20 Medium Length Haircuts With Bangs For Women

20 Medium Length Haircuts With Bangs For Women

A haircut for medium hair is what you need if you decide to change the image but are not ready for drastic changes. Moreover, the fashion trends of 2022-2023 allow for all sorts of variations of such hairstyles: haircuts for medium hair with bangs, haircuts for medium hair without bangs, with oblique false bangs, with asymmetry, with a torn edge, with a short nape. In general, in the case of an intermediate length, all the achievements of hairdressing are good, especially if you want to look original.

The main advantage of haircuts for medium hair is that they do not need long and complicated styling. Five to seven minutes with a blow dryer and a couple of finishing touches with a curling iron or styler – voila, Hollywood hairstyle is ready! And this is not an exaggeration – look at how American celebrities wear shoulder-length haircuts. Girls with curly hair rely on large curls or slightly tousled styling of the “surfer girlfriend” (to make it look as authentic as possible, do not forget the sea salt hair spray). Actresses naturally have smooth and straight hair prefer long bob haircuts and asymmetrical or ragged haircuts for medium hair. You don’t need a styler for styling here: an iron, a flat brush with a metal base, good thermal protection – and you’re done.

Haircuts for medium thin hair are almost different from the “basic” ones. The main thing to remember is that the shorter the length, the more magnificent the hairstyle seems. So owners of soft curls should forget about collarbone hairstyles that completely cover the neck. The best choice is a layered ladder haircut, a classic bob, or a slightly elongated bob.

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Any hairstyle will look perfect in combination with the right bangs, which will hide imperfections and emphasize the dignity of the face.

The Preference of Bangs for Medium Hair:

Elongated bob with bangs

The most common haircut style for medium hair is an elongated bob. This hairstyle is easy to style by curling the ends or pulling them out with an iron. And it also grows very beautifully and neatly.

Page with bangs

Page haircut for medium hair in 2022 takes on a new shape, using thinning bangs. You can refresh your retro hairstyle thanks to this technique, giving it a trendy ragged effect.

Ladder with bangs

The ladder holds its position among fashionable hairstyles. Suitable for any face. Ladder with bangs creates a charming feminine look.

Oblique with bangs

Slanting bangs are ideal for those who want to change the image slightly, but at the same time, not completely change the style.

Cascade with bangs

Cascade can rightly be called a hairstyle for all occasions. Suitable for absolutely everyone, and thanks to the technique of cascading haircuts, volume is obtained even on thin hair.

Shortened with bangs

This option is the most daring and extravagant, suitable for lovers of experiments, creates a feeling of rebellious or hooligan style.

Curly hair with bangs

From tight curls to a light curl, haircuts for curly hair should emphasize the beauty of curls and sometimes correct excessive volume.

Straight hair with bangs

Women’s and girls with straight hair often suffer from a lack of volume. There is only one “cure” for this – a multi-layered haircut for medium hair.

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Wavy caret with bangs

When choosing such a hairstyle, it is worth remembering that it is quite voluminous to look good on sparse and thin hair. When creating a wavy square, the master must consider the change in length after the strands dry.

Graduated caret with bangs

This option looks good on straight hair. Especially suitable for owners of thick hair, as graduation involves thinning individual strands.

Garcon Haircut with bangs

It must carefully choose short haircuts, and this design may not suit everyone. Here it is necessary to consider the features of the neck and the oval of the face.

Pixie with bangs

Lovers of short haircuts should pay attention to this hairstyle. A short bob remains at the base, and the difference is only in the shape of the bangs.

Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs are fun and easy to care for! Try them at least once, especially if you have straight, straight hair.

Ripped bob with bangs

In combination with torn bangs, such a haircut will suit any woman with medium length hair, allowing being in trend thanks to the elementary thinning technique.

Shaggy Black Hair with Bangs

If your hair is on the thinner side, easily style it with lots of layers. Alluring shaggy waves and long, straight bangs that brush the eyebrows create a beautiful contrast that draws attention.

Lob with Straight bangs

Medium length with Lob with Straight bangs is a good trick to balance your face shape.

Kare for medium hair with bangs

The most popular haircut has continued to occupy the first position among fashionable hairstyles for many years.

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Choppy Layered Hair with Side bangs

A lion’s mane needs a nice frame: Trendy layered curtain bangs are not only great, but they’re also low-maintenance.

Classy Medium Brown Hair with bangs

If classic is your modus operandi, traditional brown locks with youthful waves are unbeatable. The bangs are mostly straight and long enough to be pinned back or braided with the front strands.

Wispy Bangs for Medium Hair with bangs

For a more boho feel, accessorize your shoulder-length layered hair with bangs parted down the middle and hitting your cheekbones

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