20 Easy And Lovely Short Curly Hairstyles For Women

20 Easy And Lovely Short Curly Hairstyles For Women

Girls with straight hair are constantly jealous of the owners of curly hair. It seems that it is easy for such women to take care of luxurious hair. No styling is required. But such hair prefers special care, certain hairstyles and haircut options. To choose the most profitable, you need to consider certain factors.

Curls are different: elastic springs, delicate curls, and heavy waves. Therefore, the haircut depends on the type of curls. For elastic springs, a shoulder-length haircut will be a versatile option.

If you choose a longer look, you can achieve a spectacular and vibrant image with proper care. Too short will turn the girl into a dandelion. If the curls are of medium stiffness, then preference should be given to the average length.

Thus, you can create a romantic and gentle image. If the waves are soft, then page or bob haircuts are interesting. A fashionable square will do, but only a professional hairdresser can do it.

Straight and curly curls differ in their structure. The latter is distinguished by hairs having an oval cross-section. Their hair follicles and follicles are curved because hair grows in different directions. Because of this, they produce less fat.

What girl at least once did not want to have beautiful tight curls? But not everyone is given this luxury by nature. But those girls who are owners of curls are not always happy with their hair.

Girls with wavy, curly or curly hair also want to choose a fashionable, beautiful haircut for their hair that can emphasize curly curls. This article will talk about haircuts for short curly or curly hair.

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It would be best to choose a bob haircut for very tight and twisted curls. Thanks to the different options for executing this haircut, you can choose which option suits you best. In particular, it is a torn, asymmetrical, and graduated caret.


A pixie haircut can give you a girly edge. This haircut helps to give your curls a lively look, and its style and relevance will delight us for many years to come.


This haircut is designed for brave and confident women who are not afraid of dramatic changes. Garcon haircuts do not require daily styling and constant attention.


It’s like a bob-car is suitable for those who have thin, soft curls. It visually stretches a wide face. With a square shape, the haircut also looks good.


Women’s haircuts are suitable for owners of an elongated and triangular oval. The characteristic shape visually expands the face, gives volume, highlights a chiselled chin.


It is specially designed for naughty hair, looks great even without styling, looks stylish modern. Chaotic styling suits creative people who prefer lightness, freedom, pompous hairstyles.


It is performed on soft, wavy strands, and the hairstyle emphasizes the femininity romance of the image. Suitable for young ladies, it visually makes taller slimmer.


A great option is a layered haircut. It emphasizes the natural shape of the curls fits perfectly. Thus, for curly haircuts, bob or bob haircuts are suitable, combined with various types of bangs or without it.


Oblique bangs, even cuts and artificially created volume will bring lightness, airiness and romanticism to the image.

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Uneven cut

Haircuts for medium curly hair will look better and lay prettier if you choose the option with an uneven cut. As with layers, this technique helps add volume to the hairstyle.

Torn cut

Got used to the title of the main Rapunzel in the area and didn’t plan to give it up? No problem. Haircuts for long curly hair will look more interesting under the condition of a “torn” cut.

Afro style

A similar haircut is performed on very small, elastic curls. Proportional cutting of strands is the leading technology for its creation. As a result, it acquires harmonious outlines.

With bang

Curly hair creates a lot of problems for its owners. You need to constantly think through possible options for haircuts, styling and means of fixation. Bangs on curls allow you to change the image create fashionable images.

Long bangs

will not work if the lady has very thin eyebrows – with a thread. But if the eyebrows are thick and wide, then the long bangs will only decorate the image.

Layered caret

The layered square differs in appearance from the lob (this is how they call the elongated bean) only in length – just below the chin. 

Creative mess

You can easily turn an ordinary look into a festive one using accessories. Dry your hair with a blow dryer and style your hair to the side. Complete the look with a stylish hairpin with shining stones.

Short bean

A short bob is suitable for owners of slightly curly, thin hair. This hairstyle will not look like large organic curls or tight springs. It is worth noting that a short bob is suitable for ladies with a triangular or oval face.

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Asymmetrical bob

This haircut is best for ladies with a round or square, oval face. The asymmetry of the hairstyle will stretch and correct the face. An asymmetrical bob haircut can competently hide the cons and emphasize the advantages.

Shaved temples and nape

Today, an extravagant haircut is quite popular among the fair sex with curly curls. Usually, creative, extraordinary personalities prefer a shaved hairstyle.

Kare for medium curly hair

It is not easy to achieve the desired shape of a caret on curly hair. But if you are the owner of large thick curls, a good master can achieve a stunning and cutting-edge result.

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