20: Men’s Hairstyles For Thin Hair To Look Smart 2022

Men's Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Despite the prevailing stereo types, a man with thin hair today has every opportunity to look as stylish and well-groomed as possible. The same can be said about those representatives of the stronger sex, whose hair does not differ in ideal density. By giving the right shape to thinning hair, you can divert attention from the problem itself and add maximum masculinity to the image.

Choosing a haircut for men is not an easy task. There are many nuances to consider: style, lifestyle, face shape, hair type. The structure of the strands largely determines the features of the implementation of a particular hairstyle. Men’s haircuts deliver most hairdressers’ problems for thin, thin hair. If thick hair allows you to experiment with different types of haircuts, then for soft, wavy and straight thin strands, there are much fewer options.

Thin and thin hair can be due to malfunctions of the body, bad habits or heredity. But the hairdressing skill can solve almost any problem, so this type of hair owner should not despair. By choosing the right haircut, you can visually add volume to your hair and even create the illusion of density.

A good hairdresser will cut and style a man’s hair based on the hairline structure. Due to genetic characteristics or health problems, they can thin them, and both require a different approach. Universal men’s haircuts for thin hair are considered short, as they are suitable for most people, but there are exceptions. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at medium and long hairstyles, focusing on age, face type and lifestyle.

Two methods help to hide the lack of hair volume – graduation and thinning. Cascade shearing is also used. All of these methods are based on creating uneven lengths. Bangs are an interesting detail that helps distract attention from the lack of volume of male hair. It can be asymmetrical or torn, less often – straight, since this is not the most suitable option for thin strands. It is important to get your hair cut correctly and master styling wisdom. So, thin curls look well-groomed and stylish if the parting is not done in the middle but on the left or right.

Men’s haircuts for long thin hair

Strands of medium length in men reach the chin and go down below. They look perfect on those with a wide face, making it visually more accurate. It is believed that this option is better for thick hair, but thanks to some tricks of cutting and styling, this image can give a unique charm.

Possible long strand hairstyles:

  • Graphic (diamond-shaped) shape with an emphasis on different lengths;
  • Highlighting with the effect of curls scorched in the sun is an impeccable solution for a stylish and self-confident young and middle-aged man;
  • Perm – a great way for thin hair that does not keep its shape – structuring curls with the help of special bobbins or curlers – “boomerangs”;
  • Dreadlocks are an ancient form of hair wearing, which has gained relevance today in the form of a variety of braided braids.
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Here are some hairstyles for thin hair:


Men’s hairstyle semi-box for liquid hair is universal: it is equally well combined with a sporty and classic style. The strands are shortened on the sides and the back of the head, and on the crown, they are of medium length. Thanks to the smooth transition, the haircut looks neat and stylish.

Graduated square

The ends are cut with straight scissors. The length of the hairstyle reaches the chin. The haircut is suitable for men whose hair is soft and slightly curly. Styling options are possible: the strands are combed back or folded to one side, separated by asymmetrical parting. You do not have to style rare curls, but leave them falling freely.


This is one of the classic haircuts that has not surrendered its positions for several decades. Polka is recommended for men of considerable age, whose strands on the sides are sparser than on the rest of the head. This men’s haircut is perfect for those with thinning hair. The back and temporal parts are shortened, and a longer length is left on the crown. Polka allows you to mask the irregular structure of the head, early bald patches and grey hair.


When you need to add extra volume to your hairstyle, masters recommend a cascade for men. Its other name is a ladder. The strands are cut in layers, starting from the crown. The haircut is simple to perform. It looks distinguished on rare curls and hides defects in the structure of the head. Both straight and curly locks are cut in a cascade.


A good hairstyle option for thin, soft hair is boxing. The haircut emphasizes the brutality of the image, masks bald patches and areas where strands are especially rare. The whiskey is shaved with a machine, and the nape area is treated similarly. At the crown, the hair is cut short. Boxing is the best fit for sports and military-style.


