20 Elegant Updos for Short Hair To Look Pretty

20 Elegant Updos for Short Hair To Look Pretty

Did you know that updos are back in fashion? What else can show the world your facial features and the grace of your neck? And that means it’s time to learn some styling that you can do yourself! And we will help you with this!

Those who want to try on a short haircut are often stopped by the inability to experiment with different styles, but this is not the case. Of course, the length imposes certain restrictions, but several new possibilities and images open up at the same time. With evening and festive options, everything is clear: the hand of an experienced master will cope with them. But what to do with everyday styling to look bright, stylish, original, and at the same time be able to do them yourself and in a matter of minutes? Women’s short hairstyles are bob, pixie, page, bob session, cascade, ladder, etc. All of them have both a basic styling version and several others based on various textures. Casual hairstyles for short hair are also accessible with hair clips and accessories such as braids, hoops, headbands, etc.

Modern fashionistas have traditionally favored high haircuts. Both frail young girls and ladies of Balzac age continue to prefer them. All kinds of methods are utilized to enhance hair volume visually. Some comb the crown for a lengthy period, others “set” the rollers, and others use their pre-curling to raise the strands. All of the strategies listed above assist in generating a striking impact in some manner. Brides appreciate such hairstyles for their beauty and charm, and they’ve recently become more popular as an accent to a snow-white gown, a piece of brilliant jewelry, and a classy bouquet.


First, comb your hair, tease your roots a little, and then create a high ponytail and wrap its tip forward, passing it under the elastic. Straighten the resulting bundle, and wrap the free ends of the hair around.


She can often be found at business receptions and social events. Even a beginner can do something similar. It is enough to collect all the hair at the base of the neck, form a tourniquet, and fix it with hairpins, hiding the tips under the total mass.


Such a high hairstyle is perfect for retro parties, but it will also fit perfectly into our everyday life. Making it yourself is very easy!


Another option is for a high bun for medium-length hair. Making it is straightforward, you can see for yourself by reading our step-by-step lesson with a photo.


Hairstyles in the Greek style will also look fantastic. They will give you charm and charm. Do not forget about braids – yesterday’s schoolgirls can always use the weaving technique and make their bow more flirtatious and naughty.


In the early 1960s, such solutions were popular. They are now increasingly appearing on the pages of glossy publications as if to remind us of their majesty and refinement.


Wash your hair and dry your hair in the usual way. Divide the shock into two parts with a horizontal parting, and then comb the lower part first, then the upper one. Comb your hair back.

Hair bow

A hair bow is one of the most popular and original high hairstyles. It looks very youthful and attractive, does not require any additional decor elements, and will suit absolutely any outfit.

Prom bun

Owners of thin curls cannot afford to do elegant hairstyles for long hair. Therefore, the beam is considered the best and most straightforward option.

Braided Tail

Gather the top of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Take two sections of hair above the ears and secure them with an elastic band along with the existing ponytail.


Voluminous and rough hairstyles are more suitable. Smooth styling emphasizes all the nuances of the fact that we would like to hide as much as possible.

French bundle

Dry everything with a stream of warm air from a hairdryer, divide the whole mass into separate parts, curl each with a curling iron.

A cone of braids

She appears to be just lovely and flirty, mainly young and active girls. The hair near the head can be combed and collected in an elastic band. Make a few braids using your hair. You use this to wrap the tail such that it is hardly visible.

Bundle of braids

Another option for a high beam, only this time its highlight will be in pigtails. Such a light hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear, office work, school, and even simple walks with friends.

Light romantic bun

Your partner will notice if you undergo such a metamorphosis. Laying is also beneficial when you have a date with an unknown but beautiful man you have already selected a lifemate.

Light careless waves

We can do curls for short hair with a curling iron or foam and a diffuser. The more natural curls, the better. A slight sloppiness is very suitable for short hair, and it gives the hair extra volume and thickness, and men like these hairstyles the most.

Low ponytail with fleece

Such a high hairstyle is suitable for that late somewhere, and the usual tail is tired. This step-by-step photo lesson will tell you how to make an ordinary ponytail original and unusual.

Bun with long bangs

A bun at the crown is undesirable for very elongated face shape owners. As a way out, if you want to, you can do this styling in combination with thick long bangs.

High evening hairstyles

In most cases, beautiful styling is chosen in anticipation of a solemn event or event. So, they often do high hairstyles for graduation, the wedding of relatives, or birthdays.

“Crown” of twisted strands

Separate a small strand in front from the second half. Pull your hair back to the other side and divide it in half as well. Twist the strands together, simultaneously twisting each one individually. Tie with a rubber band.

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