20 Best And Stylish Haircuts for Big Foreheads

20 Best And Stylish Haircuts for Big Foreheads

A high forehead has long been considered an exclusively aristocratic feature that spoke of the owner’s high intellectual abilities and creative potential, regardless of gender. Previously, such a feature was not only hidden but also flaunted as much as possible with the help of hairstyles that opened either the forehead. Bangs, in this case, was completely excluded.

Many modern women of fashion are embarrassed by such a “zest,” trying to correct it with the help of properly selected makeup and hairstyles. What do professional stylists and hairdressers advise you to pay attention to when choosing a haircut?

Experienced hairdressers will unanimously tell you that owners of a high hairline, which visually significantly increases the frontal zone, should not be upset. Thanks to a wide range of haircuts and hairstyles, any representative of the fair sex will be able to choose the perfect option for themselves, depending on their preferences, wishes, and under fashion trends.

Women often consider a forehead too high as a disadvantage, giving out other appearance defects, as they say, with the head, and try to reduce it with the help of haircuts and styling visually. What hairstyles for a high forehead do girls need to look perfect?

Many girls consider a forehead too high to lack appearance and try to hide it under a bang. But there are many other ways to hide a large forehead without bangs and visually balance the face’s proportions if it is essential.

Owners of a high forehead are recommended to wear bangs. It will give softness to facial features, add chic to the image and change the usual picture. Classic straight hits look feminine and draw attention to the eyes, as long as it is not too short. Straight short bangs on a broad forehead look just awful. It is better to give preference to a thick straight bang, reaching the length of the eyebrow level and below. It will perfectly match bob, page, and bob haircuts.

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According to stylists, the optimal hair length for girls with a large forehead is medium, from the chin line to the shoulders. They balance the upper and lower parts of the face.


The best option for the length of curls for owners of a high forehead is medium, ideally not lower than the chin. In different variations, pay attention to possibilities such as bob, ladder, cascade, and square.


Today they look very fresh and not battered, which will add charm to you.


The owner of a high forehead fit stylish short haircut. The ideal option is a pixie with an elongated bang that needs to be removed to one side.


Beautifully styled hair with long strands gives proportions. Make a voluminous bang in one layer so that it is translucent. This marvelous hairstyle is unusually young and gives the image of romance.


Delicate beach waves, styled in a tousled hairstyle, create a natural look. Due to uneven strands and visual volume, a high forehead will not stand out against the general background.


Weaving options can be braids with “purl” weaving, dragons, French, spikelets, and braids. Another option is to braid only part of the hair, leaving loose curls wound on a curling iron with a large diameter.


The Aurora haircut is especially suitable for girls who want to constantly walk with long hair since the curls located at the temples and the back of the head can be of any length.


This haircut is perfect for long hair, and executed levels make the image harmonious while it looks modern and very expressive.

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A haircut will make a face visually a little wider and restore proportions. The bob is especially suitable for girls who grow their hair.


The rules of weaving are the same as in the case of simple braids – they must be braided.


Haircuts with asymmetry are a convenient option. Styling does not take much time, but admiring glances are guaranteed for a girl on whose head such a stylish hairstyle flaunts.

Oblique bangs

The cascade makes the hair fuller. Stylists recommend wearing it in a duet with elongated oblique bangs.

Blonde bangs

Long curtain bangs draw everyone’s attention to your gorgeous eyes. For thin hair, you can choose a layered version of this haircut.

Volumetric bangs

The voluminous oblique bangs are a perfect hairstyle for women with a high forehead as they increase the size of your face and allow you to create fabulous hairstyles.

Sloppy pixie

A short haircut with uneven tips and volume at the crown looks youthful and stylish. Thick sloppy bangs mask the forehead.

Twisted Side Braid

If you wish, you can make a braid at the very base of the forehead. Just leave most of the hair loose to smooth out the face’s proportions visually.

Bob with thick bangs

The best hairstyle for a long face and high forehead is a timeless bob with thick bangs covering a high forehead. The shape of the haircut and blonde hair shift the focus from the upper part of the face to the lips.

Long bob with center parting

Opt for a long bob if you don’t mind having strands of hair framing your face. Parting, located strictly in the middle, visually reduces the high forehead.

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Smooth hair and straight bangs

This hairstyle will suit nature’s sharpness, strong, and boldness. Perfectly straight hair with even tips and impeccable thick bangs (long and straight) perfectly disguised a large forehead.

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