20 Attractive Shag Haircuts For Medium-Length

Artistic chaos on the head permeated with a daring mood. Let’s figure out what the phenomenon of a haircut is.

Shag – the most fashionable haircut of the season – got its name from translating the English word shaggy (“shaggy”). It may seem that shag is just a twisted, carefully messy, and “varnished” mop of hair, a kind of artistic mess on the head. No, a shag is still a haircut with soft layers of “torn” strands around the entire perimeter of the head, which, however, look very natural.

The hair length for a haircut can be any, but the average is optimal. In general, stylists believe that all modifications of a haircut below the collarbone are no longer a simple step.

There is one caveat: if the hair is curly, you can make layers playful and shorter (start almost from the level of the bangs), and if straight, it is better to leave the strands longer (from the story of the lips and below). The main rule of the shag is no tight cuts and heavy lines but maximum lightness and mobility, which means thinning and “torn” tips.

A shag is a good option for an oval and square face. Softly falling, asymmetrical strands naturally frame the face, hiding the elongation and angularity.


This haircut will look equally impressive regardless of whether your hair is straight or curly. In addition, it does not require special skills for daily styling.


In this case, fashionistas use even and straight bangs, while the rest of the hair is milled and casually styled.

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It, instead, is not some particular haircut here. The correct styling comes to the fore. The main task is to pay tribute to the trend for naturalness.


Curls will never lose their relevance, and your friends and acquaintances will never perceive shaggy haircuts as something tasteless.


On the other hand, medium hair is very beneficial and popular with its wearers because of a medium haircut.


This hairstyle returned to us recently from the 90s and even 80s of the last century, when she was quite fashionable, especially popular and in-demand among beauties those times who considered freedom and independence their main achievement, the meaning of life.

Short bob

Moreover, it doesn’t matter which diva wore the bean we talked about. Such a haircut always accepts the word “modern.” In addition, with the right parting, it will fit almost any face shape.


They’ll simply serve to enhance the image of a romantic messed-up head and soften severe or squared-off facial features. If your bangs are untidy due to heavy curls, modeling foams and varnishes can be used to create an uneven impression with bonded tips.


Curls will help you add volume, but if they’re too wicked, they’ll need to be correctly profiled or straightened before you can start styling.


If you are afraid that your hairstyle will completely lose volume with a short haircut, then this is not a threat with shaggy.

Fluffy hair

A milled shaggy haircut solves the issue of excessive curl density. The hairstyle looks more accessible, and naughty strands will only be on hand.

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And if you add asymmetry in combination with fashionable hair color, then a stunning look will make others turn around after them.

Oblique bangs

In this hairstyle, you can see how each layer of hair bends in the right direction and fills the haircut with life, and the asymmetry makes them look cute and attractive.

Long Shaggy

We look at Shaggy’s women’s haircut and learn about the styling of long Shaggy hairstyles of beautiful and best examples of this fashion novelty from the past.

Sloppy shaggy

Stylists love to combine the crisp shape and volume distribution of the bob with the chaos of the shaggy. The hairstyle perfectly emphasizes the graceful neck and visually lengthens the face.

With bangs

Of course, it happens! Moreover, bold and original experiments are in fashion. Best of all, careless shaggy harmonizes with oblique bangs or with fashionable bangs that split into two sides.

Without Bang

The bangs take center stage in a shaggy hairstyle, especially for short hair. How the haircut is regarded is determined by how the bangs are styled.

Cascading Shaggy

To a greater extent, in its execution technique, Shaggy resembles a cascading haircut (Shaggy), but with one rather significant difference.

Volume for fine hair

Girls with thin and sparse hair can forget about the eternal lack of volume. A shaggy haircut completely solves this problem and creates the appearance of luxurious curls literally from nothing.

Voluminous layered bob

This haircut option will help girls who spend a lot of time styling and curling their hair, trying to keep wavy curls in their hair longer.

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