20 Medium Length Bob Haircuts For Women

20 Medium Length Bob Haircuts For Women

Many options for creating them allow you to create your unique image in each case. The most versatile is the medium bob haircut. Such hairstyles are the choice of girls leading an active lifestyle, subtly versed in trends, but at the same time appreciating their style.

The bob haircut has been at the peak of popularity for several years in a row. Having chosen a master who observes the cutting technique, you can forget about daily styling, as the hair itself falls into a beautiful hairstyle without requiring long-term care. Almost all haircut varieties were relevant since they are optimally suited for round and elongated faces. We have prepared for you a photo of bob haircuts that will be fashionable this season.

It is best to experiment with the image, knowing what you want to get as a result. A bob haircut for medium hair has characteristic features that perfectly decorate the appearance of any type. First of all, these are shoulder-length, side strands that ideally model the oval of the face.

And secondly: a free and individually selected hairstyle volume. The choice depends only on the individual characteristics of your appearance. Lush side strands will perfectly harmonize an elongated face, but a precisely calculated book on the crown zone will make a rounded face thinner.

When short haircuts came into fashion, women reacted to them with distrust. They were afraid that the short length would quickly go out of style, and the hair would grow back for a long time.

Stylists believe that hairstyles for medium hair can look beautiful and spectacular. Sharp styling is very relevant for life in big cities. Therefore, for many years at the peak of popularity, there has been a bob haircut for medium hair.

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Bob is a simple haircut to genius, with impeccable lines volume, with or without bangs, it is always practical and stylish. The bob haircut has been a trend in recent years, with fashionable oblique or asymmetrical bangs and the classic version.


A bob haircut is no less a winning option than a cascade. Kare is multifaceted – it can decorate a teenage girl and a businesswoman, a lover of extraordinary thinking, and a fan of the classics.


Hair, in this case, can be both straight and curly. If you plan to design hair in this way, it is worth considering some crucial nuances.


When fashion returns, the attractive and sophisticated pageboy may become a contender to the famed bob. The page haircut has the ends curled inside, giving the feminine appearance a mysterious quality.


The cap haircut is quite spectacular. It can be of the same level or made asymmetrical. This haircut needs special care and styling, it does not suit fluffy and curly hair, but it looks perfect on an even coat and suits a classic oval face.


It will appease the unruly hair of a businesswoman due to thinning strands in the occipital and temporal zones, as well as bangs. Garcon is similar to a pixie haircut, but it differs in haircut technique.


According to the haircut method, the aurora is distinguished by more vital transitions from the cascade. Its adaptability makes it suitable for every face and lends it a feminine touch. On thin, straight hair, it will appear most delicate.


Fashionable perky novelty – bob-car with pigtails. Braids have always been a girlish beauty, but if God did not give long curls, we would braid braids from elongated strands of a bob-car.

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The bob with torn ends looks exciting and original. This haircut is the epitome of a light creative mess. You can achieve a “torn” effect using ordinary thinning scissors.

Long bob

An elongated bob helps solve various problems: it adds the missing volume, helps to adjust the face’s proportions, and is combined with different types and colors of hair. 2018 offers us several fashion options for an elongated bean.

Curly hair

Cascade for curly hair is as famous as for straight hair. It will suit thick, slightly wavy hair, emphasizing their beauty. The haircut acquires exceptional originality on medium-length hair with a combination of linear or slightly oblique bangs cut in strands.


An asymmetrical haircut with different lengths of strands and the difference in strands may not be significant but can reach 10-15 cm.

Short crown

You can cut hair in different ways in the back of the head. Someone prefers shaved nape, smoothly turning into the volume at the crown, while someone likes minimal hair removal more.

Oblique bangs

It is used in bob haircuts and cascade in varieties of the classic bob. With the help of oblique bangs on medium hair, you can create various images.

Graduated bob

It is also called a layered bean, cascading bean. Due to the graduation, a beautiful shape with a lush volume is created, even for fine hair.

Bangs straight

A perfect combination of medium hair with bangs straight to the eyebrows, this is a strict conservatism that emphasizes the shape of the face.

Graduated square

If you mix a cascading haircut with a traditional bob, we get strands of various lengths from a cascade with a bob shape. A bob with graduation, even without styling, will be the best option for thin, even hair, giving them volume.

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Cascading haircut

The cascade has no age restrictions, suits any face, and looks beautiful on thick hair and even thin strands, making them voluminous and attractive.

Creatively layered bangs

You are tired of thick straight bangs or just do not fit, and you can make a light bang and profile its middle part. It will need to be divided into separate, slightly careless strands when laying.

Shaved neck and temples

A modest bob will become extraordinary ultra-modern if you shave whiskey and make a short nape in a classic haircut. You can decorate shaved areas with drawings, and long strands can be combed to the side and formed into cascading waves or laid flat.

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