20 Medium Length Layered Hairstyles For Women

Layered haircuts for long hair are not in vain so popular with women today. They enable you to produce a hairdo that maintains its form for an extended period. It is necessary in today’s fast-paced world when there isn’t enough time to deal with hair.

A haircut in numerous layers becomes a unique masterpiece when the expert has enough experience. The hairdresser then adds volume and direction to the hair, which lasts long after it has grown out. A girl with the most discerning taste will discover a comparable haircut to her liking, thanks to the diversity of models available.

Layered haircuts often look more attractive than straight due to the layer and texture. Haircut in layers involves at least two layers and shorter hair strands near the face. Clear-cut layers have long been a thing of the past.

Take a look, for example, at this incredibly voluminous long bob with invisible thin layers at the bottom and the face. The haircut gained volume, texture, and dynamics, plus subtle accent highlights of a lighter shade added versatility to the hair.

If you need to freshen up your haircut without losing any length, then try just adding some thin layers and light highlights. You will love your look! Shoulder-length haircuts on thick hair can look airy and effortless thanks to thin layers and tousled, slightly uneven ends. In addition, the haircut quickly fits with a hairdryer and brushing – this is an obvious plus. Haircut in two tiers is also considered multi-layered. This form is suitable for those who want to slightly change the shape without losing the hair’s length and overall mass. Thick, complicated strands will become soft and obedient.

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It is similar to the previous hairstyle, only the crown hair in this version acquires even more volume, and it is accentuated even more clearly, so it can be called a two-layer one.


The delicate and elegant haircut is one of the “oldest” haircuts long appeared. It was from Aurora that our well-known Cascade and Lesenka originated.


A ladder haircut is a multi-layer stepped haircut. This option has versatility – with a ladder haircut, you can see both very young ladies and mature beauties.


It looks perfect and harmonious with long hair, possible options: thick or thinned.


when choosing this option, you should be guided by the following rule – the more comprehensive the face, the narrower the bangs.


The master goes through all the hair. As a result, the upper strands are adjacent to the lower ones and overlap. The top of the head gradually descends to the very tips.

Torn bob

It is one of the versatile haircuts for fine hair that gives the illusion of thicker strands. Make the haircut look even more interesting, make a smooth ombre with regrown roots and light-shaded highlights.

Long bob

The trendy long bob haircut is a hit this and next season. The haircut was initially chosen by celebrities who repeatedly went out with such a haircut and brought it into fashion.


Any sections of the strands “at an angle” can also be attributed to layering. True, here, it will be more horizontal. It can be an elongated Bob, or Kare cut like this: a short nape.

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To avoid getting lost behind a voluminous hairstyle, choosing such options for women with relatively large and expressive facial features is recommended.

Straight cut

Owners of long hair, especially straight ones, love haircuts with an even cut – this is the most common and best option. This haircut means that the hair’s entire mass ends in one clear line.

Layered bob

A shortened voluminous crown distinguishes a layered bob haircut for medium hair. At the same time, the back of the head is also abbreviated, and the transition to longer front strands is sharp and pronounced.

Wolf haircut

A wolf haircut is another exciting option for medium hair. An expressive and bold stepped hairstyle with torn strands is suitable for those who love unusual geometry.


This form is suitable for those who want to slightly change the shape without losing the hair’s length and overall mass. Thick, complex strands will become soft and obedient.


The hairstyle, which was initially intended only for owners of short hair, turned out to be so popular that it received an “extended” version.

Layered bangs

It can add volume to thin hair, making the image more airy and romantic. In addition, the elongated bangs visually slim the face, making it elegant and delicate.

Uneven strands

It will add extravagance to the image and is ideal for bold ladies who are used to attracting attention to themselves.

Elongated bangs

Many people love elongated bangs, and this is not surprising because this version of bangs with long hair is an incredibly stylish and feminine combination.

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Without bangs

The present is straight, beveled, short, long, dense, thinned-out format. The option is selected individually.

Layered short hair

The length is selected, guided by individual preferences and appearance type. Ultra-short strands, cut in layers, reveal the face. It will focus on unique features that give a youthful look.

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