20 Best Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

20 Best Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

For girls, the decisive moment in the image is hair. Therefore, haircuts and hairstyles are chosen with great care. Some category of girls determines short hair. It is stunning and suits many people. Best of all, this hair length is suitable for girls with a narrow face of a triangular or oval shape. It will add chic volume and make your overall look more harmonious.

Haircuts and hairstyles for short hair always look exceptional. Of course, with such a length, you can’t just take and tie a ponytail. Here you have to do styling every day, but the result is worth it. And soon, it will become a daily ritual for you and bring incredible pleasure.

How difficult it is sometimes for girls to choose a haircut. Especially when choosing in favour of the length of the hair and their healthy appearance, of course, long hair is a beautiful decoration for a girl. But sometimes, the choice is in favour of short haircuts. And they are lovely in their way.

Short haircuts make the image bold and attractive. Therefore, if you want to diversify your vision, you should try on one of the options for a short haircut.

Often, the owners of a short bob regret that they said goodbye to the length because, in their opinion, now you can neither braid nor beautifully collect your hair. But who said that you could only do hairstyles on long hair? Let’s dispel this myth with our selection of hairstyles for short hair.


When choosing a bob haircut, you should understand that you must now do styling daily. And will it be straight hair or curls is your choice? It is best to straighten short bob hair with a hairdryer, brushing brush and ironing as a fixing element.


Hair with curls has always been the cutest and most feminine. And so, even the most daring look with a short haircut can be made cute.


In the footsteps of The Great Gatsby, this hairstyle for short hair will make you look stylish, feminine and simply gorgeous. A retro hairstyle will add incredible elegance to your look and is suitable for evenings out and every day.


The classic bun hairstyle is a great hairstyle for short hair for a woman who spends a lot of time in the office. We advise you of a more original option – a bundle of three bundles twisted in the same way.


For long and short hair, you can make many hairstyles with braids. All you need for this: styling products, hair clips and a little imagination.


Braids are a simple but very effective way to transform short hair. An alternative to weaving is harnessed for such a hairstyle for short hair to turn out and look beautiful.


A graduated bob haircut is undeniably lovely and deserves your attention. Graduated caret is very easy. The hair in it is cut in stages. The upper strands are made the shortest, and further, with each level, everything is longer.

Double tail

If the dress code allows, you can safely work with a tail. Owners of short and thick hair are recommended to make a double ponytail. The main secret is that the collected hair is on the same level.

Low ponytail

It is one of the most comfortable practical hairstyles for short hair. Its only drawback is that it still requires a certain length and is not suitable for a very short haircut.

Lush ponytail

Hairstyles for short hair are very diverse. But if you need practical styling, it is best to use a ponytail hairstyle. For some girls, it seems too dull, and therefore we recommend using more exciting options.

Exquisite bun

Today, natural beauty is in fashion and, accordingly, light elegant styling is popular. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to the shell-shaped bun.

Kok with braids

If you want to make an original styling for short hair, pay attention to braids. By themselves, they look pretty romantic. Therefore, to “bring down” the degree of naivety a little, we advise you to combine them with a high cook.

Romantic headband

As you can see, braids are one of the most popular holiday hairstyles for short hair. Most of all, they are suitable for young girls because these elements best emphasize the charm of youth.

Babette with a bow

If your hair is short, but the length allows you to collect it in a high ponytail, then a Babette is your option. She looks especially good with outfits in the style of the 60s: puffy knee-length skirts A-line dresses.

Braid from harnesses

Especially if you decide to braid a classic braid of plaits, to keep this hairstyle for short hair as tight as possible, start weaving from the crown and gradually add the rest of the strands to the braid.

Double Greek beam

The Greek bun usually looks bright for the office. However, we offer you a stricter option when the hair is divided into two parts and twisted, one on top of the other.

Light curls for short hair

If you have a bob haircut, then this means that you can safely go to work with your hair down. However, you can style your hair with a curling iron to not look too simple.

French bun for short hair

Fully collected hair is ideal if you do not have the opportunity to touch up your styling during the day. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to the photo of hairstyles for short hair called “French bun”.

Romantic ponytail with braids

Are you in a romantic mood, but the day promises to be active? Then pay attention to the pigtails for short hair, combined with a tail. This hairstyle lasts all day without problems and at the same time attracts everyone’s attention.

Bun with braids for short hair

The usual round bun, located just above the neck area, can hardly be attributed to festive hairstyles for short hair. However, if you supplement it with braids, the situation changes radically.

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