The Canadian is suitable for those with early bald patches and naturally sparse hair. The peculiarity of this haircut is the medium length near the forehead. Moving back of the head, the hair is shortened, the temples are also made short. The hair is lifted at the roots and directed back to add volume to the hairstyle. Another option is side parting and styling to one side.

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Short bob

If the hair is not thick, and the strands are thin, soft and long enough, they can be cut to the line of the ears so that the ends are directed towards the face. You will get a short bob hairstyle. Its characteristic differences are asymmetrical elongated bangs, a neat shape and a voluminous parietal.


The highlight of this variant is the original angular edging of the temples. Bangs with ragged edges, directed to the side. Sagittarius is suitable for soft hair. Technique: at the crown of the head, the master leaves medium-length strands, and towards the temples and the back of the head, he gradually shortens the curls.


The men’s retro haircut Elvis looks great on the head of hair, which lacks volume. She is chosen by independent men close in spirit to the rocker style. In the classic version, the length at the crown is 5 cm. The hairstyle can be curled or laid high, we can lay the curls on one side, or a mohawk can be made of them. The back of the head and sides are cut short, the bangs are varnished and laid from the forehead to the back of the head.


Caesar is suitable for those with an oval or elongated face and sparse hair. The strands on the back of the head are cut short, and the bangs are left of medium length. This option is ideal for athletic men who lead an active lifestyle. Caesar chooses mainly young people, and schoolchildren are also cut in this way so that the head looks neat all day.


Some men try to grow thin hair to create the illusion of volume due to the length. It is not entirely true. It is much better to consider short sports haircuts.

For example, a short men’s hedgehog haircut for fine hair. This hairstyle is easier to care for, so it is often recommended for older men. To look as stylish as possible, pair it with a beard.

Double bob

Assumes a stepped arrangement of hair: longer – at the crown and shorter – at the bottom.

Graduated bob

Great for wavy and soft hair to the chin.

Short bean

A short bob can attract the glances of passers-by to you, as this haircut is clearly for the brave and daring.

The hair is trimmed to the line of the ears, which allows the strands to be guided inward. Also, a distinctive feature of the bob is a very voluminous top, round shape and asymmetrical bangs.

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The crew cut hides hair loss

“The optimal haircut is particularly important for thinning hair and a receding hairline,” says star hairdresser. His tip: “It’s better to wear your hair a little shorter. This way, even thin hair looks more voluminous and has more stability.” A good hairstyle for men with hair loss is, for example, the “crew cut”. This cut is based on the classic Façon. The hair is shortened to a few millimetres on the sides and remains longer on the top of the head. The transition should be fluid. It is particularly popular to style the top hair lightly on the side with the help of a blow dryer and brush. In the following article, you will find the best products for hair loss.

A buzz cut works with any hair density

With this look, you are currently very much in trend: Only a few millimetres of the hair remain with the buzz cut. Works optimally on thin hair because you can’t see it. If you can do without the last millimetres, you can shave your entire head. Don’t worry, and women find bald heads extremely attractive. Thin hair is quickly forgotten.

Structured french crop + tapered sides

Using a good quality styling product can help you texture your hair and avoid exposing your scalp. The cropped top pictured here and the tapered sides are the perfect example.

Buzz cut + bald fade + hair design

As one of the lowest maintenance and easiest haircuts on the market, the buzz cut eliminates the problem. Get your clipper and cut your hair very short when you’re ready to take the plunge.

Slicked back pomp + mid fade

The combed back remains one of the most popular styles. Combined with a little pomp and a fresh fade on the sides, this hairstyle transforms every man’s look.

Short spiky hair + hard part for hair loss

A receding or thinning hair can become part of your style if you know how to choose the right haircut. We can see spiky hair parted to one side with a neat undercut in the picture above.

Fauxhawk for thin hair

This short haircut tipped into a faux hawk is an effective hairstyle for thin-height men. The combination of volume and texture makes the hair appear fuller and offers some coverage for a high forehead. The hair on top appears thicker and fuller compared to the high fade. It is one of the most popular haircuts for men with thin hair.

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