20 Latest Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs are a terrific way to change your hairstyle without sacrificing length, and they look excellent with short haircuts.

Bangs may be added to any hairstyle to highlight your most excellent features, including your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline. Keep in mind where the boom stops. It will call attention to that particular facial feature or area. Short bangs, for example, will draw attention to the brows or spectacles. Bangs that cover the brows focus on the eyes, whereas curtain or long bangs draw prominence to the cheekbones and nose.

The cascading haircut for medium-length hair is still at the height of fashion. The graduated cascading haircut is universal, and it looks great on any hair: the “cascade” reveals all the beauty of thick and thick hair and gives extra volume and splendor to thin hair.

There are many fashionable cascade haircuts for medium hair with various graduation options and different bang shapes.

Haircut “cascade” is also remarkable because it involves a large number of different styling options. Many Hollywood stars have long discovered the beauty and unique charm of simplicity. Natural styling with a charming effect of light artistic mess remains very relevant.


When choosing a new bob haircut silhouette and the optimal bang length, it is advisable to get professional advice since a well-chosen bob shape can emphasize the beauty of your face.


Various shapes and fashion variations represent a bob haircut for medium hair length. An elegant, smooth mid-length bob with an unmistakable geometric silhouette is still out of competition.


Since the last century, they have been widespread, but few artisans could perform them correctly due to the complex technique. Today, these hairstyles are available to everyone, as the qualifications of average masters have become higher.

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Mischievous feathers give the image of the gentle hostess originality, emphasizing the individual features—an excellent option for sparse and thin hair.


A graduated bob is essentially a haircut Cascade, while it is distinguished by a silhouette close to a bob.

Sparse hair

Sparse hair requires the shortest possible haircut, but if you do not want to cut the average length, then be sure to consult a good hairdresser who can give a visual and fair assessment of your hair and select what suits them best.

Torn bangs

Do you want to add piquancy, audacity, and a touch of extravagance to your image? Then decorate your hair with ragged bangs with jagged and cut edges, which will be an excellent choice for active and fashionable.

Long bangs

A lot depends on the length of the bangs because it can radically change your image. The extended version of the bangs is the trend of the season.

Short bangs

Short bangs give the face an honest, refreshing look and, depending on the style, can look both very feminine and spectacular. Traditional bangs to the eyebrow line are most popular with girls and women of all ages who prefer a classic and elegant style.

Ragged bangs

It was suitable for hair of any structure and length, and it will look spectacular in combination with short haircuts, cascading and layered on medium hair. And even on long hair, this type of haircut will be relevant.

Straight bangs

Classic straight bangs are an intelligent solution for long hair, as well as for bob haircuts. Usually, such bangs look better on straight and thick hair. Classic straight bangs that cover the eyebrows will add mystery and romance to your look.

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Layered bangs

Layering is in a fashion not only in clothes but also in the choice of bangs. Universal layered bangs are ideal for short, medium, and long hair of any structure and density.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are very unpretentious in care. You can preserve the hair’s natural texture or emphasize it with styling products when styling.

Oblique bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are entirely different in their design – short and long, torn and graduated, which allows you to depict different trendy haircuts of the season in different ways.

Tousled bob

For those who closely follow all fashionable novelties and like always to look up-to-date and bright, we recommend that you consider this stylish alternative, which, no doubt, will add spice to your style.

Textured bob

A textured medium-length bob with soft forms is more democratic and has several advantages since it is suitable for most shapes and types of faces and hair of various textures.

Shaved temples

For a long time, shaved parts of the head were elements of an outrageous image. In our time, this extravagant zest has become commonplace. A shaved temple or the back of the head with slightly regrown bristles can be decorated with drawings.

Layered smooth haircuts

Cascading haircuts of medium length look very stylish on smoothly elongated hair. To sharpen the image, you can further emphasize the layered structure of the haircut with the help of texturizing styling products.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Suppose you are thinking about changing your style and making yourself look brighter. In that case, we recommend that you pay attention to the asymmetrical hairstyles for medium-length hair that are fashionable.

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Bob haircuts with oblique bangs

Charming and feminine bob haircuts with long bangs remain fashionable. Romantically falling oblique bangs can be smooth and structured, or they can have natural texture and movement, while you can slightly raise the hair roots.

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