20 Best Haircuts For Women Over 40 With Glasses

20 Best Haircuts For Women Over 40 With Glasses

Beautiful women or girls with a round face shape are considered very gentle and feminine of the fair coupling. And to emphasize all the beauty and harmony given by nature, a round face needs to be visually stretched a little, more precisely, make the forehead a little higher and make the cheekbones narrow.

Fortunately, when everything was against glasses, they were hated and feared as the enemies of fashion were gone. They have made it to the top of fashion accessories and are worn with newfound confidence and security.

Just as there are more suitable haircuts for every face shape, the same rule should be followed when choosing a frame so that the hair and glasses combine in the best possible way and look spectacular.

Small, large glasses, round, square frame. There are many options in the shape of “cat’s eye” and “butterfly” – there are many options! Here’s a quick guide to find out which haircuts and hairstyles work best for each type of glass!

A very short haircut combined with large glasses is a bold and even a little aggressive look. Only a girl or woman with a strict character and outstanding features can decide this. Short haircuts expose the face as much as possible, so owners of a fuzzy oval or a double chin should avoid them.

Coloured frames (red, white, blue or purple) and a cat-eye shape will help add femininity to the image, unless, of course, there is an intention to create an androgynous image. By the way, it is better to choose the shade of the accessory based on the colour of the eyes. Also advantageous in combination with a short haircut are options with a dark top and a transparent bottom.

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Hairstyles Are Suitable for Glasses:


Hair cannot grow in a matter of minutes, so caution is necessary when choosing a haircut. Bob is a great option for round faces.


If you are not ready to give up long hair, make an unusual bang. Often this element can transform and rejuvenate the face no worse than a haircut.


The versatility of the caret begins with the fact that the haircut is suitable for girls with any character because of its versatility. Kare wonderfully complements the image of a confident, bold and stylish businesswoman, and it will also convey the mood of a feminine and romantic young lady.


It is a classic option. Graduation is combined with it. Only straight and smooth hair is suitable for a strict “straight bob” version. A layered haircut, ladder or cascade will add volume. The hairstyle perfectly hides full cheeks.


The cascade on long curls is suitable for young ladies, and it looks luxurious on thick, heavy curls. A women’s haircut will add volume to thin strands, and it is possible to enhance the effect due to light toning. It is recommended to choose original glasses with large frames.


This hairstyle is good with both straight and wavy strands. The length of each strand is different, and as a result, the hairstyle gets lightness and originality.

Curly hair

Especially playful and fervently looks hairstyle with curly hair. It is easy to care for in this format, and the hairstyle looks more accurate.

Short pixie

It is the perfect option for active women who do not like to spend time styling. The advantage of a super short pixie is that you don’t need to style, cut, or style your bangs here.

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Straight hair

Perfectly even strands do not require long and scrupulous styling, and they look harmonious in most female model hairstyles. Girls with short hair that do not need straightening can wear any haircut.

Asymmetrical bob

It will hide imperfections perfectly. A-bob is distinguished by the same length of strands and bangs. Falling oblique makes the round face invisible. The hairstyle looks both strict and seductive.

Hollywood curls

These curls are recommended to be combined with glasses, suitable for fatal beauties.Become a decoration of a solemn event or a theme party. A win-win option to emphasize femininity attractiveness.

High ponytail

A high ponytail is a practical daily styling. It can be performed at medium and below shoulder length, opens the neckline, emphasizes the cheekbones, chiselled chin. Suitable for young ladies with a regular, oblong and triangular oval.

Short length

A short bob in combination with a straight cut looks as stylish as possible. This geometry haircut is now at the peak of popularity. But it should bear in mind that a strict form will look advantageous only on straight curls.

Shaggy Haircut

It is one version of Rachel’s famous hairstyle in recent seasons of Friends. This haircut is playful, flirtatious and discreet, and this haircut allows you to let lightness and carelessness into your life at a respectable age.

Smooth hairstyle

When choosing a smooth hairstyle, think about the size and shape of the glasses. A whimsical fifties-style glasses frame, combined with delicate hair styling, will make you irresistible, sublime and graceful. 

With a bang

A bob haircut goes wonderfully with bangs. This hairstyle option is a great idea for girls with a high forehead. Varieties of bob with bangs perfectly rejuvenate the image, hide age-related changes and make facial features more expressive.

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Long bob with bangs

Bangs are a great way to look and feel younger simultaneously. The main thing is to choose a shape that matches your face shape and ensure that the bangs will not interfere with the glasses.

Loose brunette curl

If you have diamond or heart face silhouettes, you may want to counteract those horned lines with a long, loose object. Soft-coloured hairstyles like frizzy auburn and warm honey. In addition, to hide the wide forehead normally associated with these facial shapes, try incorporating sweep side fringes in a small, discreet frame.

Wavy layered haircut

A stunning style for everyday business hair. Soft wavy curls spread out with feminine casualness, revealing the face and filling it with light. Naturally, you will have to work a little to twist straight hair or shape natural curls in the morning. But the effect is worth it.

Creative Loose bun with soft curls

A loose bun with soft flowing curls is a great example of how you can look well-groomed and stylish without much effort.

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