20 Fabulous Hairstyles for Round Faces

20 Fabulous Hairstyles for Round Faces

Any haircut, even the most contemporary and advanced, is influenced by a number of elements in addition to fashion trends, customer preferences, and the hairdresser’s competence. The type of face is the most important of them all.

If the haircut is not done with this “indicator” in mind, it will frequently appear absurd and will not fit the customer. Such a person will undoubtedly be dissatisfied and will never return to the master. However, before going to the hairdresser, the customer should research this topic to avoid giving the master unrealistic duties and to steer his thinking. Haircuts for a round face are perhaps the most difficult to achieve, as there are so many factors to consider.

Hairstyles for moon-faced young females are rather simple to come across. The most important prerequisite for a great image is to strive to prolong the oval with well groomed hair. Even if you don’t make your face appear oval, the most important thing is not to make things worse.

Because numerous aspects impact the hairstyle’s harmony with your face and overall image, there is no one optimal hairstyle for a round face. Finding the appropriate haircut to round off a fat girl’s appearance might be difficult at times.

The main task in selecting haircuts for this type of face is their focus on the visual lengthening of the chin and highlighting the cheekbones. Another prerequisite is to pay attention to the length of the hair, its structure, volume, and density.

Each type of face suits different haircuts. Someone only goes for long hair, and someone is crazy about buzz cut – haircuts for a typewriter. Those with a round face are also suitable for certain hairstyles. If you have just such, I have collected tips for haircuts and options for the most fashionable hairstyles.

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The jungle law says that the shoulder blades’ length is a big question. Curls tend to stretch under their weight, killing the basal volume at the root.


You still need to create a relief on the strands through complex coloring. Then light shades will not fill.


There is a neater version of the haircut for older women. Smooth edges in a semicircle of cut hair beautifully frame the oval hide age-related wrinkles on the forehead. In the people, this haircut is called “page.”


It is a very short haircut, which many girls fear, but in vain. It is also suitable for a round face.


The definitive version of such a haircut is elongated front strands and a raised crown. The length is better to choose below the chin. In this case, the bob should be perfectly smooth, without curls and curls, as this will give the face fullness.


This haircut is different in that it cuts out mainly the hair, below the oval of the face, without touching the rest of the hair. Such a ladder also hides the cheeks very well.


Another good idea is wavy haircuts for medium hair, and they only have a positive effect on a round face. And with good thermal protection, regular styling is not terrible.

Long bob

The most versatile hairstyle works well for all face shapes, including round ones. For styling, you may need a product to add volume to the crown, as well as flat irons or a hairdryer to straighten your hair.


They look best on those with thick hair. On rare, thin strands, graduation looks careless and sloppy.

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Bob or square

Such a haircut implies that the front strands will be much longer than the rest. Asymmetrically or in the form of torn strands that will fall on the cheeks and cheekbones, thereby visually stretching the oval of the face.

Layered haircut

It can be like a haircut with torn ends and oblique bangs, a cascade haircut, a “creative mess” – carelessly laid strands. The main thing is that the hair should be below the chin and slightly cover the cheeks. Ideally, with multi-layered hairstyles, smiling and coloring are combined.


Any asymmetrical haircuts for chubby ones are good, but the classic bob with a high nape and side parting is especially. Determine which side of your face you like best and open it.


Semi-long, not lush front strands hide the wide cheekbones of the model. This haircut is the perfect choice for women with a low forehead.

With bangs

The bangs hide the high forehead and make a face graceful. This light, an airy haircut is most suitable for busy or just lazy young ladies. It does not require any styling.


A side-braided braid and a few strands, as if accidentally knocked out, will give the image a little innocence and defenselessness. Such a messy hairstyle is easy to build in just a minute.


This short haircut is ideal for girls with thin, not voluminous hair. The principle of modeling by a stylist-hairdresser is built so that most of the hair is concentrated.

Smooth bangs

Chubby young ladies who like to walk with curled loose hair should remember that the curls should flow gently, and the wave should begin below the chin line.

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Long collected hair

A round face, high hairstyle, or ponytail go well. At the same time, it is essential that there would be a high bouffant in front. The oblique bangs falling on the cheeks will also help balance the face.

Cascading haircuts

It is better if the shortest strands when performing this type of haircut are approximately at the level of the cheekbones. Such a haircut, among other things, will give additional volume, which is very important if your hair is not too thick.

Elongated caret

Make a light wrap to give the image a festive charm or romance. The only thing to remember about a few rules – avoid excessive splendor, let your curls be calm and not pushy. The second nuance, the extreme volume, will help balance the side parting and tuft from the first strand.

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