20 Best Pixie Cuts You All Want To Copy This Year

20 Best Pixie Cuts You All Want To Copy This Year

Trendy short haircuts are all the rage this season, and the pixie cut is one of the most sought-after haircuts and is so versatile that it suits women of all ages. The pixie haircut is characterized by short hair at the back, temples, and elongated strands at the top and front. Both ultra-short haircut options and ideas with a long crown and bangs were in fashion.

When choosing a haircut, be sure to consider the shape of the face. A pixie haircut with bangs is also suitable for a triangular face shape, and the cropped pixie technique goes well with this face shape. For a square face, choose a long pixie haircut with long bangs to smooth out the face’s proportions. Selecting the correct pixie haircut technique will feel luxurious and most beautiful.

As a rule, any short haircut in itself determines a specific styling method – you can’t clear up with a comb and a hairdryer. However, the pixie haircut is a particular case! Its owners can afford any image: a mysterious stranger to an extravagant rocker. Style your hair differently, no matter how short it is.

A modern and resolutely trendy short pixie cut loved by fashionistas and celebrities a like. Stylish and comfortable at the same time. It can be very short on the sides and at the back of the head and have long bangs or be more elongated – pixie bob.

It is bold, asymmetrical, and highly structured. The hairstyle length can vary around the ears and the back of the head. Pixie is confident and stylish. If you want changes and dynamics, choose pixies. It helps to create the image of a confident woman quickly. Ideal for women with a long and thin face.

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The pixie haircut is perfect because it is easily modeled depending on the type of appearance: you can shave the temples or leave long strands on them, open the forehead or cover it with asymmetrical bangs, choose the length of the strands on the crown, and back of the head for complex or straightforward styling. What pixie options are trendy and in trend? Let’s take a look and see the photos.

Pixie bob

Combines elements of the most fashionable haircuts. This option is longer than the classic pixie. If a bean is taken as the base, it is supplemented with a characteristic highlight of pixie strands.


A two-tone or multi-color ombre on a women’s pixie haircut visually increases the hair volume and makes the image incredibly attractive!

Bright strands

One or more colored strands, matching in tone to the appearance, bring a bright accent to the image and make even the most straightforward styling unusual.

Mohawk pixie

Option for the strong in spirit! True, such a pixie haircut will require specific styling skills from you! But you will make a stunning impression: long strands are raised.

Graduated pixie

Graduated haircut with an elongated shape. Elongated strands near the face volume in the crown region are distinctive features.

With shaved temples

Women’s haircuts with shaved temples are the prerogative of self-confident individuals who are not used to looking back at the opinions of others.

With oblique bangs

Slanting bangs are a great way to change your look. It covers imperfections – wrinkles on the forehead, scars, pigmentation. Corrects the shape of the face.

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With long bangs

Long bangs are often removed to one side and reach the middle of the cheekbone or even the chin. It will be longer than the bulk of the hair so that the hairstyle will look brighter and more unusual.

With short bangs

Short bangs will make the image even more daring and daring. It can be straight, oblique, thick, or thinned.

With torn ends

Unevenly cut strands seemed to be tousled by the wind: bright, bold, and very cheerful. This short pixie cut has a boyish edge, but that doesn’t stop it from being feminine and attractive.

Pixies with curly hair

It is not easy for owners of intricate curls to choose a short haircut, but a pixie haircut is a pleasant exception!

Pixie for fine hair

Thin hair gets tangled, has no volume, gets dirty faster, and practically does not hold styling. Such hair is easily damaged, making it often dry, brittle, and lifeless.

Platinum blonde + asymmetric haircut

Long oblique bangs, almost shaved nape and styling on one side. In the photo, we see an example of a combination of successful hair coloring and an asymmetric pixie haircut pattern.

Dark Roots + Sleek Pixie

Elegantly elongated color and graphic styling make the perky pixie haircut quite classic and strict.

Volume haircut + retro style

An open forehead and volume from the roots – pixie haircut gives an alluring and hooligan look.

Very short haircut + no styling

Ultra-short pixie haircuts open the face as much as possible and at the same time simplify life in terms of styling.

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Layered pixie haircut + light curl

The pixie haircut is ideal for all women – the stylist laid the bangs on the side and created light waves.

Combed back haircut + asymmetrical nape

The effect of wet strands is beneficial in this pixie haircut for concise hair. Wet effect styling products will emphasize the different lengths of the tips and make the hairstyle easy and stylish.

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