20 Best Undercut Bob Haircuts To Consider This Year

20 Best Undercut Bob Haircuts To Consider This Year

What is a bob undercut haircut? It is a bob when one part of the hair is significantly shorter than the other. And in general, this is one of the most stylish, popular and common haircuts today among fashionistas worldwide. Don’t believe it? Then check out our selection of cool fresh haircuts in this style.

Short, energetic bob with long bangs and shaved temples. It looks both fashionable and simple simultaneously, if only because such a haircut is easy to style even without the help of a brush.

Short haircut “undercut” is now very popular. It is both female and male. With this hairstyle, you get an elegant look. It has several options to choose an original version for each person. The Undercut hairstyle fits in different ways and does not require complicated maintenance. Its main advantage is versatility. This short haircut is suitable for a sporty, everyday, brutal evening look.

On the “wave” of its debut, the women’s undercut haircut assumed the male population exclusively as owners. Courageous people without complexes decided on this. New fashion trends replace epochs, and now it can find the original style on the lovely female heads. She adorns young ladies who are not afraid of experimenting with their appearance. At the same time, it emphasizes the inner character of a self-confident woman gives femininity.

If all the female classics are already rather tired and you want something unusual, we present to your attention an undercut – a haircut that looks bold and bright on any length of hair.

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A long bob with thin strands curled into curls looks amazing. This gorgeous styling gives the face freshness and is guaranteed to help visually rejuvenate.


It is great if you want to try undercuts but are worried about shaving. For this look, the hair is cut into clean bobs, and the hair colour is a more natural blonde.


Bob haircut on blonde hair with messy shaggy is a favourite hairstyle of fashionistas and socialites.


Short Bob with very thick and wide bangs. Sometimes a “page” is also called a bob-car with straight bangs.


The model looks incredibly cool, right? Perhaps she has the most daring haircut variation! In the punk undercut, the temples and the back of the head are completely shaved, and the elongated strands on the crown, if desired, fit into the mohawk.


The curls at the crown remain long enough to be brushed back smoothly. A very discreet and slightly old-fashioned version of the undercard – for which it got its name!


The temples and the back of the head are shaved, and the “elongated” part on the crown is cut as short as possible so that the hedgehog familiar to us remains. Parietal hair can fall on the forehead with playful bangs.


Stylish haircut, implying a smooth gradient at the temples and the back of the head. The curls remain long enough at the crown and fit into the most voluminous figure. With such a haircut, perhaps it is impossible to go unnoticed!


A peculiar mix of a classic square and a daring undercut. The caret is cut as short as possible, and the temples and the back of the head are shaved exactly to the border with the lower edge of the main mass of curls or much higher so that the shortened part of the hairstyle is hidden under the hair.

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Do you want a catchy look to be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, where every second person has a bob haircut? Then an asymmetric bob with a big difference in strands will be a good solution.

Shaved temple

A daring option for bold beauties who prefer somewhat aggressive looks in informal styles.

Long Bob

Hollywood stars most often choose elongated Bob with bangs. So, if you want to shine like a star, then choose just such a haircut option. It is good because it is great for medium hair that is not cut.

Straight Bob

Model, actress, knows only about modern fashion and shows off classic style with a sophisticated bob. Perfectly straight hair with thick bangs gives the appearance of elegance.

Side parted Bob

Emma Watson loves delicate images, and this styling marvellously emphasizes her petite features. To do this style, straighten your hair, make a side parting and separate one wide strand, laying it on its side.

Graduated Bob

It is a way of cutting when the hairdresser deliberately makes a sharp, chaotic transition from long to shorter hair. This haircut is a great option if you have split ends, as this shape hides them very well.

Layered Bob

A multi-layered bob is also called a stacked bob since a haircut at different levels in several layers allows the strands to overlap each other. Victoria Beckham has preferred this type of bean for many years.

Tropical Undercut Bob

Looking for bold colour ideas? If so, take a look at this. Here is the tropical Bob. Hair starts with purple, melts into pink, orange, and turns yellow.

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Pastel pink undercut bob

Do you like pink hairstyles? If so, take a look at this next idea. The hair is cut into short bobs with bangs and undercuts in this style. We love short micro bangs and pastel pink hair colour.

Side parting with creative design

If you need to hide a forehead that is too high, give preference to just such a haircut. You can twist the bangs with a curling iron and make a light pile on it.

Straight combed back

Looking for a dynamic or business and strict look? Then pay attention to this version of the bean at Kristen Stewart. In addition to a fashionable haircut, there is also gel styling.

  1. Comb it back.
  2. Separate the top strand and backcomb with a comb.
  3. Comb the front part of the strand straight and lay back.
  4. Apply some gel to your hair.
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