20 Best Long Shag Haircuts In Trend: 2022

20 Best Long Shag Haircuts In Trend: 2022

Do not think that shaggy is about carelessness. On the contrary, this hairstyle can look very elegant – it all depends on the surroundings. In English, the haircut is called not hairy, but shag so as not to confuse the singer Shaggy.

Tthe strands are cut randomly, and most of the hair is heavily milled, which helps lighten the hair’s mass and makes the hairstyle airy. The shaggy haircut is similar to the well-known ladder haircut, but the strands are shortened randomly.

The shaggy haircut is an incredible hairstyle option that is easy to maintain and, at the same time, fun and stylish. These hairstyles were given to us by the 70s, and you will love to see this beautiful style being reborn on the modern beauty scene. Textured, messy, light, and choppy, with many layers, shaggy hair has always been a rock and roll style that has dared to change many celebrities. Modern fuzzy looks good on any hair texture and length, so it looks cool and enhances your look.

Our topic today is all about shaggy hairstyles, from shaggy bobs to short, medium, and long shaggy hairstyles. We’ll walk you through the history of this classic haircut, show you examples of a shaggy cut that works for both short and long hair, and help you pick the right cut for your face shape and hair type.

Shaggy women’s hairstyles from the “just woke up” series have one unique feature: their production takes only a few minutes in one scenario. However, this procedure can be lengthy and uncomfortable. The amount of time spent on a “shaggy” hairstyle varies depending on the haircut, hair length and texture, amount and kind of products used, and styling equipment and procedures.

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In our list, the bob is in the positions of the “golden mean”: not too extreme as a way to change the image and at the same time very bright.

Short bob

It is a more elegant alternative than a pixie cut. It has a nice balance to it and frames the face nicely. The descriptor “contemporary” is usually accepted with such a haircut.


Rooney Mara is one of the few girls in Hollywood who goes with a straight bang to half her forehead. For the first time, viewers saw such a Rooney in the film.


It isn’t a particular hairstyle that is at issue here. The importance of proper style is highlighted. The main goal is to pay homage to the natural hairstyle by giving the impression that you did nothing to your hair and that wild curls appeared spontaneously.


The trick to getting significant volume is cutting through the inner layers. It turns out a sort of likeness of a lion’s mane with strands superimposed on top.


Every little girl in the past remembers with sadness when her mother did not let her go for a walk if her hair was not neatly collected and fixed with invisibility. According to many fashion stylists, such disheveledness is a stylish hairstyle.

Sloppy curls

This playful option will appeal to young, creative people who want to learn how to make messy curls without a messy look.


For those who even get bored with a knot over time but always want to look beautiful, you can try to freshen up your hair, giving it asymmetry.

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Short bangs

Short bangs are not suitable for every face type for their capricious properties. It pairs best with ripped shaggy and suits an oval and thin face.

Long bangs

Long bangs are stylish for correcting plump, rectangular, square, and round faces. Visually, a long bang seems to stretch a round face, giving it an oval shape, but it smooths out the rest of the types.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are universal for different lengths of hair and haircuts. Firstly, such a bang slims the face, and secondly, it grows absolutely “painlessly,” It also combines very beautifully with tails and buns.

Oblique bangs

In a shaggy hairdo, slanting bangs are usually a hit. It appears to revitalize the face, making it a viable alternative for older ladies. Oblique bangs are frequently worn on the side of the head where the hair is more natural.

Slightly wavy hair

The expert also adds that Jane Birkin-style bangs are trendy on straight or slightly wavy hair. Tangled and uncombed hair gives the same effect as French casual chic.

Short shaggy haircuts

Meek hairstyles are carefree, relaxed, and modern, and there is something stylish for every hair texture. Below you can see the best shaggy hairstyles for short hair.

Shaggy haircut for long hair

Welcome to your new favorite long hairstyle. The charm and versatility of shaggy are unmatched. They are brilliantly embodied in the heyday of the 70s by many rock and roll stars.

Shaggy haircut for thick hair

If you are blessed with thick hair, then one of the perfect styles for you is shaggy. You can opt for a long or medium haircut if you don’t want a short style and consider adding layers to your hair.

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Shaggy haircut for fine hair

It is not the best haircut for fine hair, regardless of texture. However, adequately placed layers can add volume to your fine hair and make it appear thicker.

Shaggy haircuts for wavy hair

Wavy styles are back in fashion right now. Shaggy hairstyles with bangs are one of the most popular options.

Shaggy haircuts for straight hair

Any hair length will work for straight hair. You might want to give your straight hair some waves to create a more modern style, while straighter hair looks classic like Rachel’s cut.

Best shaggy haircuts for curly hair

Curly hair demands a careful trim so that the hair is just the proper length after washing and drying and appears more like a planned style than a clown look. You can’t simply think about texture; you also have to think about how thick or thin your hair is.

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