20 Attractive Long Layered Haircut with Bangs

Layered haircuts for medium hair are a stylish solution for women of any age and lifestyle. It is also suitable for problematic hair. Layering will give the haircut a visible volume if the hair is too thin. If it is too thick and you want to remove excess weight, layering will help.

A layered haircut has many advantages – it allows you to hide flaws and give personality. It allows you not to spend a lot of time styling, making it suitable for both a young mother and a businesswoman. The haircut in layers will make it look very feminine, well-groomed, and fashionable.

A properly selected and professionally executed haircut is a guarantee of a good mood and confidence in your appearance for every woman. To look fashionable without spending time and effort on long styling, you should pay attention to the latest in the world of fashionable layered hairstyles for medium hair length.

Long hair is expensive. How much time does a woman spend on care to have this treasure? Not every owner will decide to part with luxurious hair for the sake of a fashionable haircut. Loose hair is gorgeous, but it can also seem dull if you never change anything. It’s time to mix them up a bit, add bangs! Long hair with bangs is a quick, easy way to change the vibe of your hairstyle without sacrificing length completely.

Haircuts on long hair look stunning, so they are always popular, regardless of the trends in the fashion world. Straightened pointed or blunt strands, bouncy curls and soft waves look the most feminine and attractive.

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A bob haircut is the basis of most fashionable looks. Whether asymmetrical or symmetrical, the bob is always attractive and lucky. Add sideways bangs and create an air of mystery.


In this case, you should opt for oblique bangs. Both long and short versions are allowed. Note that this type of bang is suitable for any face.


It is similar to the previous hairstyle, only the crown hair in this version acquires even more volume, and it is accentuated even more clearly, so it can be called a two-layer one.


It is often almost impossible to figure out where the Cascade is and where the Ladder is from the photo. A ladder is made mainly near the face, clearly cut out in layers, while the main head of hair remains intact.


The master goes through all the hair. As a result, the upper strands are adjacent to the lower ones and overlap. The steps of this hairstyle begin at the top of the head and gradually descend to the very tips.


For owners of thin, sparse curls, stepped options based on a cascading haircut will be ideal. Lucky people with thick hair are recommended to try a double bob or bob.


A graduated haircut for medium hair is one of the most popular layered haircuts. Its demand is due to the variety of styling options and, at the same time, ease of care.

Torn bangs

Do you want to add piquancy, audacity and a touch of extravagance to your image? Then decorate your hair with ragged bangs with jagged and cut edges.

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Double caret

The ideal oval can be fully opened or closed with falling strands. A triangular face is recommended to be opened, creating volume at the crown.

Layered bob

A shortened voluminous crown distinguishes a layered bob haircut for medium hair. At the same time, the back of the head is also shortened, and the transition to longer front strands is sharp and pronounced.

Ragged bangs

Ragged bangs are suitable for hair of any structure and length, and they will look spectacular in combination with short haircuts, cascading and layered on medium hair. And even on long hair, this type of haircut will be relevant.

Straight bangs

Usually, such bangs look better on straight and thick hair. Classic straight bangs that cover the eyebrows will add mystery and romance to your look.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are very unpretentious in care. When styling, you can preserve the hair’s natural texture, or you can emphasize it with styling products.

Oblique bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are entirely different in their design – short and long, torn and graduated, which allows you to depict different trendy haircuts of the season in different ways.

Elongated strands

It is another acceptable design option for such a haircut. Note that they can be performed even in the case of such a short haircut as a fairy. However, this design will not suit you if you adhere to the classic style.

Laying methods

Layered haircuts differ from all others in that they can be left unstyled. It will be enough that you give your hair the right shape after you wash your hair.

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Layering with bangs

A layered haircut for medium hair with bangs is suitable for owners of an elongated face. Such a haircut visually rounds the face and gives softness to facial features.

Multi-layered haircut

This multi-layered haircut is ubiquitous since it can be done on medium and short hair. There are countless choices; all you have to do is pick the best one.

Voluminous hairstyle

A haircut allows you to make a voluminous hairstyle on thin hair. It can straighten strands with irons or, conversely, curled—lots of styling options.

Asymmetrical long bob

The hairstyle, which was initially intended only for owners of short hair, turned out to be so popular that it received an “extended” version. He became especially popular with the light hand of the celebrity Victoria Beckham.

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