haircut. It suits every type of face oval. Haircuts cascade are ideal for women with thin and sparse hair of medium length.


In this technique, many layers are created, starting from the crown. As a result, a fluffy hat will appear—a relevant hairstyle style for women with thin and sparse hair.

Dirty fringe

The messy fringe hairstyle is still a strong men’s fashion worldwide. As one of the most popular short haircuts for guys, messy bangs are usually paired with faded or undercut sides.

Ultra short

The general trend now is to cut the hair shorter. That is, those who already had a bob this year will want an even shorter haircut, for example, a fairy.


The trick to getting significant volume is cutting through the inner layers. It turns out a sort of likeness of a lion’s mane with strands superimposed on top.

Double tail

This haircut includes a combination of bob and haircuts with elongated strands. The upper part of the hair is cut in the form of a hat, and the lower curls remain long along the shoulder line.

Beach curls

With a texturizing spray, you can create an imitation of beach curls, and with a light styling gel, you can make the effect of wet strands. Both do not require a cleanly washed head but look amazing.

Messy bun

We build a high tail. We do not fix it with an elastic band and then divide the bottom into two equal parts and twist it into a knot along the entire length. Fix both ends of the twisted bundles.

With a bang

Bangs will complement the haircut. Perform it obliquely, in a torn style, or graduated. But most often, with this haircut, bangs are not used.

Short Messy Hair

Short and tousled hair is the best option for guys who want a textured hairstyle without constant maintenance. In addition, it is suitable for men with all types of hair, including thick, thin, wavy, and curly.

Curly Messy Hair

Curly, tousled hair and headboard hairstyles have a lot in common in that they should appear light and untouched. However, curls are difficult to tame, which means patience is required.

Wavy Messy Hair

If you want to add some flair to your stylish look, messy wavy hairstyles are a simple and easy way to style your hair. Women with wavy hair love the unique texture that adds volume and smoothness.

Messy Textured Hair

Messy textured hair has become one of the best styles for men right now. Desirable and easily created textured hairstyles give a healthy shine and natural look. Guys can add texture to any trendy haircut to thicken the hair and create a fuller look.

High bun on loose hair

An ultra lazy hairstyle that is perfect for girls with medium-length hair. Apply a little dry shampoo to your hair, spread it through it, then take the bangs section and twist it into a loose bun.

Messy hairstyles for thick hair

Messy hairstyles for women with thick hair offer an alternative besides combing them all the time. If you have comprehensive, wide, and robust hair, apply matte wax to the roots and middle of your hair to add volume.

Hair knot

As you can see, it is pretty easy to do:

  • Put your hair back.
  • Divide it into two parts.
  • Tie them together.
  • Tie the free strands again into a knot.
  • Take a shorter strand.
  • Slightly release it from the knot and secure it with invisibility.
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