20 Best Short Haircuts For Teenage Girls

20 Best Short Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Girls begin to independently monitor their appearance with exceptional care at such a reasonably young age. They no longer depend on the mother’s preferences but begin to choose their style for themselves. When choosing a haircut for teenage girls, it is necessary to consider their suggestions and comments.

Parents should pay considerable attention to this aspect and help their children self-determination. Youth is such a wonderful time when people go for such experiments with great pleasure, as in adulthood, it can simply be out of hand.

Teenage girls at all times had the desire to stand out from the crowd, as they have not yet formed certain principles and a certain level of emotions that are a hallmark of an adult. Their eyes are burning, and they want to go on an experiment. They want to become different from everyone, under any circumstances, and at any cost. It is very commendable because, in life, there are a vast number of such moments when you have to adapt to the circumstances.

That is why, among older girls, we will not see such bold hairstyles (as a rule, these are various haircuts with torn strands), which also have a very aggressive and bright colour. Perhaps any high school is full of such colourful heads today!

In addition, the choice of haircut option is more dependent on what kind of lifestyle a teenager leads. If this is a sport, then a short haircut is likely suitable. If a girl is engaged in ballroom dancing, long hair is undoubtedly needed here, which can be collected in various intricate hairstyles.

Haircuts for teenage girls, depending on fashion trends, no matter how strange they may seem, are divided into only three main categories. The majority of girls prefer haircuts for long hair. It happens because they believe that femininity depends precisely on the length of the hair. A haircut with an even cut of hair is perfect for a neat feminine girl.

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Current Options for Short Haircuts:

Modern lifestyle is a constant movement, development, and improvement. That is why teenagers choose hairstyles for themselves that are as similar as possible to those worn by adults.


Bob’s haircut is versatile. She visually has features similar to Kare. Therefore, it can be offered as an alternative to girls with face shapes or cosmetic defects that are not suitable for Kare. The difference is that the length of the hair will be noticeably shorter.


It is truly a universal hairstyle suitable for everyone, from small to large. Hair cut in this way will always be in fashion, and a teenager can safely experiment with hairstyles.


Today it is the most fashionable bangs. It is simple, elegant, gives a slight carelessness to the haircut. Depending on the depth of thinning, the image turns out to be soft, feminine or, on the contrary, bold.


Fashionable short haircuts for teenage girls include a hairstyle option called a fairy. It is a voluminous haircut created from strands of various lengths. Suitable for active girls who prefer to always be on the move.


The haircut is as short as possible. It is chosen by those who want to get a “boy-like” hairstyle to save time styling and combing. It was created too fast since it is required to remove the length, leaving the volume at the top.


The diagonal model goes with square, rectangular types of oval, looks good on straight, slightly wavy curls. But it does not suit lush curls at all. It makes sharp features softer.


The classic model is back in trend. Traditionally, it descends to the level of the eyebrows or slightly below. The bangs have a clear, even cut.


The peculiarity of the execution is that the haircut involves the creation of strands of different lengths. It has long bangs, and the hair is styled to one side. When choosing this option, you need to consider that they can climb into the eyes with this method of hair arrangement.

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Short bangs

Such bangs are considered the trend of the current year. It makes naughty and gives a teenage girl torn ends eccentricity originality.


A different angle of inclination can give soft femininity to the look. Or, on the contrary, make it creative.


The cascade is suitable for all girls, emphasizing the merits of each of the face shapes and face types. Its look beautiful and easy to handle.


Usually, its length reaches the level of the chin or slightly below. It visually softens the angular features of the face: protruding cheekbones and a pointed chin. A similar bang is laid with a corner, divided into two halves, combed to the side. Also, the strand is curled.

A ponytail

It is excellent for school on those days when you oversleep or don’t feel like it. A funny braid can change the usual image of a tail. It is best to do it at night and get up and go about your business in the morning.

Side bun

The side bun is one of the classic hairstyles for girls is the little side bun because it is easy to do and looks good on anyone. Some girls may find this hairstyle too dull. They can add a messy braid and layering to lift the hairstyle and make it look more chaotic.

Cascading caret

It differs from the classic version by having “torn” strands casually laid down in layers and creating additional volume. Suitable for thin, slightly curly hair.

Curly long pixies

For owners of curly hair, new ideas are born! They parted on the other side, and you are a different person. In adolescence, you want to experiment, but cutting the curls too short is risky. A long pixie is just the case when the risk is justified. This hairstyle suits everyone.

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Layering in hair

Teenagers love to look at pictures in fashion magazines, which means they know that layered haircuts always look advantageous. It helps to add volume to your hair and emphasize the shape of the head. With the help of such a hairstyle, it is easy to make your image memorable.

The messy French braid

It is cute and light, but the hair is tied back securely. This hairstyle is perfect for long hair that needs more volume and texture. It also suits different types of face shapes.

Braids with thin and short hair

Those with thin and short and long hair can use this option when creating a hairstyle to make the hair look thicker. Braids around the face add texture while making the hair appear fuller. If it turns out that your bun is not as big as you wanted, try adding braid ends inside to give the bun the perfect donut shape.

Beanie with a smooth transition

Suitable for thick straight, or slightly curly hair. Haircut technique: a volume is created in the parietal region, which, with the help of shading, is connected with shortened strands at the temples and the back of the head. The transition may have clear boundaries or be slightly smoky.

Who suits short haircuts?

A short haircut for a girl is selected for a woman, but taking into account the peculiarities of age. After all, children’s hairstyles are a repetition of adult models.

Here Are Some Face Shapes:

Round face

Any variations with asymmetrical strands volume in the crown area will do. For example, garish, bean, garcon. Or a fairy, an elongated bob. High school girls can decorate their hair with a shaved temple. Haircuts will complement the diagonal bangs laid on one side.

Oval face

Suitable for almost any hairstyle.

Diamond face

A haircut that has volume at the temples and crown looks good. These are multilayer models – cascade, aurora, ladder.

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