20 Fashionable Haircuts For Women: The Most Trendy Options

20 Fashionable Haircuts For Women: The Most Trendy Options

Changing the style is not an easy step in life, but sometimes it is even helpful. Yes, trends and fashion do not stand still, and 2022 is already close. Therefore, if you want to change your hairstyle and enter the new year “updated,” this material is for you.

Women’s and men’s images, presented at the shows of leading stylists and masters of hairdressing, were excellent. After looking at the photos with such haircuts, you realize what her majesty is fashion in all its glory.

Hairstyles 2022 were of the most diverse nature, depending on the haircut. Rebellious and newly meaningful images were presented. But first things first. We will talk about them with you below in our article. So let’s get started.

With each new season, stylists experiment with creating unique images, improving haircuts, delight with their developments in this area, and never stop there. Sometimes the fashion for old haircuts is resumed, only the flow of the hairstyle changes, namely combing in different directions or the degree of thinning. You can also diversify one type of hairstyle using certain types of styling. Women prefer to wear medium-length hair, so the variety of haircuts for a similar hair length pleases with diversity.


Elegant and bright Bob stays with us. There is no universal hairstyle yet, so women are happy to change their look with a bean.


Fashionable haircuts are suggested to different female pixie variations. One of the most relevant – with a torn edging.


A page with shorter hair at the back is also relevant. Choose these retro haircuts for the most trendy looks!

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A fantastic curly and straight hair option is a deliberately sloppy shaggy haircut. Basic haircuts in this style will suit both young girls and mature women.


Stylish haircuts for girls in the shape of bob always look elegant. In the new season, stylists often offer a classic bob to brunettes – and indeed, a bob cut always looks more impressive on dark hair and brown hair.


The most fashionable haircuts of women could not refuse the ladder, but the main nuance is the spectacular feather strands framing the face in a slightly modified version.


Women’s haircuts are reviving old fashion trends, and among them is the aurora haircut on short hair. It is an excellent option for creative coloring for brunettes and brown-haired women and girls.


Boyish length combined with French charm. Haircut “under the boy” or garson gained popularity due to graduation and smooth transitions.


The modern mullet haircut captivates with its originality and rebellious style. If you suddenly are tired of everything and want to show the world your character, then the mullet haircut.


The fashion cascade has two options – intermittent layers create a retro mood, and neat and elongated at the back – a more sophisticated and trendy look.


Short haircuts for women include a stylish undercut. Combined with the shaved temple, Lay on the side or brush back.

Bob with bangs

Like the main character of Pulp Fiction, bob is at the peak of popularity this year. In addition to being a super option for black hair, this haircut will also refresh you.

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Curly bangs

Curls are in trend, and most importantly, the curl is now in fashion on the bangs. A well-defined curl is essential here, so carefully take care and style.

Straight cut

Women’s haircuts for short hair exploit the trend for an even cut with might and main. On a quick and maximum length and an average, variations are possible with and without bangs.


Such beautiful short women’s haircuts as a hedgehog, garcon (for naughty strands), pixies will also help achieve exclusivity in appearance.

Side parting

We make a clear parting and move the hair to the side. With such a hairstyle, you will look sensual and romantic. Stylists have already appreciated the versatility of such a hairstyle.


Asymmetry in the hairstyle is a sign of change and individual image. There are several options for asymmetrical haircuts for different lengths. Short asymmetry is made based on bob.

Wolf haircut

An unusual wolf haircut conquers the top of fashion for women. It is like a mullet hairstyle but somewhat similar to the famous shaggy haircut.

Dramatic layers

A little grunge, torn strands, sharp transitions, layers – and voila! Fashionable hairstyles for women are ready.

Pixies with shaved elements

A brutal version of the female haircut. This hairstyle will not make its owner rough or “unfeminine.” This haircut will emphasize self-confidence in the country and give an idea of character and taste.

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