20 Best Long Layered Hairstyles To Glam Your Look

Haircut in layers – Hair lacking volume? Make your haircut in layers. Is your hair difficult to style? A layered haircut will help. Too thick hair? Haircuts in layers will help you out. Too thin hair? It is where layers come in handy! But do not forget that a layered haircut has a vast number of variations, and not everyone is right for you: a haircut in layers that suits your girlfriend so much may look completely different on you. How not make a mistake in choosing? We learned about these versatile layered haircuts.

With long hair, there are plenty of variations of layered haircuts too! Experts recommend leaving the long length in front, showing the beauty of the hair, but building an almost short haircut in the back. Owners of long-length hair can choose such haircuts as a cascading bob, bob on a leg, “Italian”, and options with torn strands, which will enhance accents where necessary and give the hairstyle a unique chic!

Sure, you’ve probably had some layers since your teenage years, but we’re not talking about the long, rough, black layers in high school. We’re here for the excellent, choppy face-framing layers that turn bobs and ponytails into works of art. And those adult layers grow invisibly, so you don’t have to worry about rushing to the salon for maintenance. And while we’re here, we’d like to debunk the annoying myth that layers are a look that anyone can spot from a mile away.

Not this way! When done well, layers can make subtle changes to blunt styles that produce significant results. Add some pointy ends to a simple bob, and the direct drapery effect in the living room is gone. Or take Rapunzel’s long strands and separate them with flattering graduations to transform the look into a modern-day fairy tale. Layers suit everyone, and they are critical to a good style. I said what I said! So, to inspire you, we’ve taken a screenshot of the best of the best celebrity layered looks and have it delivered to your hairdresser right away.

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Depending on how your pixie cut is styled, the layers vary significantly. They can have short bangs, long bangs, or layers of varying lengths on top to add more volume.


The difference between a page and a session haircut is, at first glance, noticeable only to professionals. Page is a rounded haircut with even bangs.


You can do many layers, and if the hair is too thin, you can twist the hair, make curls, add elongated bangs, and finally dye the hair. There are countless options for haircuts for medium hair.


For owners of thin, sparse curls, stepped options based on a cascading haircut will be ideal. Lucky people with thick hair are recommended to try a double bob or bob. For owners of curls, “Italian” is suitable.


One of the “oldest” hairstyles long been seen is the delicate and exquisite haircut.


It is often almost impossible to figure out where the Cascade is and where the Ladder is from the photo. The Ladder is made mainly near the face, clearly cut out in layers, while the main head of hair remains intact. With Cascade, layers are made of overall hair.


V-layers are very pretty on long hair if done right. Essentially, these layers form a V-shape when viewed from the back, creating a fantastic balance of texture, subtlety and volume without the need for over-texturing.


Use a blow dryer before straightening your hair to utilise the root volume. To remove flyaways and keep things neat, use a straightener.


Since the primary purpose of these haircuts is to give the curls additional volume, then the colouring should have the same direction. That is why the most successful options, in this case, will be monochromatic colouring in light colours and highlighting.

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If you are looking for a bouncy and voluminous haircut, then opt for a layered bob for a fresh and trendy look this season. Multiple layers can give your hair much-needed texture, shape and movement.


Layering is also responsible for any “at an angle” regions of the strands. True, it’ll be more horizontal here. It can be styled as an extended Bob, or Kare, with a short nape (shaved) and long front strands (up to the collarbones and below).

Layered bob

Layered bob looks great on thin and medium hair. Thick straight, curly hair with a layered bob haircut runs the risk of gathering into a triangular shape that does not look very attractive.

Double layer

It is enough to make two layers, as in the classic Hollywood haircut. A hairstyle with feathers above the shoulder will never lose its popularity. The top layer must be at shoulder level, and the strands are slightly profiled.


The haircut, initially designed just for those with short hair, became so popular that an “extended” version was created with the help of Victoria. Hair is not only chopped using a ladder but is also cut unevenly on both sides.

Layered square

Clothing style lifestyle leaves its mark only on the choice of a particular model. Businesswomen are ideally suited for a square. Girls with a sports figure a free lifestyle are recommended to try the bob.

Long shaggy bob

Don’t let fashion magazines tell you that bangs don’t suit older women and add a primitive look. It is a timeless classic – layered medium hair and bangs.

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Elongated shaggy

The usually elongated caret looks a bit boring. Yes, you need to dry your hair. And if you add torn strands of different lengths, which are also chaotic, then an attractive volume will appear, and the hairstyle will sparkle with other colours.

Elongated strands

This is another acceptable design option for such a haircut. Note that they can be performed even in the case of such a short haircut as a fairy.

Layered with bangs

Light bangs, smoothly turning into a general haircut, will add texture and style to your look. Bangs can beautifully emphasize a layered haircut and highlight the layers.

Forehead with feathers

This haircut option will add softness to the image because all the transitions are smooth. In addition, graduation adds volume. In general, such a haircut looks very advantageous both on blond hair and dark ones.

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